10 Biggest Differences Between the USA & New Zealand

What's going on ladies and gentlemen my name is Alexander Ayling and in today's   video I'm gonna be sitting down with you and comparing the biggest differences between the   United States of America and New Zealand. Now I'm a dual citizen of both countries   I'm currently living in New Zealand I've 
lived most of my life in the United States   and these are going to be some of the biggest differences between the two countries. I also  want to say a huge thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video let's get into it. Also just a reminder make sure you stick around until the end because I'm going to be starting   this video off with bigger general differences and then i'm going to be bringing it towards the more   specific niche differences so stay tuned. If you're new to my channel welcome if you're returning   welcome back so check it out in January of 2021 I moved with my wife here to New Zealand we brought   our dog it's been an incredible move it's been a crazy one and along the way, we've noticed a lot of   differences between these two countries but before we get into these differences that I've noticed   I think it's really important to share some 
general information first off the United States of America is much much bigger than New Zealand 
the United States currently has a population of   around 333 million people while New Zealand has just 5 million people so while there are a lot   of cultural differences that I've observed many of the differences really boil down to   those two factors, size of geography and size of population New Zealand is around the size of    the state of Oregon which is about 2.5 percent of the whole landmass of the United States of America   so New Zealand is about 2.5 percent the size of the United States of America that being said New Zealand is an incredibly diverse country it's made up of two main islands the north and the   south island with stuart island down way south 
and a couple of other outlying islands that   makeup New Zealand's territorial boundaries.

While this video is about the differences between the   countries it's also worth mentioning some of the similarities. Both countries were founded by the   British back in the day as colonies of the British Empire, both countries speak English as the main   language although there are differences in accents 
as well as word choices and we'll get into some of   those later so while I could make an entire video 
about the similarities between the two countries   this video is about the differences so let's get started.

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Number one, New Zealand and the   The United States of America are on opposite sides 
of the Pacific Ocean in different hemispheres   the United States of America is located in the northern hemisphere while New Zealand is located   in the southern hemisphere. New Zealand straddles 
the 38th parallel of latitude and generally has a   nice climate. The North Island on average has a somewhat drier sunnier climate while the South   Island has a somewhat cooler wetter climate. 
In California which straddles the 38th parallel   of latitude in the northern hemisphere, it's opposite southern California has the drier   warmer climate while Northern California has the 
wetter cooler climate because the two countries   are located in different hemispheres they have different seasons at different times of year   for example, in Christmas in New Zealand, it's the middle of summer they don't have snow on   the ground and a white Christmas instead they celebrate Christmas on the beach and   right now it's the middle of august but yesterday 
it snowed so we're in the heart of winter.

