Experience Hawaii Cruises 2022: Departures from California

Welcome aboard the finest Hawaii Vacation Cruises in 2022

Are you dreaming of a sun-soaked Hawaiian vacation complete with a luxurious cruise ride? Buckle up, as we spotlight the five best cruises that embark from California and set sail towards the delectable paradise that is Hawaii in 2022. Hawaii is a cornucopia of natural beauty boasting the best beaches, lush green valleys, friendly locals, vibrant Hawaiian culture and scrumptious local food. Cruise lovers from California, get ready as we set sail to explore some top cruises docked for you.

Princess Grand Cruise Line: A 15-day Sea Affair

Experience Unforgettable Hawaiian Journeys

The first in our list is the flagship cruise from the Princess Cruise Lines, which promises a 15-day gala affair with the exotic Hawaiian islands. Commencing from Los Angeles, the cruise sets sail towards Honolulu before charting its course towards Kauai and Kahulu. Post exploring these islands, the ship heads back to Los Angeles, but not before marking a pit stop at Ensenada in Mexico.

Sailing Dates and Facilities

The Grand Princess is set to sail on March 10th, with additional dates on April 4th, November 17th and December 7th and 22nd. The pristine ship offers a bevy of entertainment options, from bars, lounges, and specialty restaurants like the Crown Grill Steakhouse and Alfredo’s Pizzeria. Suitable for families, particularly those with kids, the Princess Grand indeed offers a well-rounded cruise experience. Note that as an older ship, you may encounter some signs of wear and tear. However, the service is pleasantly efficient and helpful.

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Ruby Princess: For the Love of Family Vibes

The Ruby Princess, another gem from the Princess Cruise Lines, makes the second spot in our list. Having a family-friendly vibe, the cruise begins its journey in San Francisco before sailing towards Honolulu, Cowie and Ensenada. This cruise adventure spans 15 days and even though the ship boasts a capacity of 3,000 passengers, it doesn’t feel crowded. However, adventure enthusiasts may be a tad disappointed as the cruise is light on thrill-seeking activities.

Sailing Dates and Pricing

The sailing dates for 2022 include March 7th, October 8th and 23rd, November 7th and 27th, with the last sail being on December 22nd. While the average pricing starts from 1044, remember to compare prices and snag awesome deals from our description link.

Carnival Miracle: For Fun Time and New Friendships

Moving on, the Carnival Miracle is another exciting cruise option for you. Starting from San Francisco, the cruise reaches Kauai on day six, followed by stops in Honolulu, Maui, Hilo, and Ensenada, before culminating the journey back home on day 16.

Activities and Sailing Dates

If comfort is high on your list, the Carnival Miracle ticks the right boxes. Offering a host of fun activities, events, and productions ensured by a lively crew, the ship sets sail on September 15th, 2022. The cruise also lets you socialize and meet new people during the journey. The starting pricing is 1959 per person for two guest rooms.

Holland America’s Sewer Durham: The Long Vacation Retreat

If a month-long cruise gets your fancy, then the 35-night soiree on Holland America‘s Sewer Durham makes a great choice. Starting from San Diego in California, the ship heads towards Honolulu, Maui, Hilo, and Kona before heading out to the exotic French Polynesian Islands. This includes stops in Ryatia, Bora Bora, and the Tahuata.

On-board Experience

You can expect exquisite on-board experiences such as live music concerts, cooking demonstrations with America’s Test Kitchen, sing-alongs with live pianos at the billboard and much more. However, for those seeking indulgence in vibrant nightlife or thrilling activities like water slides or zip lines, this cruise might not fit the bill. The 35-night sail price starts from 6199 and a 45-night cruise also sails from San Diego, California, starting from 8,799 dollars.

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Concluding Thoughts

These cruises offer discerning travelers a chance to experience Hawaii’s natural beauty and culture from the luxe comfort of top-rated ships. If you plan to book, remember to download the Rakuten app from the link below to score handsome cashbacks on your online spending. So, weigh your options and get ready to navigate the crystal-clear Hawaiian waters in style and comfort. Share this information with others planning a Hawaiian cruise as well. Bon Voyage!