So today, let's make a cheesecake
that you don't need to bake anymore. This is for those who doesn't
have an oven and also to those who wants to make easy dessert that
is of course, guaranteed as delicious. So first, I already
made the crust. The process is just similar
on baked cheesecake. Just combine your graham
crackers, melted butter, sugar and then press it in
your microwavable container or you may also use tin can or
any container that you want.

Okay? One recipe can create two pieces of
microwavable containers like this or two pieces of
round tin can. You may also use crushed chocolate
cookies if you don't like grahams or you may also make
this one as Tiramisu. I will show to you
later how it is. Now, let's proceed
with the cheesecake. You're gonna need 2
cups of cream cheese. 1 cup of cream, you can use all-purpose
cream, heavy cream or whipping cream.

Use any cream that you
are available with and you need 1 can
of condensed milk. Okay? No sugar because we Filipinos,
like to use condensed milk for our no baked
desserts, why? Because it makes desserts
very creamy and tasty. So first, you beat
your cream cheese. Just soften your cream
cheese for a bit. So there, as usual your mixer
would really have hard time. Just soften it
for a bit. Okay. And then, you pour your
1 can of condensed milk. The condensed milk, you'll
notice, why it is so gooey? Because it's put
on a cool area. It's area is cool especially
this rainy day season. If you don't like it to be so gooey
like this, put it in a warm area and then, you keep
on beating it again.

Until it becomes smooth. This is just very
quick to make and of course, this isn't
just for blueberry cheesecake, this isn't just for
chocolate cheesecake. There's a lot of variations
you can make on this. When it already become smooth.
put your cream already. Okay? When you combined your cream
cheese and your condensed milk. You put the cream, this is
1 cup. I put half first and I weaken the mixer
so that it won't spill out. And of course, if you wanted
to make this as chocolate, just put it 2-3 tablespoons
of cocoa powder. Okay, I put the rest
of the cream. 2-3 tablespoons of
cocoa powder. You may also make this as
Green Tea No Bake Cheesecake. Just also put it 2-3 tablespoons
of green tea powder. Let's keep on mixing. My mixer is having a hard time as my
cream cheese came from the fridge. Directly from the fridge,
we forgot to remove it out but it would not be
a problem at all.

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But it's better of course, if you
remove it earlier for 1-2 hours so that it would
soften for a bit. So there, you
can see it now. It's smooth already,
well-blended. Keep on beating it
until it's very very smooth. Until you see small
lumps only. Right? And then, I
turn it off. Now, I know your
next question. "How would it be if
I sell or gift that?" "Would it not melt
while on traveling?" "Would it not liquefy?" That's a very
good question.

Because if your
dessert isn't baked, There would not be
coagulation that'll happen. What does it mean? The cheesecake you
baked has eggs, so during the baking process,
your egg stabilizes your mixture. In here, there's no eggs and
there's no baking process. So we're gonna use jelly
or gelatin as stabilizer. So I'm using here, I have here
1 tbsp of gelatin powder. I will put it in my
small casserole and 4 tablespoons or
1/4 cup of water. I will just mix that. So now, it's good
to know that any you may use any type
of stabilizers, right? So, you may also
use jelly powder especially to our friends that doesn't eat
products that are animal derived just like this gelatin since this is
protein that came from animals, your gelatin could
be from a cattle whereas jelly is a carbohydrates
that came from vegetable source particularly from
seaweeds, okay? So there, I'm mixing
our gelatin. You will see that it
dissolved on the water. Right? So once it's clear like that,
I will set it on the fire until it just smoke a bit,
don't let it boil, okay? You just mix it until
it starts to smoke.

