Office Blokes React to Top 25 US National Parks!

Manscape’s Humorous Proposal for National Shave Your Balls Day

On one of their regular office blokes react sessions, Manscape proposed something that caught the attention of everyone. They suggested that February 13th should be declared a national holiday for the celebration of National Shave Your Balls Day. This announcement was served with a great dose of humor and banter, but it also carries a serious undertone. According to Manscape, this is necessary because “clean balls are the most important thing for Valentine’s Day.” To add to the fun of it all, they threw in a discount code: “office blokes at the checkout will get you 20% off plus free worldwide shipping.”

The Office Blokes React

The office blokes, Office Boy Dave, Office Bot Mike, and Office Bot Dad, expressed their amusement at the announcement. They sidetracked to promote their Patreon page and acknowledged that they appreciated the support they received, which helps them continue creating content. The topic then switched to discussing the 25 best national parks in the USA. The Office Bot Dad admitted that he wasn’t familiar with many of them due to his preference for cities, bars, and crowded places. However, the possibility of capturing the beauty of these parks using drone cameras sparked a somewhat adventurous interest in him.

Appreciating the Splendor of National Parks

The Office blokes commended the grandeur and varying landscapes of the national parks. From the Yellow Stone, which is notable for nature documentaries, to the Big Bend National Park in Texas, known for its diversity, the blokes were genuinely impressed. The Saguaro, in Arizona, stood out with its iconic shapes of cactus. Shenandoah, with its wildflowers and colorful autumn leaves, also piqued their interest. In reminiscing about his travel across the USA, Office Bot Mike recalled experiencing the stunning scenery of Shenandoah during his relocation from New Jersey to Texas.

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The Beauty during Different Seasons

One key point the office blokes appreciated was the inherent beauty of these parks during different seasons. Even Death Valley National Park, known for its temperature extremity, had its exciting features of huge boulders, canyon carvings, singing sand dunes, and towering mountains. They came to understand that each park offers unique attractions that differ vastly from one another, creating a rich variety that caters to different preferences.

The Office Blokes’ Verdict

By the end of the video, the office blokes had a newfound appreciation for the vastness and variety of landscapes these national parks had to offer. The allure of greenery against the water’s body in Acadia, New England, was contrasted against the white cliffs of Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Redwood National Park, California, with some of the tallest trees globally and Grand Teton with its granite mountains, were simply stunning. In appreciating this variety, they reiterated why many Americans would prefer exploring their country’s diverse beauty, rather than traveling abroad.

The Importance of Travel

The discussion also turned toward traveling and its importance. Not just for pleasure but the cultural enrichment it provides. Although some Americans lack passports, the office blokes expressed understanding, given the abundance of attractions to explore within the country itself. They concluded that seeing these parks’ grandeur would be an excellent idea for anyone choosing between staying within the USA or opting to visit Europe. This is both for the experience and supporting the national parks.

Appreciating Nature’s Magnificence

The grasp of nature’s magnificence in these national parks is definitely awe-inspiring. As the office blokes learned about the parks, they appreciated the breathtaking beauty each had to offer. From the icy peaks of Rainier to the sandstone landscape of The Ar