US State Dept. Drops ‘Do Not Travel’ Advisory on Six Mexican States


Travel warnings for the United States tourists planning to visit Mexico have intensified, following recent incidents that have raised unsettling questions about safety south of the border. Specifically, these conflicts have occurred ahead of the busy spring break season, casting doubt on whether it will be safe to travel to some areas of Mexico.

A Warning From the U.S. State Department

According to Sophie Flay, an Eyewitness News reporter, the U.S. State Department advises Americans against traveling to six states in Mexico. This warning comes after a terrifying incident in the border city of Matamoros where four American travelers fell victim to kidnapping. One of these travelers was seen in the back of a pickup truck, taken hostage at gunpoint. Tragically, two of them were killed, whilst the remaining two were found alive and transported back to the U.S.

The U.S State Department’s Stance

These atrocious attacks on U.S. citizens emphasize that no circumstance or location justifies such actions. In a statement issued, the department protuberantly declares, “Attacks on U.S. citizens are unacceptable no matter where or under what circumstances they happen.” The government pledges to offer as much assistance as possible to affected families and to work closely with Mexican authorities in their investigations.

The Fear Coexists With Spring Break Plans

This state of unease emerges as spring break approaches; a period when millions of U.S. tourists are anticipated to travel globally. According to Sophie Flay, LAX airport is expecting roughly 12 million passengers within the next month. Notably, some of the top destinations for this spring break include Mexican getaways such as Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, and Mexico City.

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Travel Agent Insights

Despite these warnings, travel agents from Journey Mexico believe the advisories are not unusual. As they assert, “People think there’s a new advisory out, there’s not a new advisory out, it’s certainly incredibly unfortunate and sad what happened at the border, it was, in my opinion, a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Steps to Ensure Safety

If you plan to travel to Mexico, there are several safety measures you can take. First, it is advisable to check the State Department’s website for details regarding the specific region you’re traveling to. This will offer invaluable insights regarding the safety status and any present warnings.

The State Department’s Safe Traveler Enrollment Program

The Safe Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is recommended for all U.S. citizens planning to travel or live abroad. This free service allows citizens to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, facilitating their ability to contact you in case of an emergency, whether natural, civil, or familial.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, being informed and prepared is the best way to approach your travel plans, regardless of the destination. Consulting advisories, understanding their context, and taking preventive measures can make all the difference between a memorable vacation or a disastrous event. Safety remains a priority, even as you endeavor to make the most of your world explorations. After all, travel is about encountering new experiences while remaining safe, secure, and at peace.