A complete tour of Celebrity Beyond 🛳️ in 60 seconds! #cruise #shorts

It's shipped horror time for the brand New celebrity Beyond we start at the top Of the ship and work our way down from The rooftop garden and rooftop garden Grill to the Sunset Bar The sea thermal Suite Along with the solarium The pool bar The resort pool deck and of course the Magic Carpet inside decks three through Five are home to a variety of bars and Restaurants like the fine cut Steakhouse Ron five The Grand Plaza featuring the martini Bar and Eden There's entertainment in the main Theater and the club The brand new restaurant Le Voyage from Celebrity chef Daniel belude Logan Bistro featuring Le Petit chef Yummy treats at Cafe abacio And drinks at the craft social not to Mention four complimentary restaurants Including Cyprus Cosmopolitan Normandy And Tuscan and finally the kids club

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