Helicopters they still fly on both sides of the hemisphere . Number two, New Zealand is   simultaneously in the future and in the past. Let me explain. New Zealand's time zone straddles the   international date line so if you're living in New Zealand you're technically living in the future   in fact it's one of the first places for the 
sunrise each new day anywhere in the world so   if you're living in New Zealand you're technically 
living in the future compared to the United States   New Zealand is almost a day ahead of the United States but it works out like it's almost a couple   of hours behind so while we're technically living 
in the future down here depending on where you   live it might feel like you're living in the past 
many of new zealand's small rural towns do kind   of feel like time-traveling 20 30 40 years into 
the past the next major difference is a big one   here in new zealand people don't order online and 
ship things to their house as often as they do in   the united states living in los angeles especially 
during the pandemic it became totally normalized   to just shop everything you need online and for 
In many cases those products would arrive on the   same day but they would be boxed up in cardboard 
with plastic and it just created a lot of waste   sure you can order online and you can get things 
shipped to your house it's probably not going to   be on the same day especially if you're not living 
in the major cities like Auckland Wellington or   Christchurch but you can do that but people 
just don't do it as often and obviously if   you're living in a city a lot of these services 
are available but for most of the country living   rurally it's not as common and to be honest, I kind 
of enjoy the fact that it's not like that here   I think that the culture of convenience in the 
United States has gotten completely out of hand   we just expect things to arrive at your front door and you don't even have to change out of   your pajamas if you don't want to now while that's 
great from time to time it becomes normalized and   the new normal does not really help with the 
problem of waste creation trash etc one of the   main differences that i've noticed living here is 
that my household creates much less trash which   brings me to my next point new zealand is cleaner 
than the united states and i think that can   be boiled down to a couple of different reasons 
first and foremost like we said new zealand is 2.5   the size of the united states so there are 
much less people here creating much less trash   but i also think that there is a culturally 
ingrained sense of duty and obligation to   clean up after yourself there are little signs 
across the country that say like be a tidy kiwi   and that means clean up after yourself don't 
litter i think that litter bugs here are   really looked down upon and there's a lot 
of social pressure to not litter and to   clean up after yourself but also i think it goes 
further than that as a family of two with a dog   in the united states when when everything was 
just arriving via you know ordering online   shipped to your house big box full of plastic 
full of styrofoam so much more waste was created   living like that but living here we create 
literally two small trash bags full of trash   which go into a larger bag which you have to 
pay costs about five bucks for a roll of like   10 bags and those are the only bags that 
the trash collector will accept so there's   a kind of pay to play element to it which 
encourages you to create less waste and the   recycling bin here is so small it's smaller than 
a cooler and it's more than enough space for a   week's worth of recycling which leads me to my 
next point new zealand is conservation minded   new zealand is an island chain that exists in the 
south pacific ocean and it's the remainder of an   ancient continent called Zealandia most of 
which is now underwater and that's because the   type of flora and fauna that existed in Zealandia 
was very unique and New Zealand has an extremely   a unique ecosystem with animal species and plant 
species that don't exist anywhere else on earth   that's because new zealand was geographically 
isolated for millions of years one of the biggest   differences between the united states and new 
zealand is that here in new zealand there are   almost no indigenous mammal species which allowed 
for new zealand to develop a huge array of very   unique bird species that just don't exist anywhere 
else like the national bird the kiwi many of   these birds evolved to be flightless because they 
didn't have the need to fly away from land-based   predators but with the first humans arriving there 
came pests like rats stoats and possums not the   crazy looking possums from the united states but 
these cute furry looking possums from australia   which are actually wreaking havoc on the native 
bird species so because many of these flightless   birds are now threatened with extinction due 
to the importation of these predatory mammals   the whole country is quite conservation-minded and 
they're taking huge efforts to eliminate predators   and re-introduce these flightless birds to try to 
revitalize and regrow these populations of unique   bird species and while many people in america 
share this sentiment of wanting to conserve and   protect our national parks and national forests 
as well as endangered species i think that here   in new zealand it's just much more mainstream 
and accepted whereas sometimes in the united   states that sentiment has become controversial 
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moving on to some of the more interesting   situations that we've encountered with differences 
restaurant culture it's totally different   first off it's not customary to tip your waiter in 
new zealand whereas in the united states waiters   and waitresses work for tips and i think that 
that kind of encourages them to be more proactive   but it also encourages restaurant tours to kind 
of rush you through a meal to get you out to get   another person in so that they can um feed another 
person maybe get another tip but i'll share with   you a funny story that happened when my wife and 
i first moved here and met up with my cousin and   her husband who live in auckland we took them out 
for dinner i wanted to make sure that there was no   awkward moment at the end of the meal where waiter 
or waitress came and hit us with the bill and then   people were looking at each other like who's gonna 
pay i just wanted to handle the bill and make sure   that i was the person paying for it so when we 
arrived and the waiter and waitress seated us i   explained that we were here we had a reservation 
she sat us down and i told her hey before we get   started can you just take my credit card and 
hold on to this so when it comes time to pay   for the meal i can pay and you know my cousin 
and her husband can be our guests she was   dumbfounded she looked at me so confused 
so confused there was this look just like   i don't think she had ever encountered that 
situation ever before and she actually had to go   over to her manager and speak with her manager who 
then came over and told me that they were actually   not able to take my credit card before it was 
time to pay so i was really confused this was   like a nice popular restaurant in auckland and i 
don't know if that's the case in every other place   but it really kind of set a new understanding 
about restaurant culture here in new zealand for   me i did end up covering the bill but i had to 
get up and pretend i was going to the bathroom   right as we finished and then walk over to the 
checkout and pay for the bill there and that's   another difference between restaurants in the 
u.s and in new zealand here in new zealand you   don't have to do the whole awkward getting 
the attention of the waiter or waitress like you can get up from the table walk over 
to essentially where the hostess is and   just pay for your bill on the computer right 
there and then it's time for you to say goodbye   next up a major difference driving here in new 
zealand we drive on the left-hand side of the road   and the drivers seat is on the right hand side 
of the car which is the opposite of in the united   states in the usa you drive on the right-hand 
side of the road and the driver's seat is on the   left-hand side of the car and when you signal 
with your turn signal those are switched too   so when you first come here and you're driving on 
the left-hand side of the road chances are you're   going to hit your windshield wipers instead of the 
turn signal so it's worth trying to figure that   out another thing that's super popular here on the 
roads but not as prevalent in the united states   are roundabouts i mean they do have stop 
lights here especially in the cities   but once you get out of the cities the whole 
country is pretty much a series of roundabouts   and i think that american drivers can kind of 
get a little bit like scared of roundabouts for   some reason it's pretty straightforward you know 
you just make sure that nobody's coming into it   and if they are you slow down you let them go 
and then then it's your turn it's kind of nice   too if you accidentally make the wrong turn on 
the roundabout you just keep driving around you   can just keep going around in circles and circles 
oh yeah and eight lane freeways like in the united   states um they don't really exist in most of new 
zealand i mean obviously in auckland where one   quarter of the entire country's population lives 
they have bigger freeways there and there's still   traffic there the main highway in the country 
state highway one is for the most part a winding   one lane road so google maps might tell you it's 
going to take you two and a half hours to get   somewhere it usually takes a little bit longer 
because the roads are quite windy and there are   actually quite a lot of crashes especially 
on weekends people drive crazy because there   are you know less police there are less people 
on the roads so sometimes people tend to speed   okay friends last major difference to call the 
police in the united states you dial 9-1-1 to   call the police in new zealand you dial 1-1-1 but 
you can also dial 9-1-1 and it'll forward you to   1-1-1 okay friends well that's it for this episode 
of cultural differences between the united states   and new zealand i think it would be fun to keep 
these videos coming as i notice more differences   between the two countries so think of this as 
the first episode in a new series all about the   differences between the united states and new 
zealand i'd like to say a huge thank you to all   of you for spending some time with me here today 
if you enjoyed this video please do me a favor   hit that thumbs up make sure you're subscribed 
with notifications enabled if you are not already   subscribed to my channel see you all in the next 
one until then carpe diem seize the day peace you

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