Top 10 Spots Worthy of U.S. National Park Status

Welcome to the National Park Guide

Hello and welcome to a visual journey exploring the wonders of America’s national parks. With 63 diverse parks scattered across the U.S, the array of natural beauty leaves endless possibilities for the potential addition of a 64th national park.

However, with over 400 national park sites, countless national forests, and an array of majestic natural landscapes to consider, the prospect of identifying an ideal candidate can become a daunting task.

The Selection Criteria

For this exploration, we will dive into 10 resplendent places to potentially crown as the next national park. The list is solely based on my personal travel experiences, but be sure to join the conversation and add your own national park candidates in the comments based on your travels and memorable moments spent in nature’s playground.

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The Ranking Begins

Kicking off at number 10 is the Mojave National Preserve, which offers a landscape that I find as breathtaking as that of Joshua Tree National Park. Notable features such as the Kelso Dunes and the striking yucca plants lend unique flair to the preserve.

Moving on to number nine, we have the Colorado National Monument. Housing massive canyons and extraordinary color spectrums, this site introduces an aesthetic that parallels the beauty found in numerous Utah national parks.

Next, nestled in eighth place is San Juan National Forest. Despite restrictions on certain recreational activities permitted in national parks, its breathtaking mountain scenery positions it as a worthy candidate in my eyes. The forest offers driving and hiking experiences amongst diverse landscapes that rivals those of Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Halfway Through

In seventh position is Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. Along with its likelihood of emerging as the next national park due to several favorable factors, it demonstrates uniqueness with an otherworldly landscape, exciting hiking trails, and engaging recreational activities.

Slotted at number six is Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah. While it is essentially one arch within a rather small surrounding area, the Rainbow Bridge stands as one of the most impressive arches worldwide, rivaling even the Delicate Arch in its grandeur.

Top Five Contenders

Breaking into the top five, we have Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming. A few rewarding hiking trails, abundant wildlife, and the awe-inspiring Devil’s Tower itself compose this candidate’s compelling credentials.

Next up is Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah. Most renowned for its Quarry Exhibit Hall, which showcases an array of preserved dinosaur fossils, its captivating geologic history and diverse color landscapes places it at number four.

The Final Countdown

The Nepali Coast State Park in Hawaii carves itself into third place. This Hawaiian gem dazzles with grand cliffs, mountains, and blue waters all at once, offering a sight I consider the most beautiful throughout all of Hawaii.

Our runner-up is Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, straddling the borders of Arizona and Utah. Representing some of the best scenery these states have to offer with sweeping canyons, smooth rock formations, and vast lakes, it positions itself as a top contender for the status of a national park.

A Final Verdict

Without further ado, the crown goes to Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The exquisite Mendenhall Glacier, surrounded by wildlife-rich forests and waterfall-dotted mountains, offers an experience unmatched in all of America.

Although making it a national park might not be entirely plausible, I hold this as the most deserving site to receive such a prestigious status. This forest, packed with untouched beauty, firmly secures its place at the top of my list.

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Finding the Next National Park

Well, that concludes our countdown of potential additions to America’s current 63 national parks. Remember, everyone’s adventures and experiences shape their personal list.

What do you think should be the next national park? Whether you think it’s feasible or not, feel free to share your opinions. Subscribe for more content and enjoy your next national park adventure!