12 Cruise Cabins You Should Avoid!

Welcome to our blog post where we dive into the world of cruise cabins! In this article, we will be revealing the top 12 cruise cabins that we believe you should steer clear of. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or planning your first voyage, it’s important to be aware of the cabins that may not offer the best experience. So join us as we explore the cabins that are best left avoided on your next cruise vacation!

12 Cruise Cabins You Should Avoid!


When it comes to planning a cruise vacation, choosing the right cabin can make all the difference in your experience on board. While some travelers might be focused on getting a good deal or a room with a view, it’s equally important to consider the cabins you should avoid. In this article, we will provide you with a list of 12 cruise cabins that you should steer clear of for a more enjoyable and relaxing cruise.

1. Motion sickness prone individuals should avoid cabins at the top or extreme ends of the ship for a restful sleep

If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s best to avoid cabins located at the top or extreme ends of the ship. These areas tend to experience more movement, especially during rough seas. It is advisable to choose a cabin that is centrally located, as this will minimize the rocking sensation and provide you with a more restful sleep.

2. Avoid cabins located above entertainment venues, such as theaters, clubs, or lounges

For those who value a good night’s sleep, it’s essential to stay away from cabins located above entertainment venues on the ship. The noise from live music, performances, and late-night parties can seep through the floors and walls, making it challenging to get a peaceful sleep. Opt for cabins that are away from these areas to ensure a quieter and more relaxing experience.

3. Stay away from rooms near elevators, cabins next to crew areas, or staterooms near the anchor

To avoid any unnecessary disturbance, it is recommended to avoid cabins that are located near elevators, crew areas, or near the anchor. These areas can be noisy and disruptive, with constant foot traffic and the clanging of equipment. Selecting a cabin that is situated away from these high-traffic areas will provide you with a tranquil environment throughout your cruise.

4. Use a deck plan to identify cabins to avoid for those who are claustrophobic

If you are claustrophobic, it’s crucial to use a deck plan to identify cabins that may trigger your anxiety. Inside cabins or cabins with obstructed views should be avoided at all costs. Instead, opt for veranda staterooms or ocean view cabins that offer more space and natural light, creating a more open and comfortable environment.

5. Avoid interior balcony cabins on ships like Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class; choose cabins with ocean views

When booking a cruise on a ship like Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class, it’s advisable to avoid interior balcony cabins. These cabins face inward towards the ship’s atrium, rather than the open ocean, resulting in a less scenic view. Instead, opt for cabins with ocean views that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of your own room.

6. It is recommended to not book a connecting state room unless you know the party next door

While connecting staterooms can be convenient for families or groups traveling together, it’s essential to exercise caution when booking these cabins. Unless you know the party next door, you risk being paired with noisy or inconsiderate neighbors. It’s always better to opt for a standalone cabin to ensure a more peaceful and enjoyable cruise experience.

7. Pass on guaranteed cabins and last-minute cabin upgrades if you prefer to avoid surprises

If you prefer to avoid any surprises when it comes to your cabin selection, it’s best to pass on guaranteed cabins or last-minute cabin upgrades. While these options may offer a potentially lower price, you run the risk of being assigned to a less desirable cabin location or category. To ensure you get the cabin of your choice, book in advance and select the specific cabin that suits your preferences.


Q1. Can I request a specific cabin location when making a cruise reservation?

Yes, when making a cruise reservation, you can request a specific cabin location. However, it is important to note that cabin assignments are always subject to availability. It’s best to book earlier to have a better chance of securing your preferred cabin.

Q2. Are all cabin categories priced the same on a cruise ship?

No, cabin categories on a cruise ship are not priced the same. The price varies depending on factors such as size, location, and amenities. Cabins with a better view or additional perks will often be more expensive than more basic cabins.

Q3. Are there any cabin locations that are more prone to noise than others?

Yes, some cabin locations on a cruise ship are more prone to noise than others. Cabins near elevators, entertainment venues, or crew areas tend to experience more noise. It is advisable to consult the deck plan or speak to your cruise consultant to choose a quieter cabin location.

Q4. Can I change my assigned cabin once I am on board the cruise ship?

It is possible to request a cabin change once you are on board the cruise ship, but it is subject to availability. If you are unhappy with your assigned cabin, it’s best to approach the guest services desk as soon as possible to inquire about any available alternatives.

Q5. Can I bring my own bedding or pillows to make my cabin more comfortable?

Most cruise lines do not allow passengers to bring their own bedding or pillows for use in the cabin. However, it’s best to check with your specific cruise line for their policy on bringing personal bedding items. They may be able to provide additional pillows or other comfort items upon request.


Choosing the right cabin for your cruise vacation can greatly enhance your overall experience. By avoiding cabins located at the top or extreme ends of the ship, near entertainment venues, elevators, crew areas, or the anchor, you can ensure a more restful and peaceful environment. For those who are claustrophobic, selecting cabins with ocean views and avoiding interior balcony cabins can make a significant difference. Lastly, it’s always recommended to book in advance and avoid guaranteed cabins or last-minute upgrades. By following these tips, you can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable cruise vacation without any unwanted surprises.