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17:45 Day 7 – Kallur Lighthouse
21:28 Travel Budget – How much did it cost?

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[Music] Welcome to the Pharaoh Islands A small group of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean isolated from the World with nothing but the Endless Sea Surrounding them these islands are home To some of the most dramatic and Unspoiled natural scenery that you'll Ever Witness I've been able to visit the Pharaoh Islands on a number of occasions each Time uncovering new places to explore While gaining Unforgettable experiences So if you're planning a trip to the Pharaoh Islands and in Need for some Inspiration here's my seven day Itinerary through these amazing Islands [Music] I highly recommend renting your car Having your own car provides you with The complete Freedom over your itinerary It allows you to decide where to go and When to go also the roads here are paved And easy to drive with no need for a big 4×4 of any sort [Music] Foreign If you do decide to rent your own car Then you need to pay attention to the Many sheep on the island they are Literally everywhere on the Faroe Islands and very commonly found near Roads so do slow down when you spot them To get anywhere in the Faroe Islands

You'll be driving through many tunnels The Island's extensive tunnel system Connects the remote parts of the islands To the rest all are free to use except The three major subsea tunnels that Connects the three major islands Most car rental companies will usually Believe the additional tunnel fees at The end of your rental but do ask them Beforehand to be sure more subsea Tunnels are on the way so for more info Visit tunil.fo For my last trip I decided to stay in Torso the largest city and capital of The Faroe Islands I stayed at a hotel Called hotel feroya which is known for Its very unique hotel design especially The grass roof that blends in with the Surrounding environment all in all it's A nice hotel a little bit expensive There are more budget options available In the city center or on the other Islands I'll be linking to some Suggestions in the description box below So do check them out [Music] Nature is the major attraction in the Pharaoh Island and to get to a lot of These beautiful places you'll need to Hike one of the more contentious Subjects when it comes to visiting the Fair islands is the hiking fees Some of the places I'll be sharing in The video will cost a fee and to be

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Totally honest the fees are a bit steep For my liking many of the trails go Through privately owned land and the Land owners charge people going through Them some of the fees can be as low as a Hundred Danish kroners which is about 13 US dollars to 550 Danish kroners which Is more closer to 72 US dollars Now as someone whose work is to travel This for me was a necessary expense but I can understand why many people would Be put off by this So if you're coming to Fair islands and You're planning to visit one or two of These places now you know and it's up to You whether you think it's worth it or Not [Music] We Begin our journey on the island of Vagar at the International Airport this Is where we pick up our rental car and Begin our exploration of the first Island While on vargar I always recommend Making the almost customary visit to the Village of Casa delore This is where you can find the famous View of the waterfall along with the Village and the imposing mountains Surrounding it in the background There's a small path from the village That leads to the waterfall [Music] You can also find a set of stairs that

Leads you down to a different view of The waterfall Foreign [Music] A pair of 70 meters tall sea stacks on The western coast of the island To reach tuna stranga you'll go on a Lesser-known hike as evident by the lack Of a real Trail leading to them you'll Be walking mostly through hilly and Often wet grasslands following a small River I was pretty much alone throughout the Hike except for some sheep along the way But as you reach the edge you can gaze Below to see the Striking pair of sea Stacks towering from the sea below [Music] Thank you [Music] You can find links to maps and the Hiking app that I use for this and all Of my hiking trips in the description Box below To finish the first day off we take a Short drive to ladyspot [Music] Foreign [Music] This is where we can go on the hike to The slave Mountain which was said to be The location where disobedient slaves Were cast off during the Viking age this Is an easy seven kilometer hike but be

Aware that this hike does charge a fee Of 200 Danish kroners approximately 26 US Dollars while children below the age Of 14 are free of charge Foreign [Music] This is a well-known location for seeing The famous puffins as they nest around The edges of the island Foreign [Music] For the ferry to the island is 60 Danish Kroners per person and also there's a 250 Danish currency if you intend to do Any hiking this leads me to the popular Hike to the lighthouse on the island Unfortunately this hike has been closed Off due to a landslide and the Authorities are monitoring the situation And hopefully it opens up again in 2023 So if you intend to do the hike do Please double check to see if it's open Alternatively if you want to skip Mission is you could consider doing the Hike to dragonia the famous seastack Arch on the western coast of bargar [Music] To get to hike to Dragonair you'll have To pay a steep fee of 550 Danish kroners Which is around 72 US Dollars this Includes a guide in a group tour you are Unfortunately not allowed to hike alone On this Trail without a guide Foreign

