Discovering the Holland America Line: Who Is It Tailored For?

Is Holland America Line Cruise Just for the Oldies?

As a seasoned cruiser with over 30 cruise days under my belt just this year, I’ve braved the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, ventured deep in the Pacific, explored the North Sea and the Tasman Sea, savored the food, participated in the exciting excursions, and even enjoyed the entertainment aboard Holland America Line. However, the burning question among many prospective cruisers seems to be whether Holland America Line is just for old people. This article delves into this debate conclusively.

Before we proceed, let me clarify that the term ‘old people’ is highly relative. At my age of 51, is someone 10 years my senior considered old? Or is 53 years considered ‘old’? Is it 80? Or do you subscribe to the idea that age is just a number, and you are only as old as you feel? Let’s dive in, nonetheless.

A Glimpse into My Cruising Experiences

In my 30-day cruising experience on Holland America Line, I discovered that the age demographic on the ship varied depending on the cruise I participated in. The cruise from Sydney, Australia, to New Zealand featured a mix of ages ranging from the 30s to the 50s. However, the transatlantic cruise from New York City to Rotterdam in the Netherlands attracted considerably older passengers. All in all, age demographics seem somewhat tied to the starting location of your cruise.

What Makes Holland America Appealing to the Older Crowd?

Why do old people love Holland America Line? Let’s explore five core reasons.

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1. Children-Friendly Not Kid-Centric

Holland America Line is akin to that grandparent with a box of toys – kid-accessible but not over-the-top kid-friendly. They don’t have flow riders or water slides, but they do have clubs and activities for children. However, their main focus is adults. This explains why seniors, who have likely raised their own children and occasionally enjoy time with their grandkids, find it appealing.

2. The Extensive Music and Dance Culture

Holland America Line offers a vibrant music culture, with something for every taste, encompassing live music at the Rolling Stone Rock Lounge, the BB King Blues Lounge, and the Billboard Dueling Pianos. The vibrant dance culture is equally impressive. Going back to the 1970s and before, dancing was intertwined with social outings. This still-resonating experience of the seniors today might explain why they gravitate towards Holland America Line.

3. A Focus on Quality Itinerary and Excursions

Holland America Line prides itself on offering diverse itineraries and ample time at port. Hence, seniors who don’t want to waste time going to uninteresting places and dealing with tour hassles are drawn to Holland America Line. Their excursion program is simple, informative, and well-organized.

4. High-Quality Food Experiences

The food experience is worth noting in my list of reasons why seniors love Holland America Line. Having sampled a significant number of Holland America Line’s culinary offerings, I can confidently state that they provide consistently high-quality food. Whether it’s the main dining room or the specialty restaurants, the food is fantastic.

5. A Respect for Tradition and a Focus on Life Enrichment

Finally, Holland America Line respects tradition. Their 150-year history is peppered with feats, including the crucial role they played in European immigration to the United States. Added to their respect for tradition, Holland America Line promotes life enrichment. Therefore, seniors who appreciate enriching talks about travel, history, and cruising will find this cruise line appealing.

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While it seems like Holland America Line favors the older crowd, remember that young people will likely enjoy these experiences too. There’s a dance floor for those with rhythm in their bodies, diverse itineraries for the adventurous, fantastic food experiences for culinary enthusiasts, and captivating talks for those hungry for new knowledge. Do not allow the misperception that Holland America Line is only for ‘old people’ to deter you from exploring this rewarding cruise line. Book your cruise regardless of your age, and enjoy everything Holland America Line has to offer.