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Hi guys! Hi! Like you can see 
greetings from Germany! Yes and our little Matheo is already here with us. There's our little boy Matheo Yes! Oh my god! We have a boy! Here is Matheo! Hey Matheo! I am isabela and I'm from Brazil . This is Fabian and he is german. We've been overlanding the world with our home sweet home Frank the Tank for the past almost four years and together with our son  Matheo and our two lovely dogs Uni from Spain   and Basco from Germany We are Live and Give 4×4 Subscribe and welcome to the family! We're in front of our Frank the tank back 
in Germany so… long time no heard… no scene… yes but Isabela did a great job…me too… delivering this little boy here! Yes! We are happy to be here with him now… it's really nice…he's blessed…he's a really good boy and we're really missing to prepare videos… I miss to
prepare videos for you guys every Sunday It's really sad but life with a newborn was not so easy…
it's not so easy then I thought I thought it is exactly how I expected…

Isabela takes care of little Matheo I have fun with him… perfect! There's a lot of things happening you can see still Frank the tank is still here… a lot of people are writing is he sold or whatever We have news he's right now in Germany and he will stay in Germany for a while but he is going to another family yes we sold Frank the Tank so that's uh that's the one sad news but the good news is it will go on…

The journey will go on! We can't tell you at the moment so much 
but we will move on with little Matheo In a new camper truck! Exactly we will have a new expedition vehicle! We are building it right now… and there's a lot of things happen… since we came here… we did the german regulations TÜV This will still come on Youtube Exactly! We also drove through whole Germany in the wintertime.

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We looked at a lot of trucks trust us we have seen it all… We know what's out there… we did a lot of shopping for a new truck … Now finally… we also put Frank online and a nice couple came along True! The right couple! The right couple… it's perfect for them… Greetings to Martin and Suzanne They also have a youtube channel… I will put it somewhere… and they are sailors so they are sailing the world 
actually and they decided to have a little change going on… and they wanted to go from the water to the coast so to speak… So they purchased Frank and we're very happy because they're nice people…

Frank, we will meet up again that's for sure! Who knows maybe we go on the water… yeah No no, we're gonna stay on the road. Stay tuned! Thanks for hanging in there! Thank you, guys! You will see more videos of us… Exactly! We have a membership area somewhere here 
you can join in! So I have one more thing to do… What it is what it is?!? So you guys see here is our Live and Give 4×4 unofficial number plate… Which carried us through North America until Mexico and 
back and I think it's time because tomorrow   he is going to be picked up and I don't know… I'm not sure… if I'm filming because I'm gonna cry so much… there's gonna be a lot of videos out there but 
with this truck, it's gonna be the last one…

pexels photo 207049

You thought the journey was long… Time-wise it was…it was four years… We don't want to bore you with old videos… we're going to keep the new ones coming but we're going to maybe mix a little, because some things are pretty cool…some places were really nice… and we never talked about those stories… Trust me you're going to see the new truck…sooner or 
later… I wish it would be different but you have to work a little to get new stuff… so we did that and I'm gonna pick up the chassis… I can say so much okay… the chassis I'm gonna pick it up pretty soon… and that's what you're gonna see and then right now already the box at the back is in production… yes! Step by step it will go on… So let's do this… this is the new number plates… they just 
changed the R to the B… R is for you guys out there Regensburg Bavaria… B is Berlin…

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So the new couple lives in Berlin … and yeah I'm gonna do this now… This one you will see again … Yes! In the new truck… You hold it Matheo? Yes Matheo! Take that, it's cold. Yep there we go… To the new owners! To new adventures! Good luck to you Martin and Susanne! We wish you all the best with Frank the Tank! You will have a blast! You will and like Martin said maybe we're gonna see you soon on the road and then we're gonna park two rigs next to each other and have fun in our old vehicle! Thank you, Frank! Thank you, Frank! He gets a kiss! and like we always say…

See you when we see you! Take care guys! Say Matheo Tchüss! Bye Bye! [next day] There it goes Frank the tank Off to the last ride. We will miss you Frank the Tank Slow slow stop stop stop I will stay here with Matheo and Fabian will go to deliver… bye All right! See you when we see you, family! yeah my last ride… off we go… a little sad but there are good things to come… so I will enjoy my ride without you guys because it's my last 10 kilometers and I'm sorry I'm not showing you this one… maybe I cry who knows… See you when we see you Thanks for tuning in! 115.232 km in 4 years. We will miss you Frank the Tank! Willi: I wish for your new truck all the best. Good luck and health to the family! Fabian: Thanks Willi! Drive safe! Greetings to the new owners.

Stay tuned and see what's to come… Here on Live and Give 4×4 Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook Next on our Youtube A little bit, a little bit… there it is! For sure the highlight of our lives. The birth of our son Matheo Matheo with one T and H Also coming soon Let's see how it works… We're gonna go through my truck… do a little service what's necessary and we get the german TÜV which is important in Germany… it's some kind of stamp that your truck can go on the road and for a truck above 7.5 tons in Germany you need it every year, but since we were traveling four years outside the country and haven't been here we are missing four years of the stamp, which is not a 
problem as long as you don't drive in Germany   and of course, we will show you the truck we decided for and what cabin we will do   and yeah what's the future like…

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So stay tuned! See you when we see you! Thank you, Frank the Tank for those amazing memories! We will miss you for sure! But now we are ready… Ready for some traveling soon… in our New Truck as a family of 5!.

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