24 Hours in Naples

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I recently went on a trip to Napoli also Known as Naples Apple invited me down to Test out their new smartphone the Reno 8 Pro in order to test out the phone we'll Be going on a little tour of the city We'll be visiting some tourist spots and Going to a Champions League game as the Main event Just arrived at the hotel and uh got Myself a little room here let's go Foreign At the hotel I went to the briefing to Receive the phone and meet the group Afterwards we're then driven to a Viewpoint at a castle to get a view of The city Thank you foreign Our grand tour began the next morning We started at one of the most important Piazzas of the city and headed into the Royal Palace of Naples Foreign We continue our tour of Naples and Arrive at this beautiful shopping arcade Famous for its domed glass roof Foreign As we walk through the city we slowly Move into the working class neighborhood In search of God Who is also known as Maradona in these Quarters Loving these narrow streets there's just So much character and personality here Foreign

Ourselves at the Maradona mural painted In 1990 to celebrate Napoli's second League title Foreign Streets of Napoli we finally get a Little free time to do some Self-exploration Foreign Foreign Identify myself at the Napoli Cathedral Thank you I then meet up with my group again and Head down to the Napoli sotorania an Extensive system of tunnels caves and Catacombs they were used as a bomb Shelter during World War II Thank you For us Foreign Lights are on at the castle let's check It out As the evening hours draw near we head To the Castel Del OVO also known as the Egg castle for some sunset views Foreign It was now time for the main event a Champions League game between Napoli and Rangers Wow All right we are entering the Diego Maradona Stadium it's game time it is Game time Stadium right now uh Foreign

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Thank you All right all right so that was 24 hours In Naples or Napoli so this trip was Really to test out the Oppo Renault 8 Pro smartphone as you could probably see I was adding in some footage from the Smartphone in the video as well as Pictures taken by the phone it really is Amazing how far smartphones have come Nowadays thank you Oppo for inviting me Down and sponsoring this video I hope You guys enjoyed this short little trip To Naples let me know if I should make More of these type of travel videos Where there's a little voice over adding Some commentary to the whole thing So yeah just a short update I'll be Heading to Japan very soon I might Actually be in Japan by the time you're Watching this video so uh look forward To some Japan content I also do have Some Norway content coming up I'm Actually not sure whether it's going to Come before or after the Japan content You know we'll see But I hope I'll be able to share more With you guys very soon so that's all I Got for today this is Alan I'll see you Guys in the next one