Exploring California: Top 10 Activities in Sequoia National Park

Welcome to Sequoia National Park: A Guide

Each year, more than one million visitors journey to Sequoia National Park, positioned deep within California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, to immerse themselves in the sheer grandeur of nature. Simply driving through the awe-inspiring park is an experience in itself, but to genuinely appreciate its unmatched sights, it’s paramount to step out of your vehicle and walk amongst the whispering giants. It could be exploring one of the trees in the great forest, hiking to a scenic overlook, or exploring an underground cave; irrespective of what you choose, an adventure awaits you here.

The Top 10 Experiences in Sequoia National Park

From short strolls to week-long ventures into the wilderness, from quiet sunsets to roaring rivers, this sanctuary offers a plethora of activities within diverse landscapes to fill any itinerary. Let’s take a glimpse at the top 10 things to do in Sequoia National Park.

1. A Visit to the Awe-inspiring Giant Forest

At the heart of the park lies the Giant Forest, home to over 8,000 sequoias, with visitors often describing it as overwhelming, extraordinary, and an absolute must-see. It’s situated between the marble and middle forks of the Kaweah River, offering some of the most scenic spots in the Park. It also houses the world’s largest living sequoia, the renowned General Sherman tree.

2. Meet the World’s Largest Tree: The General Sherman Tree

The General Sherman Tree, the world’s largest tree by volume, stands majestically at 275 feet tall and boasts a diameter of more than 36 feet at its base. Encountering this behemoth of nature immerses you in a blend of awe and humbleness. We recommend arriving early to sidestep long lines for photographs and ensure a serene experience.

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3. Conquer Moro Rock

This granite dome provides climbers a captivating view of the Great Western Divide and Sequoia National Park. Despite the challenging climb due to its high elevation, visitors are richly rewarded with an unparalleled panorama that easily overshadows the physical exertion.

4. Drive Through Kings Canyon Scenic Byway

The Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, also known as Highway 180, takes travelers into North America’s deepest canyon, marking a breathtaking and beautiful drive. Along the journey, highlights include hiking to the General Grant Tree, touring Boyden Cave during the summer, and visiting the stunning Grizzly Falls.

5. Embark on Hiking Trails

With hundreds of miles of trails suitable for all abilities, hiking is an essential Sequoia National Park experience. The trails provide breathtaking sights from scenic overlooks to massy trees and waterfalls; each of them holds a unique perspective that caters to every type of adventurous spirit.

6. Discover the Takapa Falls

Towering at a length of about 1,200 feet, Takapa Falls ranks as the tallest waterfall in Sequoia National Park. The winding waterfall, surrounded by dark gray rocks and towering trees, is nothing short of an ethereal spectacle.

7. Unwind at Grant Grove Village

Located in the neighboring Kings Canyon National Park, Grant Grove Village offers an array of amenities including a visitor center, a market for groceries, a restaurant, a gift shop and cabins. Additionally, it features some of the most gigantic sequoias in the grove.

8. Drive Through Tunnel Log

The Tunnel Log offers an exciting photo opportunity for Park visitors. This giant tree which fell across the road in 1937 was cut into a tunnel after a year, attracting tourists ever since with its novelty value.

9. Take a Hike at Crescent Meadow

A vast green space engulfed by towering sequoias, Crescent Meadow is a delightful spot to enjoy the tranquil sights and sounds of nature. Walking through the meadow, especially during the bloom in the summer months, is an exhilarating experience.

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10. Explore the Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave, a remarkable subterranean marble cavern filled with innumerable stalagmites and stalactites, can be visited on a guided tour, offering an unforgettable experience. The cave is adorned with minerals that come in a spectrum of colors, adding to its beauty.

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