Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs

– [Narrator] The life of a celebrity might seem glamorous and exciting, but in the immortal words of Dr. Dre, "Anyone can get it, the
hard part is keeping it." Whether their success was short-lived or they realized they just
weren't cut out for fame, let's check out these celebrities who are now working regular jobs. (bright music) Peter Ostrum. 12 year old Peter Ostrum snagged the role of Charlie Bucket in the 1971 classic, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", after being scouted in a children's theater
production in Cleveland. This could have been the golden ticket to
stardom for a young actor, but he simply wasn't interested after the films production wrapped. He refused a three movie deal, and as he grew older became reluctant to admit he'd ever played
the role of Charlie. It turned out Ostrum was
more into animal farms than chocolate factories. He studied at Cornell's
College of Veterinary Medicine and has worked as a veterinarian
in Lowville, New York for nearly four decades now.

He specializes in farm
animals like dairy cattle, so who knows, maybe there is some hope for milk chocolate in his future. Nikki Blonsky. While the mega hit 2007
movie, "Musical Hairspray", was enough to get Nikki Blonsky,
a golden globe nomination, it wasn't enough to get her
consistent working showbiz. To find a way to pay the bills while waiting for her next big break, Blonsky started working in a beauty salon in Long Island in 2011. She was seen doing everything from applying makeup to sweeping floors. And while she probably can't belt out any musical numbers in the salon, Blonsky hasn't given up on her dreams.

She continues to audition
while keeping her day job, making the occasional appearance on stage and screen though nothing close to the
success of "Hairspray" yet. But hopefully for Nikki
it can be hair today, second stardom tomorrow. Kevin Jonas. What happens when three brothers with good singing voices
and TV friendly faces form a band started making pop hits? Teenage girls everywhere go crazy. What happens when the band calls it quits? Well, if the Jonas brothers are anything to go by, two of the brothers
move on to solo careers and acting and music, while one goes in entrepreneurship. Yep, after the boy band disbanded in 2013, the eldest Jonas, Kevin became the Co-CEO of an
influencer marketing company called Blue Market. He's also founded a
real estate development and construction company, as well as dabbling in
the world of programming. While these jobs might not seem normal in the traditional sense, there's certainly a far cry from what made him a celebrity . While the brothers reunited in 2019 to make new music, it's safe to say Kevin has
a pretty solid backup plan for when he gets tired of playing
mid-2000's pop rock again.

Chris Owen. When your entire cast is
the geekiest of geeks, maintaining a Hollywood career is always going to be tricky. For Chris Owen, better known as Chuck, "The Sherminator" from "American Pie". This was the reality. While he's been invited back
for every "American Pie" sequel finding regular acting
work has proven difficult for someone as distinctively
"Sherman" as Chris. He now works as a waiter
at a Sushi restaurant in Santa Monica to support
him between auditions while also dabbling in
commercial photography. Although if he doesn't tell clients having their picture taken to prepare to be "Sherminated",
I'd be very disappointed. Tom Selleck. As the owner of arguably the
most famous mustache on TV, you might expect Tom Selleck to still be enjoying and
illustrious on screen career. But after gaining fame as Magnum PI, the 2010 saw Selleck's acting
career slow right down.

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Instead, the mustachioed icon sprouted a new career that might
seem unusual to most. And what started as a relatively casual
business venture 30 years ago, Selleck has now fully established himself as an avocado farmer at his 30 acre California ranch. He even has some friendly competition with the owner of a neighboring
avocado farm, Jamie Fox. The plot twist is that Tom
doesn't even like avocados, but chooses to grow them nonetheless. Millennials well done, your love of whole wheat
toasted smashed avocado is contributing to Magnum PIs, retirement mustache fund. Steven Seagal.

In the eighties and early nineties, Steven Seagal was best known for his impressive martial
arts and performances in movies like, "Under
Siege" and "Hard to Kill". But when his movie career
began to lose steam, Seagal decided not to let his
action man skills go to waste. In 2013, he was sworn
in as a deputy sheriff in New Mexico, following
on from various forms of law enforcement work
throughout his life. His combination of star power, strength, and martial arts expertise saw him training up officers
around the US Mexico border. As if that wasn't enough, in 2018 he added special representative for the Russian foreign
ministry to his resume. Thanks to his much publicized mutual respect relationship
with Vladimir Putin. His job is to promote good relations between Russia and America
through the exchange of culture and art.

Well, for most of us that may still seem like
a pretty exceptional job. There are fewer explosions involved than on a film set, slightly. Terry Chimes. In the late 1970s, English
punk group, The Clash stormed the music scene with their aggressive
politically charged songs. Their repertoire evolved to include funk and reggae
sounds creating hits like "Rock the Casbah" that would
gain them international renown. Terry Chimes was the original
drummer for the group, but left after their first album, because he ironically clashed
with the other members. The path he ventured on was hardly what you'd
expect of a punk rocker. While participating in
a few musical endeavors on the side, he followed his passion
of medicine and healing to become a Chiropractor.

He now owns a clinic in Essex near London and gives Chiropractic seminars. If the spirit of punk is rebellion, perhaps going from cracking beats to cracking backs is as punk as it gets. Even if not, it certainly
takes some backbone. Danny Lloyd . You'd think that the kid from
Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, "The Shining" would go on to
lead a pretty wild lifestyle. But the reality couldn't
be more different. Danny Lloyd, the child
actor who yelled, "Red Rum!" says that while the
experience wasn't bad for him, Hollywood life was never for him.

