4 Days in Osaka

The first part of a three-part Japan travel series.

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Where I stayed in Osaka
– Hotel Flag Shinsaibashi:

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00:00 Intro
01:23 Arriving in Tokyo
03:06 Bullet train to Osaka
04:49 Ajinoya
07:39 Hotel Flag
09:12 Katsuo-ji Temple
11:38 Izakaya Toyo
13:56 Osaka Botanical Garden
16:03 Universal Studios Japan
18:38 Kuromon Market
21:00 Epilogue

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Japan has always been my dream destination, And during my last visit I was able to share many of the country's great experiences With my partner Lisa. It was a fantastic trip Filled with unique activities Sights, and of course amazing food. We enjoyed it so much that in our minds We're already planning our next trip. But little did we know The world would turn for the worse For more than two years Japan would remain closed to visitors Until now What's up Lisa Now you're in Japan. We arrived in Tokyo in the evening We're excited to be back in Japan However, we were feeling pretty tired. We couldn't wait to get out of the airport And get to our hotel for some much needed rest Before our trip to Osaka the next day. I'm tired The following morning we found ourselves at the Tokyo station Ready to board the Shinkansen bullet train to Osaka. After arriving in Osaka, we immediately head to Dotonbori And explore the nearby area Dotonbori during the day Is completely different from its evening counterpart It was now time for some dinner One place I wanted to try in particular Was the restaurant named Ajinoya Which apparently served some of the best okonomiyaki in town After our dinner

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We stumble around the many side streets Taking in the ambience before heading back to our hotel. Back to my favorite The Peach Suntory Those of you who have seen my very first videos in Japan Knows about this This is the best, this is the best, honestly, you guys. Alright, so we just woke up In our hotel room. Here at the Flag hotel in Shinsaibashi. In our hotel room. Here at the Flag hotel in Shinsaibashi. Today, we're heading to the Katsuo-ji temple Which is quite a bit of a distance away from where we are. It's about an hour with public transport. But we're going there because I've seen the photos of this place. I think it seems really interesting. It's nice to go out a little bit. See a nice temple, Probably a nice little garden. It's suppose to be really really big. So… yeah. Going to spend some time there, and then head back to Osaka. Finish some things up, Before we head onwards to Kyoto And the rest of the places
we're going to visit. Just having the famous egg sandwich We just bought these Daruma dolls There's a little fortune inside We're going to pick it out If it's good, we keep it. If it's bad, we tie it up at these strings over there. They usually tie up any bad sort of fortunes up there So it goes away. Let's see what we get. Once we finished up at the temple

It was now time to head back to central Osaka And find some food. We decided to visit this small and unassuming Izakaya Located on the side of a small street. Nothing about this place stood out of the ordinary Until the owner Toyo Decided to whip out his flamethrower. Is it good? So good. Really, really good Before finishing the day We wanted to visit the Osaka Botanical Garden Which has become a digital art space Thanks to TeamLab Who are known for their art installations throughout Japan. We wake up early in the morning Althought I'm not the biggest fan of amusement parks I knew for this trip I couldn't skip this one Alright! We are in Universal Studios Japan. Let's check it out. Seems like a ton of fun. While it was interesting Walking around and exploring
the amusement park Our main attraction still lied ahead Our last day in Osaka We are at the Kuromon Market Right now, or at least part of it. We're just going to check things out And do some exploring for the last day here We just found ourselves some sushi Some fatty tuna From this little shop here in the Kuromon market.

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Looks Really, really good. I'm eating the brain Of a doll. Just your standard Vanilla soft serve. But you get to keep The creepy doll head though