Embarking on the World’s MOST EXPENSIVE Cruise Ship (Absolutely Astounded!)

Celebrity Cruises: A Premium Cruise Line Experience

I recently had the opportunity to sail on Celebrity Cruises, a premium cruise line known for its luxurious ships and top-notch service. Not only was this my first time sailing with Celebrity, but also on the most expensive cruise ship in the world – the Celebrity Beyond. In this article, I will be sharing my experience and thoughts on everything from the pricing to the onboard experience.

The Celebrity Beyond: A $1.7 Billion Ship

The Celebrity Beyond is Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, part of its Edge class series. This luxurious vessel was built in 2022 for a staggering $1.7 billion and holds 3,300 passengers and 1,400 crew members. It features 16 decks and offers a wide range of amenities and experiences for its guests.

For my seven-day Caribbean cruise in an Infinite Veranda cabin located on Deck 7, the total cost was just over $3,700. However, this price included a group rate and additional benefits such as $100 onboard credit and free basic Wi-Fi.

Smooth Embarkation and an Elegant Ship

From the very beginning of my cruise experience, Celebrity Cruises made things as easy as possible. Utilizing their app allowed me to complete forms, watch safety videos, and even add my boarding pass to my Apple wallet.

Once onboard, I immediately noticed the ship’s elegance and beauty. The Beyond’s design ranged from simple-yet-chic to artistic and cultured. I loved exploring everything the ship had to offer, including the various dining options, the Grand Plaza, the rooftop garden, and Eden.

The Infinite Veranda Cabin: A Unique Experience

Many guests on the ship seem to have mixed opinions about the Infinite Veranda cabins. Personally, I loved the concept. These cabins feature a window wall that transforms into a makeshift balcony. Although the room itself was simple in design, it was functional and elegant.

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Additionally, I appreciated the technological features of the cabin. An iPad controls elements like lighting, blinds, and the TV, and everything can be managed through the ship’s app.

Exceptional Dining Options Onboard

Many people claim that Celebrity Cruises has some of the best food in the cruise industry, and I must say that they are absolutely correct. From the Eden restaurant to a French restaurant and the main dining rooms, the food on the ship was top-notch. However, the buffet and pizza options did not quite reach the same level of quality as the other dining experiences.

Unmatched Entertainment at Sea

The entertainment onboard the Celebrity Beyond was truly impressive. From talented dancers and singers to aerialists, the shows were well-thought-out, technical, and visually stunning. In my opinion, the entertainment on Celebrity Cruises is on par with the offerings on Royal Caribbean.

Pros and Cons of Sailing the Celebrity Beyond

Like any cruise experience, there were some aspects of sailing on the Celebrity Beyond that could be improved upon. These include:

– Limited time in ports of call
– Difficulty finding information about disembarkation
– Noise from the Grand Plaza area affecting dining experiences
– Variability in daily activities and age demographics onboard

However, despite these critiques, the overall experience on the Celebrity Beyond was truly exceptional. The ship’s elegance and wide variety of offerings cater to a diverse range of guests, and the attentive service from the crew made the entire experience enjoyable.

In conclusion, sailing on the Celebrity Beyond was a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Despite some minor drawbacks, I highly recommend taking a cruise with Celebrity Cruises to anyone seeking a premium cruise line experience.