are you ready Oh as a way to be out here Salmon, ID and I know
here we come we sound gold-bug Hot Springs now I was
hoping we could maybe land there and they were could just hike it but they
look so hot we could land on the other side of the river it looks like if
someone alfalfa they would have to figure out how to get across the river
so we're gonna fly to famine and hopefully they have markers a car for us or hopefully nice place here I don't
know where to go salmon Airport we made it if they have a
courtesy car for us this is how you get a courtesy car let the girl do it
right hi Hey I am curious if you have a
courtesy car available we just landed here at the salmon Airport yeah it'd be
nice to be able to check out Sam and go get a bite to eat thank you so much yeah yes we right okay donation make sure to
leave a donation and fill it up with fuel
it's always awesome having kursi cars for pilots to use yeah bye we are now
going to Gold Bug hot spoon you think we have enough stuff we made
it maybe a hundred feet we're dying already
quick we bringing so much beer it's like we're staying for a week we're
really just staying for the night past some people and they're like watch
out for rattle snakes yeah they're right that's a big snake I think it was like a bull
snake or a gopher snake it was a 3 4 footer we're gonna stop for water break
this is like a super easy trail but since we got all this really high-tech
mountaineering equipment that we're using we need a resituated hidden may be closer I don't know it's
still pretty flat they said when it gets steep you're almost there
there's the last part oh we made it to the Gold Bug Hot
Springs yeah it's really really hot we found a party was definitely the
right temperature go all right back in the plane headed a
chalice okay we just got our stuff that we left
here it's chalice and now we're headed to Stanley Idaho it's beautiful over
there so get ready for some really beautiful shots of us flying through the
night all right here we go so we have Stanley in our sight we're
getting bucked around like we're on a crazy wild bucking Bronco and we're
going thrown up yet so that's good oh yeah hopefully findable additional
position these bounces are unbelievable Sonic we're trying to get shots for you
guys but a little hard it's a little funky but a little bit of
a cross plant oh yeah Stanley Idaho this place is so
beautiful I mean these mountains are seriously stunning Airport is so cool
it's up on this bluff we are tired that was a bumpy bumpy ride
so we're gonna go into town and fill up our fuel bag get some fuel for ourselves the road a little bumpy going into stem
are you doing what you have to do when you're traveling you're charged when you
go eat here you go that was really good so
recommend the mountain village now we're getting fuel the plane huh there's the
trail but it's not covered in the snow just trudging our way up to the top throughout the 11,500 feet little bumpy
and rough yeah it's not too bad we got a nice blue skies somewhere in front of us
so we got some rain clouds and thunder stuff a little bit all around us so
we're trying to get that all our way back okay whoa wait
we just made the peekaboo peekaboo and it looks like we're gonna be having
another nice little crust ways to deal with like crosswind landing trip peekaboo is a
nice little grass trip they have a gas station there we're gonna fill up put
some fuel and that should be our last stop it's kind of like a quarter e cross
went on terrible but still blowing pretty good Oh a bump in here this is where I'll get
a little bit of extra stage why we've got a pullout highway first second
am I gonna hit anything hopefully like me likes a guy straight now go with the cars no card here no
cars there other side I don't see this where the road highway sweet Oh I love the thing with the wing okay yeah that's good
wish there at gas stations at FDA so the nice thing about filling up at
gas stations you can go inside and get fruits looks like got storms all around
us so we better get in the area get back home like there's no cars come in no cars jump out here Iowa for a second now you got telling us how gonna hit
that hey that could be a little bit more to the left frustrate the left line okay that's week dusty'll now
that's at all oh man looks like our engine is overheating, it's pretty
hot why yeah we're gonna perform an emergency landing on this highway road.

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pexels photo 3989816

we gotta cool this engine down, oh my god okay oh it's pretty come alright looks like we could pull off
over here oh really witty so I was the best road to land on but we're just
gonna pull off looks like they got a little turnout that's perfect alright
alright we're just gonna pull off right here perfect like a made for us
perfect timing okay so here's the engine was a little warm luckily this road
right here we land on and there's this turnoff so we're just gonna let it cool
down we're gonna maybe explore a little bit hole down looks like there's a
little trail over here see what it leads to this is a pretty nice trail it's
right off that road oh my gosh no way
what look at this you had an emergency landing at a hopping swim shorts on and
take a dip and let the engine cool down and then we'll get back in the air engines probably nice and cool now
looked like the storm passed by he's perfect get back on the road everywhere we go there's a crosswind we
just had a land of this stripout seriously in the middle of nowhere

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