Cairo, Egypt: Colorful, Charming Caravanserai Market

Watch the full episode: Old Cairo is a celebration of today’s Egypt, with bazaars full of charismatic merchants, bustling back lanes, and appetizingly aromatic street food. #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #cairo

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Cairo’s characteristic old quarter is a Colorful celebration of today’s Egypt Hanau khalili is the Mega Mall of Medieval bazaars 600 years ago it was a Caravan Sarai a stop on a caravan trade Route then when the ottoman Turks took Egypt it became a bustling Turkish Bazaar today it’s a stop for every tour Group and the merchants are standing by How are you Eager to charm you into a little Shopping welcome just have a look here Everything is free welcome to Egypt Today Hunter was in discount because Today my birthday why one two three Today should be cheap no money no honey No Cry the hustlers can be intense and Annoying or fun depending on your Approach Foreign Dive in with a sense of humor Bargaining is expected in Egyptian Markets treat it as a game never feel Sorry for or obligated to the merchant If you see something you like show some Interest and see how low you can get the Price I find that simply venturing a few Blocks away from the tourist friendly Bazaar suddenly the tourists are gone And I’m swallowed up in a completely Local scene Wandering through the colorful Market Streets here in cairo’s Islamic quarter

You feel that it goes on forever Three-wheeled tuck tucks weave through The action I love to hop in one for a quick Joyride There’s something strangely graceful About this chaotic dance of careening Vehicles merchants and pedestrians Exploring the Islamic quarter creates a Montage of memories A commotion of activity everywhere you Look something you’ve never seen before Is happening Somehow bikers balance rustic racks of Bread Craftsmen inscribe marble tombstones With verses from the Holy Quran [Music] Peaceful Soul after a blessed life will Finally rest in heaven with a little Effort you’ll find it can be easy to Become part of the scene In this shop a man spins delicate Strands of flour that will become a Favorite local pastry Foreign The classic street food here is kosheri Lentil rice pasta garlic and tomato Sauce all mixed together into a quick And cheap treat The distinctive clanging Stokes local Appetites And small bakeries are steadily Producing hot balloons of pita bread Destined to be filled with falafel

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Bread is subsidized by the government to Make life easier for people struggling To feed their families Walking through neighborhoods like this You gain an appreciation for how just Making ends meet is a daily struggle for Millions in a teeming City like Cairo I make a point to explore a variety of Neighborhoods [Music]