Brit Reacts: Baffled by 11 US National Parks Bigger Than UK’s Largest!

Exploring America’s Majestic National Parks

Welcome everyone to this newest episode where we delve into the grandeur and immensity of the United States’ National Parks! As some of you may know, the U.S boasts several national parks that greatly overshadow Britain’s largest one. This is hardly a revelation, considering that a single U.S national park, like Yellowstone, is larger than the entire United Kingdom. For me, this invokes a sense of awe and only fuels my desire to visit these astounding natural wonders.

The Appeal of National Parks

What captivates my interest about these national parks is the potential for unfiltered immersion in nature. However, the downside could be the throngs of tourists visiting famous parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. As such, I would prefer to explore these magnificent places during a quieter season. This way, I will not be enveloped by crowds, and I can genuinely absorb the serene beauty of these parks.

The Hidden Gems

There must be several national parks that are somewhat of hidden gems, the ones that do not receive the recognition they deserve or fly under the radar. Perhaps this could be the subject of another exciting video.

A Deeper Insight into U.S National Parks

In this episode, we bring to you intricate details from a video by Lawrence of Lost in the Pond, who does exceptional work in presenting these types of subjects. Be prepared for an exhilarating journey through some of America’s most gargantuan and stunning national parks!

The Grandeur of the Grand Canyon

Imposing Comparisons

To begin with, we have the Grand Canyon, a massive marvel of nature with no parallel. Despite being the smallest U.S national park featured in this list, it still spans an area of about 1.1 times the size of the Kern gorms, Britain’s largest park. If the Grand Canyon was a straight line, it would be long enough to cover the length of Britain’s biggest parks!

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The Wonder of Everglades National Park

A Tropical Delight

Next up on our list is the Everglade National Park, which shatters the belief that large-scale national parks exist only in America’s West. The Everglade, known for its expansive wetlands and distinct wildlife, is located in southern Florida. The park is larger than the Grand Canyon and holds the third-largest national park title in the lower 48 states, indicating that it surpasses Britain’s largest park.

The Arctic Beauty of Gates of the Arctic

Untouched Expanses

Brace for a dramatic shift in climate as we voyage to one of the least visited but majestic parks, the Gates of the Arctic. This awe-inspiring park is situated entirely north of the Arctic Circle and lacks any roads, making it a true outdoor adventure to explore. It’s almost four times larger than Wales and gives a whole new meaning to the term “great outdoor.”

The Largest of Them All

Our exploration isn’t complete without discussing the largest national park in the U.S, Wrangell St. Elias. This colossal park, standing on the border with Canada, is almost 12 times as large as Britain’s largest park. It is so vast that it could be the 29th largest state in the U.S if it were to become the 51st state!


There is no doubt regarding the unimaginable scale and beauty of America’s national parks. They serve as reminders of the sheer diversity of land the US hosts, inviting us to their untouched landscapes. They are places where you can truly lose yourself in the midst of nature. However, until we go on an epic road journey and explore them ourselves, we can only dream and admire these magical wildernesses from afar.

In short, America’s national parks are a testament to its expansive size and diverse landscapes. These majestic locations offer a chance for unfiltered immersion in nature, a chance to lose oneself in the serenity of their surroundings. It is no wonder why they attract countless visitors worldwide. Whether you are an adventurer or a nature enthusiast, these national parks are phenomenal places you need to explore.

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