Experiencing a 4-Day Cruise for Just $250: My Journey

Embarking on Fun-Filled Spontaneous Trips

Hello, it’s Taylor. If you’re familiar with my videos, you know I love me a good last-minute trip. My mom and I, well, we’re professionals at packing our bags and jetting off to adventures unknown, much like our trip to Iceland last July. And the best part is, we booked our flights to our Icelandic adventure literally the day before! How’s that for spontaneity?

Flying High with Delta Airlines: A Journey to Amsterdam and Barcelona

If you’re wondering how we pull off our spontaneous trips with such flair, here’s the secret ingredient: we fly standby! This is all thanks to my dad who was a Delta Airlines pilot for many years. As a result, we can fly for free as long as there are empty seats on the plane.

On one of our spontaneous trips, we flew to Amsterdam when Delta opened up a significant hub in Chippewa airport. We hopped on an available seat and the next day, we found ourselves in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam. And guess what followed next? Barcelona. Each time we took these trips, we found cheap Airbnb and enjoyed the cities to the fullest. Working on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean scrimping on experiences!

Taking a Break in LA

Spontaneity doesn’t always have to be about exploring big cities or experiencing the beauty of foreign countries. Even a well-spent day in the comforts of your home town can be a fulfilling experience, as I learned during my time off in LA a few weeks ago.

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During my time off, my mom and I were trying to think of something fun and different to do together. As airline personnel, we get great deals on travel-related services outside airfare as well. And through some online hunting, we found about a discounted four-day cruise.

Prepping for Our Last Minute Cruise!

Equipped with a room with a balcony and meals inclusive, we booked our cruise for $250 per person. From charming Catalina to the bustling Ensenada in Mexico, our trip was loaded with excitement. As compelled by common protocols, we had to get tested for COVID-19 – but fortunately, the cruise had rapid tests available for only ten dollars.

Exploring the Exciting World of Cruising

I must admit, we’re not huge cruise enthusiasts by default and my only other cruise experience was when I was very young to Alaska, although I have very vague memories of it. This cruise, however, made for the perfect relaxing, spontaneous and cost-effective mini-vacation for my mom and I.

We found ourselves in awe with so many experiences; from closet spaces, mini-fridge to perfectly comfy beds and a refreshing balcony. That balcony was our little hub of relaxation as we basked in the glorious view whilst reading our books.

Dining at the Cruise

The food, oh the amazing food we had! From fine dining experiences serving appetizers, delicious main courses followed by delectable desserts, to incredible room service, we had all the gourmet goodness one can expect aboard a cruise. Not to mention, sipping on cocktails with gorgeous sunset views!

Adventures in Catalina and Ensenada

Our disembarkations in Catalina and Ensenada were equally thrilling. We hired a golf cart in Catalina and drove to the highest point on the island for some stunning views, enjoyed afternoon coffee amidst the bustling life of the locals, and even ended up dancing with a local dancer in Ensenada!

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The Final Leg of Our Cruise

The cruise ended up being cost-effective even with the added costs for a few luxurious add-ons such as upgraded Wi-Fi, alcoholic beverages, shore activities and opting for fancier dishes at dinner. The convenience, coupled with the range of available experiences, made it a worthwhile adventure.

Cost Effective, Fun Filled Spontaneous Cruises

Whether it is enjoying movies at the deck, exploring different cuisines or relaxing with a book on the balcony – a cruise presents a plethora of experiences with a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. So, if you are considering a cruise in the near future, take my word for it – it’s worth every penny when you capitalize on the spontaneity and make the most of it!

Concluding our Exciting Journey

As we wrapped up our fun-filled, four-day cruise, we found ourselves reminiscing about the myriad of experiences we endeavored. From the last dinner at the cruise to our final light breakfast, the journey was nothing short of exhilarating. And just as we set foot in LA, we were imbued with a sense of fulfillment and a truckload of fond memories.

With this candor of adventures, I invite all of you to embrace spontaneity in your lives! Subscribe to follow my journey further, and let’s embark on many more such last-minute trips together! Until then, turtle out!