Discovering The Ultimate McDonald’s Experience in Orlando, FL – World’s Largest Store!

H2: Visiting the World’s Largest McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida
H3: Discovering the Features of Epic McDee
H4: The Restaurant’s Impressive Floor Area

If there’s one thing McDonald’s is famous for, it’s fast food. But what happens when the fast-food chain decides to go big? We recently had the chance to visit the world’s largest McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida – also known as Epic McDee – and we were excited to see just how epic it was.

The restaurant boasts an impressive 19,000 square feet of floor space and features three floors. As soon as we stepped inside, we were greeted by a range of features and facilities that we wouldn’t typically associate with a McDonald’s.

H3: Exploring the Restaurant’s Unique Offerings
One of the first things that caught our attention was the large fish tank located near the entrance, featuring a variety of colorful fish. We then made our way to the wood-fired pizza oven, which was located just behind the fish tank and was making the whole restaurant smell heavenly.

But it wasn’t just pizza on the menu. The restaurant also had a dedicated dessert bar, serving up sweets such as cakes and ice cream. We were impressed by the selection of desserts – it was difficult to choose just one! We also noticed that the restaurant had a range of healthier options available, including salads and grilled chicken.

H4: Experiencing Family-Friendly Activities
One of the standout features of Epic McDee was the massive 22-foot play park. As soon as we arrived, we saw children running around and having a blast. It was great to see that the restaurant had provided a fun and safe environment for families to enjoy.

For older kids, the restaurant also had a big arcade located on the second floor. It featured a range of popular arcade games and offered prizes for those who managed to score high points.

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H3: Trying the Unique Food Options
But of course, we couldn’t leave without trying some of the unique food options on offer. We were excited to see that the restaurant had a menu that went beyond the typical McDonald’s fare. For example, they offered pasta and pizza – something we hadn’t seen at a McDonald’s before.

My son opted for the pasta, which came served in an actual bowl with a proper knife and fork. It even had a little bit of garlic bread on the side. I, on the other hand, went for the pizza, which was surprisingly delicious! The pasta was a little bit watery, but overall, it was exciting to try something new at McDonald’s.

H2: Conclusion
Overall, our visit to the world’s largest McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida was memorable. Not only were we able to try some unique menu items, but we were also able to experience family-friendly activities that catered to all ages.

The 19,000 square foot restaurant that is coined as Epic McDee is a great example of McDonald’s branching out and trying new things. We were impressed by the restaurant’s unique offerings and facilities and had a great time exploring all that the restaurant had to offer. If you ever find yourself in Florida, we’d definitely recommend taking a trip to Epic McDee – it’s an experience like no other!