12 Odd Cruise Tips: Secrets Only Insiders Know

The Unusual Yet Essential Cruise Tips

Undoubtedly, there are numerous tips and tricks about cruising that are shared every day. Yet, I am positive that what I will share today are some of the most unusual, but important tips you have ever heard. These tips might sound uncommon, but they will absolutely make your cruise journey more enjoyable and free of unpleasant surprises.

The Apparent Private Balcony

Dreaming about a private balcony on a cruise ship is delightful. It gives you access to a million-dollar view that you cannot find anywhere else. It allows you to sunbathe under the open sky and enjoy your personal space. However, it is crucial to understand that these balconies are not entirely private.

The dividers between balconies are made low to permit the wind to pass through and there are spaces above the floor to allow water flow during rain. Also, some edges have a clear view of the other balcony in the glass wall. Therefore, being discreet is advisable as someone in the next balcony can easily see what’s happening on your side.

Sensible Dealing with Cabin Steward

On your cruise, a cabin Steward will be looking after your cabin. They will clean the room, replace towels or toilet paper, and tidy the bed. It’s important to remember that whenever you leave your cabin, look around and make sure you haven’t left anything out you wouldn’t want them to see. Maintain discretion and avoid awkwardness in your encounters with the cabin Steward.

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Sneaking on Alcohol

It’s no secret that a number of passengers sneak alcohol onto ships. I conducted a survey on cruisley.com, and discovered that 13% of respondents admitted to smuggling alcohol onto a cruise ship.

If you are caught, the alcohol is usually confiscated and discarded. Severe penalties can be imposed according to the contract agreed upon during the cruise booking. Realistically though, you will continue your cruise sans the confiscated alcohol.

The Concept of Meetups for Different Groups

If you’re part of the LGBTQ community, battling alcohol issues, or are a single traveler looking to mingle with others, there are specific meetups for you. These are usually self-run but encounters for those with alcohol problems are typically listed as “Friends of Bill W”, named after the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dressing Appropriately

Regardless of your destination, do pack warm clothing. Even in tropical locations, sudden weather changes or rain can cause temperatures to drop. Having long sleeve clothes and a hooded jacket in hand can be a life-saver.

Flexible Dining Choices on the Ship

People often think that the menu at the ship’s restaurant is final but it’s a mere suggestion. You don’t always have to choose one appetizer, main course, and dessert. If you want to try a variety of dishes, go ahead and order. The restaurant staff on cruise ships are typically happy to fulfill customer requests.

Organized Packing and the Casino Experience

Packing a shoe organizer might seem strange, but it’s very useful for keeping small items like sunglasses or bottles of sunscreen neatly stored. Regarding the onboard casinos, it would be informative to know that along with traditional games, there are also unusual games involved. These games blend skill and luck, which makes them entertaining yet unpredictable.

Information about Health and Crime Statistics

The US government maintains public reports on health conditions and crime statistics on cruise ships. This lets you check any potential issues before you set sail. You have the right to know about crimes or health issues that may happen on the ship. Be sure to check the Vessel Sanitation Program and other CDC reports for your ship.

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Debarking Upon Your Preference

While the cruise lines call passengers deck by deck during debarkation, you can leave the ship whenever you want, if you have your bags ready. Staff usually just wants to prepare for the next group of passengers arriving the same day. If you have an early flight, don’t hesitate to leave the ship before your deck is called.

Specific Relationship Guidelines

Connections between passengers and crew members are strictly prohibited. Even if the crew appears to be attractive and fun-loving, violating this rule can result in the crew member losing their job instantly.

Onboard Surveillance

Most areas on a cruise ship are under surveillance by security cameras. This is aimed at safety improvement and deterring inappropriate behaviors. However, cabins and certain sections of balconies aren’t covered by cameras.

The Topic of Marijuana

Despite the legalization of marijuana usage in many states, it is not permitted on cruise ships which follow federal law. It is a good practice to leave it at home, as both U.S law and the individual laws where ships sail to are against its use.

Onboard Expenditure

When you’re sailing, your room keycard acts as a credit card tied to your onboard account. It pays off all your cruise expenses at the end. An excellent tip is to monitor your account frequently through the cruise line’s app to verify all charges. When in doubt, contact Guest Services to clear up any inconsistencies.

In conclusion, paying careful attention to such unexpected tips can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable trip. Remember to always stay informed, be respectful of rules, and make the most out of your cruise journey.