Okay. So there. So you just mix
and you heat. You may use microwave
oven on that if you want. So you see right? There
are many ways on how you make your
dessert stable. You just need to know
the basic, right? I'm using gelatin because again,
gelatin gives you a smooth consistency. It does not harden your
mixture that much. What it does is that it holds
your mixture so it won't melt. It's what the jelly does also but the jelly,
you will feel that it's still a bit hard. But again, jelly is more
affordable and again, to those who aren't
allowed to eat gelatin, those who have diet restrictions,
you must use jelly powder. So I will pour it. What's important is
you know the basics on how to make
no bake desserts stable.

pexels photo 5745017

It's just as simple
as that, right? Even in life and relationship,
how would a thing be stable? You have to know the basics.
It's just very simple, right? I will pour this
while it is hot. While it is hot, you
shouldn't let it warm because when you let that warm, the
gelatin would solidify on the mixture and then, you
just mix it like that. Okay. I know, this is ready.
I know that you'll ask, "What brand of gelatin
have you used?" Just the cheap ones, you don't need
to buy super expensive gelatin brands. You can just use the
affordable brands. So there, I scrape the sides and
then I mix it one more time just to make sure that
there would be no lumps. That's it.

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Okay. So next, I'm going to show
you how to assemble it. So the other mixture,
I set it on our graham crust and on
our chocolate crust. So it's already like that then
what you want to do is, you refrigerate it. You cover and
refrigerate it for at least 6 hours. Don't hurry it up. Remember
what I always teach you, instant isn't okay, it would
separate quickly if it's instant. So because you need to
give it time for the gelatin or the jelly to stabilize
the mixture correctly and also, for the cream cheese
and the cream to settle in. It would cool down so when it's
heated or when you travel it, it wouldn't just melt
and liquefy easily. Now, I still have
one mixture here. This would a one recipe makes,
I made this one a while ago. I mix it a while ago.
Let's make it Tiramisu.

I have here Browas and then here,
I made instant coffee that is very strong. How strong? To the point that you'll
close your eyes, okay? Why does a coffee needs
to be strong like that? Because when the flavor
of coffee incorporate with the Browas, it would also spread
here in your cheesecake filling. This is optional, you
may put it liquor. I'll put it a bit of rum,
about two tablespoons and if you feel like you're
very happy, you want a cocktail and dessert in one,
you can add it more a bit.

Right? It would really
just depend on you. This is how you do the Tiramisu,
you're just gonna soak your Browas and then you
assemble it. Make sure that your coffee
is really absorbed by the Browas. You may also put
that on a can. You use Browas because
it does really absorbed. It really absorbed or this
is also called lady fingers. You put cheesecake filling. And then, one other
layer of Browas. One other layer of
cheesecake filling and then you dust it with cocoa
powder on top, right? That's how you do
the Tiramisu and this is our plain,
you'll refrigerate that. And then, when you
refrigerate it after 6 hours or overnight, it's better. This is
how will it look like already. You will see how
stable it is. Oh see? Super stable. It doesn't fall even
you shake it. It's remove outside from the
refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Very stable, see. Our table is clean,
don't worry. Super stable. That's how we like it, right? So this one, you can put
the classic blueberry.

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Classic blueberry, of course. When you say cheesecake,
it's always blueberry. For example: "Chef, I'm gonna sell it.
The costing seems too high" "Can I divide one recipe on
four microwavable containers?" Yes, you may reduce that
because you can notice, this one is quite
generous on top, right? This one, you can make this
Plain Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake or
I just think of this a while ago. You can make that as
Black Forest Cheesecake. We have cherries in here. It sounds so
classy, right? This is just the
canned cherries. The only problem here is that,
you need to lower it down. because I just think of this
right now, my apologies. Canned cherries and then just put
shaved chocolates on the sides. It looks pretty, right? So as usual, you don't need
very intricate ingredients. You don't need long time and
many equipments in the kitchen to be able to create
simple desserts like this. There it is, right? Are you gonna think
that that dessert is just affordable and you can
make it for just 20-30 minutes with resting overnight and
you won't even be stress.

Right? So sometimes, I will
give you a tip since there's a lot of you
whose into business, right? "It's just no bake dessert,
why is it too expensive?" "It's just very quick to make, why
do you sell it on price like this?" You know? The name
of the dessert will actually add to the
price, to the value. Just like this, Are you gonna think that
this is just easy to make, this No Bake Black
Forest Cheesecake? Right? And then the Tiramisu, if you
put it cocoa powder on top. I'm sure that will look very
beautiful, very presentable. So make this already.
It's very pretty, right? And I look forward
to seeing your creations and I'm sure as you make
this, just like a while ago. I just think of this a while
ago, you're gonna think also an another
more creative variation.

I wish you a beautiful weekend
and I'll see you soon :).

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