Embarking on Our First Cruise from NYC: A Spectacular Sail Away!

Setting Off From New York City

Welcome to New York City, where our first ever cruise from here all the way to Canada on the fabulous new Enchanted Princess is about to begin. Despite feeling somewhat fatigued after our journey all the way from London, the excitement is very much palpable.

The TWA, JFK Airport

Our journey begins at this cool and special hotel, the TWA at JFK airport. A site steeped in history, this place was formerly the TWA airline terminal. Now, it’s a hotel, thoroughly infused with the charm and glamour of the 1960s – the era of the jet age. The whole place is a hark back to the times when flying was an elite affair, full of glitz and glamour.

The Hotel Room

Our room is nothing short of exceptional. There’s a certain grace that only old-world charm can bring, and it’s much in evidence in the quaint, little wardrobe area with golden coat hangers – a throwback to the swinging ’60s. In contrast, the view is nothing but modern, showcasing the bustling airport right outside our window.

Waking up to the excitement of JFK airport is sure to invigorate anyone with even a hint of enthusiasm for travel. The comfortable bed promises a good night’s sleep so we can start our cruise adventure refreshed and raring to go.

On to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

After a comfortable night’s sleep, we finally arrive at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. It’s a bit breezy, but the sight of the ship ready and waiting for us incites a thrill that’s hard to contain. One slight difference here is that we’re sailing from New York, a somewhat unusual start point for us, but it’s something we’ve always wanted to do.

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Towards the Enchanted Princess

As we approach the ship, hunger pangs have started to set in. So, their cessation and exploration of the resplendent Enchanted Princess become the next goals.

Once onboard after a brief security check, we are greeted by the warm and inviting ambiance of