Is the Holland America Drink Package Worth it?

We answer all your questions about the @Holland America Line drink packages. From what’s included, to the value, and the differences in all the offerings, we breakdown all the details to help you decide if these cruise drink packages are worth it.

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For those new to cruise drink packages, Holland America Beverage Packages work like most lines. Cruisers need to purchase the package for the duration of the cruise. The options are priced per person, per day, with an additional 18% service charge.

All individuals in the stateroom need to purchase the package.

The Holland America beverage package works at all bars, restaurants, and lounges on the ship. Unfortunately, the drink package does not work at the cruise line’s private island of Half Moon Cay.

Now, the cruise line does offer two non-alcoholic drink packages. However, if you are watching this video, odds are, you are more interested the in the packages covering adult beverages.

There are also two packages that include alcoholic beverages. The first package is the Signature Beverage Package. This Holland America drink package covers all drinks, including all premium non-alcoholic beverages, up to $11 a beverage. Premium non-alcoholic beverages include cans of water, espresso-based drinks, and other items like Vitamin Water or Red Bull.

When it comes to beer, wine, and cocktails, this beverage package on Holland America will cover a vast majority of the options at all bars and menus. More than 80% of the wines by the glass are covered in the package. Likewise, all beers are also included. The same is true for all of the venue’s signature cocktails which are priced at this $11 limit or less.

Examining the Holland America Bar menus, only a few select tequilas, cognacs, and single malt scotches would cost you more than $11.

On this plan, cruisers are entitled to 15 drinks per day. This maximum includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections.

The more inclusive package is the Elite Package. This package covers drinks up to $15. Further, this more expensive package covers an unlimited number of premium non-alcoholic beverages. However, there is still a limit of 15 alcoholic beverages.

So, the question becomes whether it is worth getting a drink package. Based on our experience, we tend to save about 25% or more getting the package versus purchasing drinks a la carte.

On Holland America Line, we have found the Signature Beverage package is our best option. There has only been one instance where we hit the 15 drink maximum, and that is mainly due to getting several cans of water and specialty coffees.

However, perhaps the best deal is to go with the Have it All package. This upgrade gives cruisers the drink package, shore excursion credit, WiFi, and specialty dinner credit. Not to mention, the package can also include additional bonuses depending on the promotion.

Thus, cruisers can save even more money on the Holland America Drink Package with this inclusive cruise option.


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Would-be Cruisers often want to know if Cruise Line drink packages are a good Value Of course this depends on multiple Factors if you have a cruise with Han Marker line this video is for you as we Have a complete look at all the holiday Drink packages and if they’ll save you Money up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I’m DB from eat Sleep Cruise where we help you see the World one part at a time with our cruise Ship reviews ship tours and of course a Lot of cruise planning advice And in this video we’re going to break Down all the plans and the pricings for Holland America lines drink packages to Help you decide if one is right for your Next vacation Before we get into the details there are Some basic things you need to know about Holland Market line string packages Each drink package is priced per day per Person and you need to purchase the Package for the entire duration of your Cruise In addition there’s an 18 service charge That’s automatically added to all Beverage packages when you purchase it Additional taxes may be added at the Time of purchase for certain itineraries Or ports of embarkation

These packages may be purchased Pre-cruise using your online Cruise Planner or usually once on board the Ship during the first or second day of The itinerary These packages are non-transferable and Non-refundable In addition there’s no sharing of drink Packages But honestly that doesn’t really matter Because Holland Market line requires all Adults of legal drinking age staying in The same stateroom to purchase a Holland America line alcoholic drink package Under age gas must purchase the quench Package When using your package you’re only able To order one drink at a time further Several Holland Market online drink Packages actually have daily limits the Quench signature and Elite packages have A daily limit of 15 beverages Regardless of the drink package you Purchase all beverage packages work at The onboard bars lounges cafes the Dining room and Specialty restaurants However these packages do not include Beverages from the minibar in-room Dining or any of the self-service draft Beer stations on some of Holland Mark Aligns newer ships Beverages on the private island of Half Moon Key are also not included Do keep in mind that Holland markalai

Does offer a variety of complimentary Beverages which do not require the Purchase of drink package these include Juice during breakfast non-bottled water Iced tea and brewed coffee as well as Some flavored Waters and lemonade Honda Marco line offers two Non-alcoholic drink packages The quench package is honor marker Line’s most comprehensive non-alcoholic Drink package Currently the package is priced 17.95 Per day plus the service charge In this package guests are entitled to 15 non-alcoholic beverages each day These beverages include premium coffees Like espresso based drinks like lattes And cappuccinos Fresh squeezed juices all Coca-Cola Products Signature mocktails Smoothies as well as premium Non-alcoholic beverages like Red Bull And bottled waters that are 500 Milliliters and under Most of these beverages cost between Four and five dollars so Cruisers will Need to drink about five of these Non-alcoholic beverages each day To break even The hall and marker line soda package is Eight dollars per day This package includes unlimited fountain Soda

