93-Year-Old Grandma Completes Tour of All 63 U.S National Parks with Grandson

Age Is Just A Number: The Encourage Story Of An 80-year-old National Park Explorer


Every so often, a story surfaces that inspires us and makes us rethink about the limitations that we place on ourselves due to age. One such story is of a woman in her late 80s who didn’t let her age deter her from the craziest idea to visit every U.S National Park. This is a story about ignoring the number of candles on the cake and following your passion to explore the endless beauty of the world around us.

Exploring The U.S National Parks

Embracing The Diversity Of The National Parks

Every Park Has Something Different To Offer

These parks, each unique with its own set of beautiful features, offered something different to look forward to. From the rugged landscapes of the Yosemite National Park to the awe-inspiring scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains, every park she visited offered a unique adventure and a singularly beautiful thing that the other parks didn’t have.

Engaging In Wild Excursions

Zip Lining And White Water Rafting

She did not just visit and leave, she let herself fully immerse in the wild beauty each park had to offer. From zip-lining through the tall canopy of trees to clinging onto a raft while embracing the challenges of white water rafting at the age of 91, she embarked on some truly wild and thrilling excursions.

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The Emotional Journey

More Than A Checklist

For her, this seven-year journey across the National Parks wasn’t just a checklist to complete. It was an emotional rendezvous; it was about seeing the world through the eyes of someone who had waited 87, 90 years to explore it. She lived in the moment, she was present and she experienced the world just as it was. This journey provided irreplaceable warmth and closeness of family bonds and priceless memories.

Leaving Her Mark

She also became the oldest person ever to visit all the U.S National Parks. This feat, in itself, is a jaw-dropping reminder that adventures and explorations don’t come with an expiry date.

A New Chapter

Unwritten Chapters Of Life

This journey showed her that there’s a huge chapter of her life that’s yet to be written. Age was not a constraint, but merely a number in her passport. Her passion for adventure gave her the vigour to continue exploring.

Global Adventures Await

Upon concluding her exploration of the vast and diverse national parks in the U.S, she got her hands on her first passport – ready to explore the world beyond America. She is determined to travel overseas and immerse herself into new environments, cultures, landscapes, and of course, adventures.

Reflecting On The Adventure

New Outlook on Life

Joy embraced her grandson Brad with a new perspective on life; it’s so much more than your career, it’s really about connection and experience. She gave him the required respect and a beautiful reminder that life is also about openness, bonding, and experiences that have the potency to transform you.

A Piece Of Advice

Inspirational Words

As a parting message, she encouraged everyone who’s been putting off their dreams of exploring and cherishing the beautiful things awaiting their discovery. For her, the world is a colourful canvas brimming with beautiful things everywhere and she believed that one would always be amazed at what they find during their explorations and travels.

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In all essence, age should never be a hindrance to our dreams. If an 80-year-old woman can traverse across all the national parks in the U.S and still plan to explore the world, there’s surely no stopping any of us from fulfilling our own dreams.