How Much Does an Alaska Cruise REALLY Cost in 2023?

In this video, we help you budget for your next cruise. In our detailed look at how much an Alaska cruise costs, we cover all the associated expenses including average prices of all the add-ons so you know the true costs of a cruise way up North!

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7:55 Cruise Costs by Itineraries
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11:20 Flights and Hotels
12:35 Additional Cruise Costs
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14:20 Specialty Dining
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When calculating the price of an Alaska cruise, there are several factors travelers need to consider. The time of year, cruise cabin category, cruise line, and departure port will all impact the total costs of your Alaska cruise.

Typically, the cruise cabin type will be the biggest determinate of your Alaska cruise costs. While opting for a cheaper room can save money on your Alaska cruise cost, it might not be the best option for many families. Actually, one of our expert Alaska cruise tips is to upgrade to a balcony cabin

WHEN you decide to cruise to Alaska will also impact the total price. Cruisers can save money by sailing during the shoulder seasons, the beginning and end months of the Alaska cruise season. With fewer families and less crowds, the price is usually cheaper too. However, the weather during this time of year is more variable.

For cruisers who want to see the most wildlife and have the best weather, cruising during the middle of the summer is the best time. But, this will also be the most expensive time to take an Alaska cruise. The Alaska cruise costs for sailing in July or August can be thousands of dollars more than cruising during the shoulder seasons.

Further, cruisers need to budget for associated costs when planning an Alaska cruise. This includes airfare, which can be costly for an Alaska cruise. Not to mention, you will want to allocate time pre-cruise or post-cruise to ensure you are at the port on time. So, cruisers should budget for a hotel stay and related travel expenses.

Lastly, another item that will increase your Alaska cruise costs are shore excursions. You can easily spend a thousand dollars, per traveler, on experiences like glacier walks, dog sled tours, and float plane adventures. So, make sure to set aside funds for some of those bucket list shore excursions.

As you can see, your Alaska cruise costs can fluctuate significantly based on the above factors. While you can cruise to Alaska for cheaper, and significantly more expensive, we suggest a family budget $10K for a 7-day Alaska cruise.


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Traveling to Alaska on a cruise is the best 
option to experience a natural beauty and   Wildlife of the state but for many planning 
for an Alaska cruise can feel overwhelming   Especially when it comes to budgeting but given 
that we've sailed to Alaska several times we're   Here to help in this video we break down 
all the costs associated with traveling   To Alaska that way you know exactly how much a 
budget for your Alaska cruise up next thank you Welcome aboard Cruisers I'm Don B from eat sleep 
Crews where to help you see the world one port at   A time and one of our favorite destinations to 
visit on a cruise is Alaska we've sailed there   Several times with several different Cruise 
Lines and while we'd love to go to Alaska one   Thing we don't like about Alaska are the prices 
so we put together this extensive video to help   You budget accordingly so you know the real cost 
of your Alaska cruise now first it's important   To understand that the cost of Alaska cruise 
can vary widely depending on several factors   Chief among them are the cabin category you 
choose and the time of year you choose to sail   Not to mention there will be Associated costs 
not tied directly to the cruise fair plus how   Far in advance you booked a trip can also affect 
pricing but you should know it's very easy to   Spend thousands of dollars depending on your 
choices so in budgeting for your Alaska cruise   You need to include all the costs these include 
the cruise fare plus Associated taxes and fees   There will also most likely be airfare and 
transportation to and from the cruise port   You'll also pay for shore excursions and 
you'll want a budget for things such as   Additional onboard purchases you may also consider 
extending your trip with hotel accommodations   And regardless of the cruise we always 
recommend you purchase travel insurance Now let's take a look at how much you should 
allocate for each of these different categories   When it comes to choosing the right cruise 
ship for your Alaska cruise costs do vary by   Cruise Line currently we've seen a trend of 
cruise fares Rising across the board in 2023   When compared the previous years that of course 
remember pricing does change and the prices we   Code here are just illustrations you do want to 
check with your travel agent or the cruise line   For the most current up-to-date pricing Plus for 
most of these examples we're going to focus just   On seven night round-trip cruises from Seattle 
Washington this is the most popular itinerary   That many of you are probably considering during 
our research we found that most mainstream cruise   Lines like Carnival Cruise Line or Royal 
Caribbean are offering round-trip Alaska   Cruises starting around 800 to 900 per person 
based on double occupancy for an inside cabin   Still even on those ships there are other Cruise 
cabin categories that are significantly more   Expensive the cheapest Celebrity Cruise Line 
round-trip Alaska cruise were starting around   800 however a suite on that ship was going 
for close to four thousand dollars a person   You might be surprised to find out that the Family 
Focus Disney Cruise Line is actually one of the  

