State of Alaska Navigating COVID-19

– We know how to handle
catastrophes in Alaska, we handle earthquakes and fires and floods as we talked
about, better than anybody. And so this pandemic we
handled the same way. – 15,000 State of Alaska employees. – Hey, how you doing sir? – That when it comes to
navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn't matter what
department or division the focus was to meet
the demand of Alaskans wherever they are at. For example, the division
of motor vehicles use technology to overcome COVID by performing remote driving tests. – We're able to hear whatever's
going on in the vehicle, and then also see from these
angles that we've put them at. – The department of administration
made telework a priority for more than 6,000 employees. – Our team has really
done a commendable job of, at times even working
completely around the clock through COVID to make sure our government operations didn't stop. – For the department of
transportation that meant protecting their workers to get $720 million of obligated projects completed on time. – For every person
working on the front line, you have at least one person at DOT working behind the scenes to make that frontline work possible.

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– And for those without work, the department of labor's
message is simple. – You're not in this
alone, we are here for you. The department of labor
and workforce development stands by ready to assist
we're willing or capable, and we are ready to help
you in any way that we can. – Keeping Alaska and Alaskans on track, no matter what is going on. – I think we have a lot of
dedicated state employees, I think we have a lot
of dedicated folks here in the State of Alaska..

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