Exploring Hawaii on a Four-Island NCL Pride of America Cruise + Full Ship Tour

NCL Pride of America: Boarding The Ship

“Okay, we made it. We are at the cruise terminal, pier two. We’re about to jump on the NCL Pride of America. During our drive up, we could already see the ship’s silhouette, making our hearts pound with excitement. It’s a small ship, giving it that much-needed intimate touch, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Let’s get checked in.”

“As we boarded the ship, the burning anticipation gave way to immediate gratification as we were greeted with real flower leis. Hawaii has always been synonymous with flower power, and this was certainly a unique welcoming experience. It was different from any other cruise we’ve been on, a very Hawaiian vibe, with the music, the people, everything just screamed ‘Aloha!’.”

Savoring Our First Lunch on the Ship

“Once on board, we headed to Cagney’s for lunch. I can say without a doubt that this was the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had in my life. Cool, crisp, with just the right amount of dressing. The chicken too was flavored just right. It was such a winning start to our journey.”

Unveiling Our Balcony Cabin

“After lunch, we moved on to our balcony cabin. Of course, we had to have a balcony in Hawaii. The room, though quaint, was designed in an old-school way with dark woods, making you feel like you are in another era. But, don’t let the vintage appeal fool you, they have also ensured modern touchpoints with the addition of USB plug points.”

Exploring The Ship

“Once we had a quick break, we decided to explore the ship. The old-school ship’s vibe was infectious, with its vintage elements coupled with all modern amenities. From the themed restaurants to the sun deck and hot tubs to the gym, the ship kept us engaged and excited. But more than the physical features, it was the beautiful aura and spirit of Hawaii that made our journey memorable.”

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Some Fun and Entertainment

“In addition to exploring the ship, we ensured some fun and entertainment. We managed to see a magic show that was as good as any. We also attended an interesting Hawaiian blessing ceremony, which was a peek into the local traditions and cultures. The day ended with a delicious dinner and newfound friends.”

Beginning Our Hawaiian Adventure

“With all that we had seen and experienced on the first day, our excitement for the days to come was at an all-time high. We knew we were in for a memorable Hawaiian cruise. There may not be the usual sea days to relax, but we were ready for all the adventures Hawaii had to offer.”

“Tomorrow, we wake up in Maui. It’s already past 9:30, and we need to get some rest to get ready for our Hawaiian adventures. As we unpack and prepare for tomorrow, we can’t help but feel a ripple of thrill running through us. Stay snug and goodnight!”

Looking Forward

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