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Most expensive Alaska cruises a round-trip 
cruise from Vancouver starts at one thousand   Fifty dollars per person for a family of four or 
one thousand two hundred and eighty three dollars   Per person a double occupancy if that same family 
of four wants to sail in a concierge level cabin   The per person cost for a family of four was 
five thousand eight hundred and seventy five   Dollars for a total cost of over twenty 
three thousand dollars so as you can see   Alaskan cruise prices do vary based on the 
cruise line and even the cabin category   Now regardless of the cruise line most ships 
offer similar types of staterooms or cabins   Typical cabin categories include insides outside 
balconies also referred to as veranda staterooms   And mini suites or Suites so it might be better 
to begin your budget around the type of cabin   Some Cruisers don't care about accommodations 
and just want to book the least expensive room   Others will want a balcony to admire the views or 
some of the premium upgrades that come with sweets   But once you know the ballpark categories 
you can begin investigating Cruise Lines   Based on our research our elastic foods for 
years for 2023 inclusive of tax and fees   We created this chart which give you a general 
sense of how much each cabin category thought   So in our research we found inside cab is ranging 
from around 700 to around twelve hundred dollars a   Person ocean views between 800 and 2000 balconies 
between 1100 to 2800 a person and then mini suites   And swedes anywhere from fifteen hundred to 
thirty five hundred and more as you saw with   The example of Disney cruise on again these are 
approximate values and they were based on our   Research for those seven night round-trip Alaska 
cruises you might be able to find rates that are   Cheaper or a flip side more expensive depending 
on several factors now my wife and ICL is just   A couple but many Cruise Lines do discount the 
second and third person in a room for families   This counts usually around 50 off the cruise 
fare of the first and second passenger   Note the third and fourth passengers will 
have to pay full prices for taxes and fees   Which alone are 200 to 400 per person thus once 
you start comparing the per person fare you'll   See that'll be different as it's averaged 
across all the passengers in a state room   So let's give you an example for instance 
an inside cabin on round trip cruise on   Princess Cruises royal princess out of Seattle 
Washington leaving on April 30th starts around   720 at Double occupancy for an inside room for 
a family of four that same cabin is 2484 dollars   For a total per person cost of 621 dollars per 
person for a balcony on the same sailing a couple   Would pay just over two thousand dollars for a 
per person cost of one thousand Seventeen dollars   A family of four in that same balcony 
cabin would be paying a little over   Thirty six hundred dollars for the cabin with an 
average of about nine hundred dollars per person   Of course you might be able to stumble upon deal 
or promotion like kids sale free or free perks or   Certain bookings making one cruise line or one 
Cruise cabin category a better option for you  