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On Rotterdam causing Dam in newston Dam This package also includes the Coca-Cola Free style machines On most on America line chips soda is Two dollars and fifty cents per serving So again you would need to drink about Four drinks to make the Coca-Cola drink Package worth it for your next Cruise But honestly you’re probably more Interested in the alcohol beverage Packages and Holland America line has Two different packages The signature package is 54.95 per day This package includes premium beers Spirits cocktails and wines by the glass That are priced eleven dollars and under Now this package also includes all the Premium non-alcoholic beverages that are Covered in the quench package such as Espresso base coffee drinks Soft drinks and mocktails However with this drink package whether You get a non-alcoholic drink or an Alcoholic drink either type of Beverage Counts towards your daily limit of 15 Drinks per day if a drink does cost more Than the maximum dollar amount again 11 For the signature drink package guess We’ll have to pay for the entire drink Unlike other cruise lines that only Charge the difference in price However as we’ll get to in our detailed Analysis many of the drinks on Holland America line cruise ships are within the

11 allowment finally the most inclusive Option on Hallmark online cruise ships Is the elite drink package this package Is 59.95 per day with the elite beverage Package you can enjoy all drinks price 15 and under including the Dale Degroff’s original cocktails In addition a package also includes Unlimited zero proof beverages again These options include specialty coffees Mocktails smoothies as well as premium Non-alcoholic beverages like Red Bull Energy drinks or bottled water including Sparkling water With the elite plan non-alcoholic Beverages do not count towards your Daily limit thus with the elite plan you Actually are able to receive up to 15 Alcoholic beverages each day and an Unlimited number of non-alcoholic Beverages each day Now the question becomes are Holland America line drink packages worth it for You to purchase Of course this depends on your own Drinking habits as well as your Preferred spirits and adult beverages One thing you do need to know is that Holland Market line strengths are Modestly priced most beers are about Seven dollars and fifty cents and most Mixed drinks are between nine and ten Dollars Many of the cruise lines signature

Cocktails at the different bars are also Between 10 50 and 11 dollars Wine drinkers are also in luck as only Three out of the 30 popular Holland America line Wines By The Glass are more Than 11 and would be out of the package Likewise examine the Holland America bar Menus only a few select Tequilas cognacs Or single malt scotches would cost you More than eleven dollars So most Cruisers would probably be Perfectly fine with all the drink Options on the signature drink package The question just becomes will you drink More than 15 total drinks on that Package and need to upgrade to the elite Drink package Well in the name of cruise research we Recently did a detailed analysis from Our seven night honor alkaline Cruise a New Staten Dom For this cruise we tracked all our Beverages for the seven days The wife and I tend to prefer cocktails And wine in the evening further we both Drink a lot of coffee in cans of water And I occasionally like a soda with Lunch So of course we would need to consume Fewer beverages than Cruisers who favor Say only beer or less expensive drinks In total the two of us combined consumed 135 beverages over the seven days that Were covered in the signature drink

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Package this equates to just under 10 Total beverages a day for each of us And of those beverages 42 of them were Actually alcoholic beverages now if we Had purchased the beverages a la carte We would have paid 1119.52 With the 18 gratuity Pre-cruise we took advantage of a sale And actually were able to purchase the Signature drink package for 44.95 a day Per person plus again the 18 gratuity So we spent a total of seven hundred and Forty two dollars and fifty six cents For the two of us thus purchasing the Package saved us over 276 dollars or Slightly more than 25 percent if we were To purchase all the beverages of a car So for us we did save some money now This was a seven night Canada New England cruise and with our schedule we Actually consumed fewer beverages than We typically do on cruises and other Regions like the Caribbean or the Bahamas so when considering if a Holland America line drink package is right for You you should consider not only your Drinking habits but the length of the Cruise as well as the itinerary as those Are all factors that could impact Whether the drink package will actually Save you money purchasing the drink Package and getting it on sale Definitely save this money for this Cruise but another alternative Cruisers

Might want to consider is the cruise Lines have it all package while the Terms of this package fluctuate this More inclusive offering typically Include includes four add-ons Have it all includes a surf internet Package which costs 15 a day this Upgrade also gives passengers one short Excursion up to a hundred dollars in Value it also includes one specialty Dinner which is worth a total of Probably forty to fifty dollars Depending on the restaurant you choose And the signature beverage package now The cruise line claims that this is a Value of 99 a day which you can upgrade For fifty dollars a day although when we Were comparing several itineraries and Different ships the additional cost to Upgrade to the have it all package was Closer to sixty dollars per day but if You’re already considering a signature Beverage package then the have it all Pricing might make sense for you Especially if you’re like us and you’re Gonna want the internet as well further Depending on the promotions the have it All packages may also include additional Add-ons as are the taping of this video Holland marker line was running a Promotion where the have it all pricing Also included the crew appreciation this Daily per person charge is 15.50 for Most statement categories not to mention

Cruisers could get up to an additional Three hundred dollars of onboard credit When opting for this more inclusive Package thus upgrading right now when Booking cruise is well worth it e even If you do not necessarily break even on The signature drink package as you’re Getting so much additional value with The have it all package now if you’re Brand new to cruising or brand new to Holland America line and don’t even know What’s included in the cruise lines base Fare you’re in luck we have a detailed Video that covers everything included in Hollomarker line cruise plus what will Cost you extra while Hana Mark Alliance Cruise fares are pretty inclusive there Are some additional costs besides Alcoholic beverages that that Cruise Line doesn’t tell you about so in that Video we break down all the costs to Help you decide if Han Mark a line is Right for your next Cruise vacation