Brit Reacts to 11 US National Parks That outsize UK’s Largest

A Reaction to Lost on the Pod’s US National Parks

Lost on the Pod recently released a video revealing eleven U.S National Parks that dwarf Britain’s largest. Yes, you read it right! As an observer from the UK, this fact triggered an overwhelming sense of disbelief initially. The sheer scale of these national parks is impressive and hard to fathom until you hear the facts and figures.

Size Does Matter: A Comparitive Look at National Parks

During the viewing, one park that particularly caught attention was Yellowstone. Geographically, it’s approximately half the size of Scotland. If we were to superimpose it on a map, it could potentially cover up to a one-third area of the mainland UK. That’s around a quarter of the space England covers. The scale is beyond imagination! Generally, when we think of parks, we imagine a small serene enclosure of greenery within city bounds. However, these national parks are another story. They are a testament to the expansive diversity of the United States’ landscape.

The Intrigue of American National Parks

It’s not just the size that brings forth intrigue; the video also the highlights the wide-ranging landscape variations within these national parks. The features and reactions highlight the general perception that most of the UK’s parks bear a remarkable resemblance, primarily compromising of flat fields with a few hills in between. However, American national parks showcase a vast range of landscapes that include mountains, sand dunes, frozen terrains, and extensive wetlands.

The Unknown British National Parks

As a British observer, the video actually came as a realization of how little I know about my nation’s parks. To be honest, I struggled to name even one British national park off the top of my head. Upon further research, it was surprising to find that the UK boasts around 15 designated national parks. One of these parks was surprisingly just around my living area, and it took me a video reaction to know that it’s a recognized national park. This realization led to a newfound appreciation for these often overlooked pieces of greenery surrounding us.

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The American Giant: Yellowstone National Park

Going back to the American national parks, Yellowstone stands as a clear highlight. It was apparent that Lost on the Pond invited his viewers with the gorgeous thumbnail featuring Yellowstone. The park’s sprawling landscape is home to numerous wildlife species and natural phenomena, including geysers and heated pools. The magnitude of Yellowstone is not only restricted to its land mass. It sits on top of a super volcano; a scale is vast that it’s impossible to encompass it in one focus of sight.

The Anomaly: Everglades National Park

A contrasting American national park featured in the video was Everglades National Park, located in Florida. Generally, we’re predisposed to subconsciously associate expansive national parks with the West, thanks to countless Western classics. This Floridian protected area dispels that notion with its vast tropical wilderness, teeming with alligators, herons, and unique flora.

Comparing The Giants

When moving towards the actual comparison of the sizes, it was mind-boggling to see U.S parks winning by a massive margin. To put it into perspective, the smallest U.S national park on the list, the Grand Canyon, is around 4800 kilometers squared, which is about 1.1 times the size of the largest park in the UK, the Kerngorms. The Everglades, the third-largest national park in the lower 48 states, beats Britain’s giant by around 1.3 times.

The Reigning Champion: Wrangle Saint Elias

However, what really blows the mind away is Wrangle Saint Elias, the largest member of the U.S national park system. It’s so unbelievably extensive that it could qualify as its own state, covering the same area as Arkansas. Wrangle Saint Elias is a staggering 53,000 square kilometers, making it close to twelve times the size of Kerngorms, the largest in the UK. If we were to superimpose Wrangle Saint Elias on a map of the UK, it would about half of England.

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In conclusion, the entire video reaction was a fascinating journey through some of the world’s largest national parks. It happened to be an exciting mix of surprise, shock, and admiration. The vast landscapes, diverse wildlife, and the sheer scale of these national parks make a compelling case for conservation and wildlife protection. Whether it’s the mountains of Yellowstone or Florida’s wetlands in Everglades, these national parks add richness to their respective nation’s natural heritage and deserve our utmost appreciation and preservation efforts.