Selecting the cabin category is the main 
determinant of how much your Alaska cruise will   Cost the second factor that will weigh heavily 
on the total price is a time of year you choose   To cruise by and large the cheapest time of year 
to go on Alaska cruise are the shoulder seasons   This is the beginning or the end of the crew 
season thus if you sell during late April or   Early May or September into early October usually 
you'll find the lowest Alaska cruise prices not   A flip side the most expensive time to Cruise 
Alaska is the middle of the season usually July   This is the peak time of year as it's the warmest 
weather and coincides with summer vacation   So let's take that Princess Cruises Royal 
Princess Cruise leaving on April 30th   If you want to go in the same exact Cruise 
pick the second week of July a balcony cabin   For two is just over two thousand dollars 
per person likewise for a family of four   The total of the cabin now drops up to six 
thousand three hundred and ninety two dollars   Which has a per person cost of 1598 so separating 
your cruise by a few months could literally save   You thousands of dollars so if you have your heart 
set on sailing during the middle of the summer you   Just need to make sure to budget accordingly 
because you will be paying more when going on   Alaska cruise Travelers do have the options to 
sail either one way or a round trip itineraries   Those one-way cruises start in one port usually 
Vancouver British Columbia and end in another   Destination like Whittier Alaska the two most 
common departure points for round trip cruises   Are against Seattle Washington and Vancouver 
British Columbia now this is not an exact   Science but if you go to cruise Line's websites 
and you look for the cheapest Alaska cruise fares   You will find that generally one-way trips have 
lower starting fares than round trip itineraries   But this can be impacted by several factors 
but you do need to keep in mind that with   Those one-way itineraries there is a good chance 
you'll pay more for flights as you are going to   Be flying to different destinations but when it 
comes to picking either Seattle or Vancouver as   An embarkation Port we actually don't find any 
discernible pattern with round-trip cruises from   One destination being consistently more expensive 
or consistently cheaper essentially the prices are   Very close and they vary from week to week and 
from Cruise Line to Cruise Line thus we don't   See a benefit to picking one departure point over 
the other when it comes to Alaska cruise prices   Likewise for the most part round trip 
cruises from Vancouver or Seattle will visit   Similar ports of call but again you should 
examine the Alaska cruise itineraries that   Make sure that they're visiting 
the destinations you want to visit   So hopefully now you're armed with enough 
information about the cruise cabin categories   And the different destinations have a general 
sense of how much your cruise fears will cost   So the next item on the list budgeting for your 
shore excursions now I wish I could tell you that   The high prices that you saw for your cruise 
Fair don't apply to your shower extensions but  

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I don't want to lie to you we're friends and 
unfortunately Alaska show excursions are among   Some of the most expensive shore excursions for 
any Cruise destination now to be fair the range   Does vary quite a bit on our several trips we've 
done a mix of land-based walking tours as well as   Helicopter rides and float plane Adventures we've 
done Glacier viewing bear watching zip lines well   Watching and even visited a Bald Eagle Preserve 
so you can find some reasonably priced tours that   Give you an authentic Alaskan experience or you 
can even Explore some of the small Alaska towns   On your own for free but you can also splurge on 
some big ticket items for instance you can book   A city tour with a stop at the Mendenhall Glacier 
for around 70 a person but if you want to upgrade   To a full day of sightseeing whale watching and a 
salmon bake while that will cost over 200 a person   The Ultimate Experience you can take one 
of the helicopter tours to see the nearby   Icefields in Juneau this will start around 450 
per person and you can even add a dog sledding   Adventure on a glacier and that will easily be 
over 600 closer to seven eight hundred dollars   Per person the most popular short skirts in 
Alaska is the Light Pass Summit railroad it's   Skagway alone this tour is around 140 per 
person while in Skagway can also include   A number of combo tours with the White Pass 
Summit that will cost you over 200 per person   During our trips we've averaged around 150 to 
200 per person per port for our short surgeons   So with four to five ports of call Cruisers 
can easily spend 500 over a thousand dollars   On excursions per person it might be obvious 
but depending on where you live you will need to   Calculate in the cost of your flights free Alaska 
cruise budget if you do offer one of those one-way   Cruises either leaving or ending in Seward Alaska 
you'll need to fly to Anchorage and let's just say   That's not cheap or convenient for most Cruisers 
not to mention the increasing costs to fly in 2023   Even if you plan a round-trip cruise from either 
Seattle Washington or Vancouver British Columbia   Lights are not as abundant as Plaza Cruise 
ports say in Florida A good rule of thumb is   To budget between 500 to a thousand dollars 
per person for airfare or an Alaska cruise   Although at peak times you could spend more 
than that to get to more remote departure points   You also need to factor in other fees such as 
luggage fees and related costs like Airport   Parking and transportation to and from the airport 
given the time travel many Cruisers will want to   Consider spending at least one pre-cruise day 
at a hotel and possibly even a post Cruise day   Depending on the flight schedule or departure 
points like Seattle Washington or Vancouver   British Columbia even a moss Hotel during Alaska 
cruise season can go for around 200 to 300 a night   Hotels with more amenities better locations or 
premium Brands can run upwards of 500 a night   Or more while cruises are a great value not 
everything is covered in the cruise fair so   You do need to factor in some additional costs in 
your complete budget first off there's gratuities   Except for luxury Cruise Lines your fail will not 
include onboard gratuities and these typically run  

