Exploring the Mexican Riviera: Luxury Cruise from Los Angeles

A Vibrant Journey Onboard the Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas

Taking a voyage on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas presents a colorful escapade across the charming cities of the Mexican Riviera. From the exotic beaches in Cabo San Lucas, the picturesque landscapes of Mazatlan, to the energetic cityscapes of Puerto Vallarta, this cruise journey couldn’t be more enthralling.

Embarking from Los Angeles/Long Beach

The grandeur of the seaport standing right at the heart of Los Angeles/Long Beach sets a majestic beginning to an exciting sea journey. Sailing out from this port turned out to be a spectacular experience. The welcoming sight of gargantuan ships and the lively atmosphere doubled down on our excitement level. Though going through check-in and Customs took around an hour, finally stepping onboard the ship felt surreal.

A Sneak-peak into the Ship

The rooms on the ship exuded comfort and warmth, promising a peaceful retreat after a day full of exploration. The ship was laid out with amenities to enhance the cruising experience, boasting of numerous recreation zones including a well-equipped gym and mini-golf.

However, nothing could take the spotlight away from the enchanting Lime and Coconut Rooftop Bar. Sailing in and out while sipping on our favorite cocktails, the bar offered panoramic views of the sparkling waters and bustling port activity.

Discovering the Colorful Ports of Call

Our first destination was the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas, famous for its gorgeous beaches. Nearly swarmed with activities and signs directing us to various attractions, our mood was set for exploration. We seized the opportunity to visit Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina.

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Mazatlan, the next stop in our itinerary had a charm of its own. The city presented an array of tour options – from admiring the alluring cityscape from a hilltop to tasting delightful tequila, the city never ceased to surprise us. Our trip ended with a brief exploration of Old Town, a pleasing contrast with its calm streets and scenic views.

Final stop Puerto Vallarta, another jewel of the Mexican Riviera, was a blend of modern urban development and history. From cobblestone streets transporting us back in time to the lively boardwalk brimming with artwork, the city was a vibrant palette. A paid taxi tour ensured we covered all the prime locations.

A Plethora of Food Choices

One of the trip’s highlights was undoubtedly the remarkable food options available onboard. From an exhaustive buffet offering a variety of cuisines and dietary choices to ‘The Promenade Café’, our gastronomical cravings were constantly stimulated. Local fresh Mexican food, all-inclusive drinks, sumptuous pastries, and more were the cherry on the cake.

Unforgettable Entertainment and Amenities

Entertainment onboard was off the charts. With a variety of trivia contests, live music performances, and Broadway quality musicals, every single day was a gala. Add to that ice skating, art auctions, and even a whole replica of The Beatles’ venue, the experiences onboard were varied and exciting.

Disembarking and Final Thoughts

Disembarking was as effortless as getting on board, although standing in line for customs did take a bit of time. However, reflecting on our voyages, the exotic landscapes, beautiful cities, and the exceptional entertainment, every minute was worth it. The Royal Caribbean‘s Navigator of the Seas offers an experience to remember, a journey replete with entertainment, exploration, and culinary delights, tailored to enhance your cruising experience.