14 Best States to Visit in the USA – Travel Video

The United States is a kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan cities, rich cultures, and enchanting landscapes catering for everything from city breaks to longer escapes in nature. Each state has its own individual character. Experience the wilderness in Alaska, taste fine wines in California, and tick off bucket list sights in New York State. Whether you’re looking to embrace the beauty of its national parks, enjoy the thrills and spills of an amusement park, or simply relax on sun-splashed beaches, there’s an American state with your name on it.

Thank you The United States is a kaleidoscope of Cosmopolitan City's Rich cultures and Enchanting Landscapes catering for Everything from city breaks to longer Escapes in nature each state has its own Individual character experience the Wilderness in Alaska taste Fine Wines in California and tick off bucket list Sites in New York state whether you're Looking to embrace the beauty of its National parks enjoy the Thrills and Spills of an amusement park or simply Relax on sun-splashed beaches there's an American state with your name on it Number 14. Utah With five national parks 43 state parks And vast areas of breathtaking Wilderness Utah is one of the most Popular states in the country for Tourism along with what is recognized as The best snow on Earth visitors to Utah Are also able to enjoy outdoor Recreation Scenic Vistas and world-class Shopping and dining thanks to Utah's Ideal location this lovely State Presents the best of the desert Southwest and the Rocky Mountains Foreign Number 13. Virginia As it was the first state to be settled In 1607 Virginia has a rich history and Heritage for visitors to delve into While countless Revolutionary War and

Civil War sites are scattered across its Territory it also has some superb nature Spots such as Shenandoah National Park To explore in the west of the state you Can find the awe-inspiring Appalachian Mountains while the Atlantic ocean Coastline features beautiful beaches and Lively Resort towns Foreign Thank you Number 12 Massachusetts As one of the original 13 colonies and Birthplace of the American Revolution it Is no wonder Massachusetts is renowned For its Rich history it was here in the Early 17th century that the first Colonists arrived and set up settlements Tucked away in the northeast of the United States in New England its long Atlantic ocean coastline is dominated by The three ginormous Bays that shape it While countless historic sites litter The Bay State it also has Scenic spots Such as Cape Cod for Holiday makers to Enjoy Foreign Thank you Number eleven South Carolina The gorgeous state of South Carolina Lies alongside the Atlantic Ocean and is Tucked away between North Carolina and Georgia within its borders you will find Stunning beaches national forests Thriving cities traditional Villages and

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Plenty of Southern Charm Coastal Destinations are a top pick for many but South Carolina is also a nature Lover's Dream getaway Foreign Number 10 Washington when you're touring America Washington is as good a place to Start as any it's been nicknamed The Evergreen State because of its abundance Of rich green forests particularly found Around Seattle the Emerald City Split in Two by the Cascade Mountains Washington State has Parks volcanoes and idyllic Islands to one side and Coastal forests Farmlands and hundreds of wineries on The other the North Cascades are a Beauty to discover with its steep Mountains and crisp freshwater lakes Perfect for outdoorsy Travelers Foreign Thank you Number nine Wyoming tucked away in the Rugged mountains of the western United States Wyoming is both wild and Wonderful despite its large size it is One of the most sparsely populated States in America here you'll swap City Sites and crowds for national parks Cowboy ranches and endless Wilderness For outdoorsy Travelers Yellowstone National Park is a major highlight with Its extraordinary geothermal activity And Wildlife abundant Plains dotted with Bison herds and grizzly bears along with

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming is Perfect for all kinds of Outdoor Adventures from hiking and kayaking to Mountain biking and skiing Thank you Foreign Number eight Texas the second largest State in the United States Texas really Packs a punch situated in the South Central Region it's loved for its Soaring temperatures country music and Famous Texan barbecues known as the Lone Star State Texas still feels different From the rest of the USA don't leave Without taking a stroll along the San Antonio Riverwalk with its art galleries And restaurants for a little history Visit the Alamo historical Fort that Played a pivotal role in the 1835 Texan Independence war against Mexico Thank you Foreign Colorado known as the Centennial state Colorado is the highest elevated state In the United States one of the mountain States it's characterized by beautiful Peaks dense forests deep canyons and Gorgeous Meandering Rivers while the Majority of the attractions are Nature-based the capital of Denver is Also worth a visit with its craft Breweries and nightlife scene but one of The main reasons tourist block to Colorado is for its year-round skiing

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Opportunities home to a wealth of Excellent skate Resorts like Aspen and Vale the state's frequent Mountain Snowstorms ensure that there's plenty of Fresh powder Foreign Number six Alaska Alaska the largest U.S State is an astonishing place home to Thousands of rivers and astonishing Glaciers and millions of glistening Lakes in fact these magical glaciers Cover around five percent of the entire State known as the Last Frontier because Of its distance from the rest of the U.S States Alaska is an isolated place a Short visit to Alaska likely won't Scratch the surface but you can get a Feel for the state with expeditions to See Alaskan Wildlife such as wolves Moose whales and Kodiak bears Foreign Number five Arizona the State of Arizona Is an enchanting Wonderland of Spectacular Red Rock canyons and desert Plateaus but while it is most famous for The iconic Landscapes of the Grand Canyon stretching through the dramatic Petrified Forest and the colorful Painted Desert Arizona is so much more Than that you'll also find more Mountains in the Grand Canyon State than In Switzerland and a quarter of the State is covered in the largest unbroken Ponderosa Pine Forest in America add to

That the dramatic desert sweeps of Monument Valley and you've really got a Mix of everything Foreign Number four New York New York state is Tucked away in the northeastern section Of the United States lovingly dubbed the Empire State it is most famous for the Cosmopolitan sites of New York City Where you'll find the glitz and glimmer Of Manhattan's high-rises bustling Times Square and the fresh green walkways of Central Park it's not just the Big Apple That draws visitors to the fourth most Populated U.S state it is also known for The Thundering Niagara Falls its Fabulous Long Island beaches and the Wine producing Finger Lakes Region Foreign The state of Hawaii is the longest Island chain in the world so long that It even has its own time zone the Southernmost state in the United States It is also the only American state That's made up entirely of islands Interestingly only seven of these 130 Plus islands are inhabited each island Has its own appeal spend your days Chasing waterfalls in Kauai surfing on Big Island or relaxing on oahu's powdery Beaches you won't be disappointed Thank you Foreign Florida is where the fun happens a fact

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That's backed by the 90 million plus Visitors that visit here every year Known as the Sunshine State it's filled With family-friendly attractions from Theme parks to water parks and stunning Beaches plus it boasts over 230 days of Sunshine a year this is the U.S state Where you'll find Miami and its Immediate neighbor Miami Beach both Famous for their Art Deco architecture Cuban culture and beaches of course more Sun Sea and Sand can be had in the South Where the Florida Keys fling themselves For around 120 miles along the Florida Straits Thank you Number one California with its glorious Beaches great weather and undulating Wine Country the golden state is the Perfect combination for a relaxing Holiday indulge your inner child with a Visit to anaheim's Disneyland park and Discover the Thrills and Spills of San Diego's endless water parks but wine and Theme parks aside Cali also has some Spectacular Landscapes ranging from Sun-drenched coastlines to Desert dunes And everything in between hike the peaks Of Yosemite National Park descend to the Lowest point of the United States in Death Valley or explore the iconic City Sites like San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Foreign