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Between 13 to 18 dollars per person per day 
depending on your cabin category some Cruise   Lines refer to these as service charges these are 
additional daily costs that go to your stateroom   Attendant the dining staff and other crew 
members who work hard to make your cruise special   Many cruise lines now give you the option to 
prepay these charges before cruising so they can   Budget accordingly if you do not get the option 
or choose not to prepay expect about a hundred   Dollars or so per person in general gratuities 
to be added to your bill at the end of the cruise   Likewise unless you're sailing on a luxury Cruise 
Line Odds are your cruise fare does not include   Alcoholic beverages or premium non-alcoholic 
drinks of course you can pay a low cart Prices   Range from beers around seven dollars to cocktails 
between nine to Fifteen dollars and then a variety   Of glasses of wine again usually between nine to 
Fifteen dollars or you can opt for a drink package   Often drink packages run between 75 to 125 dollars 
a day per person depending on the drink package   And the cruise line now you're going to definitely 
want to read the fine print here because each   Cruise Line package is slightly different with 
different inclusions still if you enjoy a few   Cocktails while on vacation investigating these 
packages could save you money in the long term   Some Cruise Lines offer package deals that 
include the drink package for certain room   Categories so again upgrading your room could 
pay for itself if you get one of these free perks   On most ships there are plenty of 
complimentary dining venues and food offerings   However if you do want to try 
some of the specialty restaurants   You could easily spend a hundred dollars or more 
on dining but on our experiences you don't need   To spend any money on food unless you really want 
to many Cruise Lines do also offer dining packages   To help reduce the cost of specialty dining if you 
want to dine at multiple restaurants during a trip   If you want to stay in touch while on board 
you might need to purchase a cruise Line's   Wi-Fi the additional cost for internet tends 
around between 15 to 25 per day per device   Price is very of course based on internet speeds 
and a number of devices unpacking although Insider   Tip when cruising Alaska you should check with 
your mobile phone provider if you have coverage   When docked a course of call you might not need 
to purchase internet for those few sea days   Like any vacation you could rack up additional 
costs for things like souvenirs meals and snacks   Ashore or other General shopping or gaming while 
on your Alaska cruise how much to allocate for   These additional purchases prairies for all 
travel parties and of course only you know   How much you would spend on these additional items 
for us we collect ornaments and t-shirts from the   Destinations we visit so the wife and I always 
budget around 100 or 200 for these purchases   I know we've covered a lot so let's recap Alaskan 
cruise costs vary greatly depending on the cabin   Type you pick time of year you sail and the 
onboard purchases upgrades you opt for during   Your cruise however we put together this chart 
with some general pricing guidelines for the  

Principal cost of an Alaska cruise and as you can 
see we recommend budgeting somewhere between 2000   To up to five thousand dollars or more per person 
for your Alaska cruise so it's certainly not crazy   I think an Alaska cruise costs a family of four 
close to ten thousand dollars once you consider   All the costs honestly selling as a couple 
our previous Alaska cruises have cost us in   The ballpark of eight to ten thousand dollars 
for each trip and that's with us always taking   A balcony cabin and sailing during the shoulder 
season we always fly economy and do try to get a   Good mix of shore excursions so but as you can see 
cruising to Alaska certainly isn't cheap now of   Course if you still need more help putting Alaska 
cruise don't worry we have you covered we suggest   You check out our top 25 Alaska cruise tips and 
tricks video right here on YouTube in that video   We give you tips on how to save money pick the 
right Cruise Line and Chip as well as tips to   Make the most of your time on the ship and ashore 
that way your Alaska cruise is smooth sailing