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pexels photo 314839

He retired from acting age 10 after only two acting roles and never looked back. In college he took on regular odd jobs like working at Walmart or on a hog farm. Now he's a humble biology teacher at a community college in Kentucky, where he asked to skirt around any mention of his famous role to
avoid disrupting classes. That said, I'm sure
he's tempted to go all, "Here's Danny", on unruly students from time to time. Steven Anthony Lawrence. If you were ever a fan of the
Disney series, "Even Stevens" you'll remember Beans, the persistent bacon
loving next door neighbor.

Steven Anthony Lawrence
was certainly memorable as this character, and in similar roles in films like "Cheaper by The Dozen"
and "The Cat in The Hat". Nowadays, his acting career isn't so busy, but that hasn't stopped him from sharing his acting knowledge. He's now teaching other aspiring actors, delivering seminars at
colleges throughout America, and around the holidays
he sometimes even works as Santa's Little Helper at a shopping center
in Northern California. Fans always recognize him because even though he
strayed from his acting career and his hair seems to have divorced him, who could forget that face. Jack Gleeson. Jack Gleeson, the Irish actor behind the "Game of Thrones" character everybody loves to hate, made an unusual choice after his stint on the show concluded. He retired from acting. Having been seen as the
vengeful and venomous Joffery, there was always the issue that faces many young actors,
the fear of being typecast.

But while this may have been a factor what most people didn't know was that he actually just wanted to study. After leaving the show the
then 21 year old Gleeson announced that he would be studying Philosophy and Theology at
Dublin's Trinity College. Since graduating, he's
expressed an interest in becoming an academic
and a philosophy lecturer, noting that acting was never meant to be more than a hobby for him. Maybe playing a sadist just makes you wanna get in touch with
your philosophical side. Dylan Sprouse . Twins, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have been working as actors since they were babies. With roles ranging from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" to 1999's "Big Daddy". While, Cole continued his
acting career into adult life. Starring in the CW's "Riverdale", Dylan went into a very
different type of entertainment, brewing mead. Mead, for the record,
is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water. And its popularity has dropped off quite a bit in the last few hundred years.

So why did Dylan Sprouse
open his own brewery, all wise meadery in 2018? Well, Cole's interest
in the ancient drink, spans from an obsession with history and a love of brewing mead
that began when he was 16. After graduating from NYU in 2015, he spotted an opportunity to
turn his hobby into a career. Now he commutes to a regular job like the rest of us showing
up for hands-on brewing, tastings, and leading distribution deals. With his Mead retailing for $30 a bottle and a growing market, it's becoming a surprising
source of stable income for the "Suite Life" star. Hayden Christiansen. Not long after playing the
iconic role of Anakin Skywalker in the "Star Wars" prequels , Hayden Christiansen made
the unconventional choice to reject the celebrity lifestyle. Feeling that his career had become a powerful wave that
was destined to crash, he stepped back from the limelight, only occasionally acting
in independent films here and there. In 2007, Christiansen bought a farm and has
spent the past 13 years renovating it, learning how to grow crops, and raise livestock along the way. With a passion for designing, he also launched a clothing line in collaboration with RW&CO in 2013.

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The same year he also established a small budget production
company called Glacier Films with his sibling Tove Christiansen. With the selection of ventures ranging from the extraordinary to the literally down to earth. Anakin is certainly keeping himself busy and hopefully free from the
evil thoughts of a Sith. Shaquille O'Neil. Is there nothing Shaq can't do? He can play basketball, he
can rap, he sells Icy Hot. But as of now, he can arrest you too. After an extremely
successful career on and off the basketball court in 2016 he was sworn in as
an honorary deputy sheriff in Clayton County, Georgia.

Having already received police training in the decade prior, it was really a simple matter of titles, which included being the tallest deputy in the history of the
Clayton County office. In 2019 he also became an auxiliary deputy for the Broward County Sheriff's office, and now regularly attends discussions on how to make the community safer. On top of that, he's also been given the title of Honorary US Deputy Marshall and reserve officer with other agencies in California, Arizona, and Florida. He even announced his plans to run for sheriff in Henry
County, Georgia in 2020. If all police were Shaq sized criminals would be slam-dunked
left, right, and center.

Vanilla Ice. If you thought Vanilla Ice melted off
the face of the earth you may be surprised to hear he's been raking
in around $300,000 profit on each of his new projects. But I don't mean new albums. While "Ice Ice Baby" was a mega hit, it proved difficult for Vanilla,
real name Robert Van Winkle to repeat his success. After struggling with drug addiction, he slowed down on the music and found something more solid than ice, real estate. Vanilla has something of a gift for renovating dilapidated homes and makes a fortune reselling them. His skills even launched a show called "The Vanilla Ice Project", which features tips that people can use to
renovate their own homes. Today, Vanilla Ice has a net
worth of around 10 million. So he's still far from your average guy, even if his job is
noticeably more conventional. Though while flipping houses,
isn't quite as glamorous, as topping charts, it's
something Van Winkle can do much more consistently. For Vanilla there's no shame in trying to, "Flip
that house house baby". Which celebrity's career
U-turn surprised you the most? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for watching. (bright upbeat music).

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