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[Music] Day we spent some time in torso the Largest city and capital of the Pharaoh Islands While here we make sure to make a trip Down to the harbor area to see the Colorful buildings as well as explored In nearby Old Town district with its Wooden facades and grass line rooftops Foreign [Music] We then continue our trip and make a Quick stop at Nora dalor a small village Tucked away in a valley and it's known For its winding road that leads down to The Village [Music] [Music] From not at the lure we head up to the Remote Village of Saxon Foreign Is placed above a picturesque Lagoon With several waterfalls running down the Nearby mountains While many come to visit the village as Well as the Saxon church for me the main Attraction is the Lagoon walk It takes you along the Sandy bank which Becomes accessible during low tide Allowing you to reach the often Forgotten satsun Beach Foreign [Music] It is approximately 140 meters drop it's

The tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands it's a nice Quick Stop on our Journey as the waterfall is located Right next to the road leading to our Next stop chernovich [Music] Traffic is the northernmost Village on The island of straymore with its black Sandy Beach and view of the distant sea Stacks it's a surprisingly popular place For Surfers and there's even a surf shop Nearby that rents out surfing gear I was However more interested in the hike to Muellinger a Lonely Mountain overlooking The North Atlantic Ocean If you're up for it be aware that this Is a long and strenuous hike taken on Average between six to eight hours to Complete for most people In return for your efforts you'll Witness some spectacular scenery along The Route [Music] Foreign [Music] Where we take a ferry to the Southernmost Island sudaroy Foreign To the island takes around two hours and Will cost 225 Danish kroners Approximately 30 US dollars Once you reach sudoroy I recommend Driving along the island and exploring Its western coast for some beautiful

Coastal views Foreign [Music] [Music] As for some particular places to visit The Ritu score clef with an approximate 300 meters drop to the ocean below which Is only crossable by a small wooden Bridge From here you can also see the aspundar Stakura sea stack in the distance Foreign [Music] There are still more things to do on the Island that I'm unable to cover in this Video but here's a small list [Music] Foreign Above the village of funinger It's a short walk up to the Viewpoint And it provides an excellent view of the Nearby short and Village below [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Not too far from vinegar you'll find the Village of drip arguably one of the most Idyllic villages in the entire Pharaoh Islands and it gets its name from its 200 meters long sea-filled Gorge that You can walk down into Foreign [Music]

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Visit the Keller Lighthouse but before That we head up to the nearby Viewpoint Of klakur [Music] Foreign It's an easy walk up and you'll get an Excellent view of classic as well as the Many few words that run between the Islands Thank you foreign [Music] The fee for the ferret is 160 Danish Kroners including both the car and Driver Foreign We head up north and make a quick stop To visit the seal woman Stemming from a well-known local folk Tale where a seal turned into a woman And is kept hostage by a farmer it has a Rather dark twist so I'll leave it to You to discover the rest of the story Foreign [Music] Point of the island We Begin our hike to The Keller lighthouse [Music] Yet again it's an easy hike up but can Get a bit windy due to how exposed the Area is as you get further up you'll Start to see the lighthouse in the Distance until finally reaching Keller The loneliest lighthouse in the world Foreign

[Music] Before finishing up our time in the Pharaoh Islands if you have the time or Energy consider visiting the small Village of Arnold fjordor It's a Charming Village right by the Fort hardly any tourist around but I've Heard it's a popular place amongst Locals due to its Beach facilities [Music] If you're staying in the Farah Islands a Bit longer or looking for some Alternative things to do here's a small List Foreign [Music] So to finish things off here's the Estimated budget you'll need for this Trip this is based on my very own trips To the Pharaoh Islands but your total Cost might vary depending on a number of Things such as the exchange rate Hotel Gas prices and so on but I do think it Gives you a good idea about the cost Involved this is obviously without any Airline tickets so you need to factor Those in depending on where you're Flying from Foreign [Music] That was seven days in the Pharaoh Islands I hope this video inspired you And helped you with the planning process Of your very own trip I honestly feel

Like there's still so much more Experience in the Pharaoh Islands that I've yet to discover so who knows this Might not be my final trip but anyways Remember to check the description box Below for more helpful links and further Information follow me on Instagram to Keep updated I usually post small Updates there before uploading anything On YouTube So yeah thank you for Watching this video this is Alan until Next time Foreign [Music]