Discover Fascinating Facts About Each US National Park (Pt. 1)

National Parks: An Exploration of the Unknown


Everglades National Park, known for its varied wildlife and unique ecosystems, is also home to a tree that has gained notoriety as the world’s most dangerous. This isn’t a joke – the tree, known as the manchineal, houses toxic sap in every part of its structure, and contact with it can cause severe harm. Blood-thirsty adventurers may find this intriguing, but the story of the tree and its victims, like the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, casts a shadow on its lurking dangers.

Dangers Beyond Skyscrapers

Beyond the bustling streets and skyscrapers, an adventure spanning 72 miles and 18,000 feet in elevation gain unfolds in less than 24 hours in the heart of the Appalachian Trail. This historic Smokies Challenge Adventure Run or SCAR, first completed by Vicki Johnson in 1988, challenges both the body and spirit of its participants.

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The Badwater 135: World’s Toughest Foot Race

Imagine running a 135-mile course in temperatures reaching up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Welcome to the Badwater 135, a race held in Death Valley National Park, known for its extreme conditions. The race isn’t for everyone, though. Only the most experienced ultramarathon runners bring their talents here, and even then, a significant proportion fall short of the finish line.

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Death Valley’s Hidden Glaciers

Contrary to its scorching heat, Death Valley National Park also harbors a hidden wonder: the Wheeler Peak Glacier. Located at the base of Nevada’s second tallest mountain, this rare spectacle is unfortunately on the verge of disappearing within the next few decades due to climate change.

Fading Relics and a Majestic Grandeur

From the desolate glaciers in Nevada to the arctic desert in Alaska, nature never fails to astound with its bizarre and beautiful creations. The mysterious sand dunes of Kobuk Valley National Park boast such a combination, but like the Wheeler Peak Glacier, they too are receding due to vegetation encroachment.

The Grand Canyon: An Iconic Landscape

The towering canyon walls and the reverberating silence punctuated by the whispering breeze are what make the Grand Canyon an iconic American landscape. The significant landmark, outlined by President Theodore Roosevelt’s inspiring words on conservation, remains a national treasure that future generations should safeguard and enjoy.

Findings, Retreats and Originations

Discoveries in the Channel Islands

Thought to be one of the oldest human bones found in North America, the Arlington Springs Man found in the Channel Islands National Park suggests early human migration via sea routes. It remains a significant find for anthropologists studying the early history of human migration.

Presidential Retreat in Shenandoah National Park

Herbert Hoover, during his presidency, sought solace in Shenandoah National Park, away from the political buzz of Washington DC. The president’s brown house, so-called to contrast his official White House residence, now stands as a tourist interest within the park.

Hot Springs: The Precursor to Yellowstone

While Yellowstone is touted as America’s first National Park, Hot Springs National Park shares this title as it was federally protected first. Established by Congress back in the 1830s, the park used to attract visitors drawn to the healing powers of its geothermal springs.

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Whether it be the towering peaks of Kings Canyon National Park or the enticing mysteries of the Channel Islands, America’s national parks offer a broad canvas of exploration, adventure, and learning. As we make trails down winding forest paths or scale snowy peaks, every visitor plays an important part in preserving these national treasures for generations to come.