Cancun, Mexico 2023: Exploring New Features and Attractions

Welcome to Cancun, Mexico

Hello everybody and welcome to another video. I had recently arrived back in Cancun, Mexico and was staying in an apartment in the hotel zone of the city. The whole area has a really incredible vacation vibe, with the bluest water I had seen anywhere in the world.

Exploring the Hotel Zone in Cancun

In this video, I’m going to show you as much as I can of the hotel zone in Cancun and also give you as much information about where to stay and the things that I’ve learned since I was here in the past and also now. The place that I’m renting is a three-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, two balconies, and a swimming pool. It’s located right in the actual hotel zone, which is great. Many of the hotels here cost a few hundred dollars per night, especially in this area and at the very beginning of the hotel zone. However, if you rent from Airbnb, you can get really nice apartments right in the hotel zone as well.

Public Transportation in the Hotel Zone

In the hotel zone, buses go every five or ten minutes throughout the whole area, so there’s no need to actually take a taxi since they usually charge high prices for a short ride. The bus only costs 12 pesos (about 50 cents), and you can stop wherever you want in the hotel zone.

Arriving in the Center of the Hotel Zone

I arrived in the very center of the hotel zone, where you have the most hotels, bars, and restaurants. The beach area was packed with people. I stopped by to check out the beach and then took the bus again to explore more of the hotel zone.

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Beach Clubs and Currency Exchange

I visited Cocoa Bongo, a beach club where for five dollars, you can drink as much as you want all day and even access the beach on the other side. Later, I needed to get some cash, so I went to the bank where I could only get US dollars. It’s always better to pay in pesos when you’re in Mexico.

Enjoying Mexican Cuisine

I had some chicken fajitas in a restaurant, one of my favorite foods of all time. It can be a bit more expensive in the hotel zone, but it’s usually more affordable elsewhere in Mexico.

Exploring More of the Hotel Zone and Snorkeling

I took the bus across the hotel zone to the end and decided to do some snorkeling. The south part of the hotel zone has fewer restaurants and bars, so it’s better to stay more in the beginning if you want more activities. The snorkeling wasn’t as good as I hoped for, possibly due to the waves making the water murky.

Enjoying the Peaceful South Part of the Hotel Zone

I laid down and enjoyed the peaceful south part of the hotel zone, which is less crowded than the main area. I filmed some clips during the pandemic, and it looked completely different at that time.

Heading Back and Cooling Off

On the way back, I stopped by my favorite store, Oxo, to get some of my favorite milk and cooled off before catching the bus all the way back to the beginning of the hotel zone.


This is the end of the video, my friends. I hope you learned a bit more about Cancun, whether you’ve never been here or if you have been before. In the next video, I might take the bus down the coast to Playa del Carmen and maybe stay there for six months, going to the gym and meeting new people. Thanks again for watching, and see you next time.

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