FAMILY TRIP | Travel with us to Orlando Florida!

Follow along on our travel day as we fly from Charleston West Virginia to Orlando Florida! The first part of our journey to Costa Rica! Traveling with a toddler is always an adventure 😜

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Hi, we’re the Schoeller’s! Welcome to our channel! We grew our family by adopting through the foster care system. Tyanna is the light of our lives. She is 3 years old! Rhianna is a certified registered nurse anesthetist aka a crna. Jon is a real estate investor. We have been working our way towards financial freedom over the years because family time is our priority. We love to travel the world as a family whether it’s by plane, boat, camper van or train! We are also vegan and share lots of plant based food ideas. Thanks for joining us on this crazy, beautiful ride of life!

00:00 Starting our travel day!
00:48 Small town living pros
1:17 Delayed flight…
2:09 We made it to Orlando!
2:48 Hotel room tour
3:56 Pool time
4:31 Dinner time – Ain’t Got No Beef Uber Eats
5:17 Travel day 2 – heading to Costa Rica
7:43 We made it!
9:51 Deleted Scenes

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[Music] We are heading to orlando florida right Now which is the first stop on our way To costa rica are you ready Are we gonna find a plane yeah Is that your plane planet [Music] [Music] Did you get a sticker Are you official now look at that I think that means you can arrest people Now You can arrest people It took us three minutes to get through Security which is one of the pros of Living in a small city no matter what Time of day we come here we fly right There and it’s one of the pros of only Having carry-on luggage [Music] It’s time for us to board Oh we are late Uh we’ll give you an update as soon as We go i do appreciate your patience well We were about to take off but now we’re Waiting on them They said they don’t know when the Mechanic is coming so we’re going to Have to wait on the runway and then I’m going to go fix it It’s two o’clock we’re about to take off So our delay wasn’t too bad john and Tiana have been sleeping i have been Editing a video but now we’re ready to

Get to orlando [Music] We made it [Music] She’s a ninja turtle [Music] I am loving this florida humidity i Actually love humidity i think it just Feels so good on your skin and so warm And nice but we are waiting for our Airport shuttle to the hotel always book A hotel with free airport shuttles Because it saves you a lot of money on Like ubers or taxis and we’re all about Saving money when we’re traveling so We’re just waiting and then we’ll be Going to our hotel [Music] There you go Wow All right you ready to check in All right let me help you take the card Like this and put it in there All the way in And now pull it out past pull it out Okay ready Go on Wow Wow That’s great A nice bed yay You went straight to sleep i got this Room off expedia it was like a budget Room but i’m very impressed so far the

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Hotel is really nice the room is nice It’s very clean and it has free Breakfast so now we’re going to decide If we want to go swimming first or go Eat and i vote for eat because we were Stuck on the runway during lunch so we Haven’t had lunch yet and it’s already Like 4 p.m Um so i’ll have to see what everybody Else wants to do should we order uber Eats to the pool yeah yeah [Music] So we ordered ubereats from a place Called ain’t got no beef obviously vegan But we didn’t realize that uber eats is Like really busy here it’s not i guess That busy where we live so it’s like two Hours away and we’re all starving so We’re just gonna tough it out and wait For our food while tiana swims and enjoy The sunset it is really nice here and We’re just enjoying our down time before Our big trip tomorrow i’ll show you our Food when it gets here because i’m very Excited about it [Music] The food is finally here we are all Starving Um but we are going to take a second to Show you what we got please hurry and Show them so i can eat it Okay i’m gonna take you on a food tour Really fast so to drink we have two ice Cream teas courtesy the free drinks in

The lobby tiana is eating her sweet Potato mac and cheese what do you think She’s out of it She’s so tired and hungry oh thumbs up We got a thumbs up that’s great And john got a barbecue burger with Onion rings and impossible burger and Fries Pickles yum i’ll take your pickles and Then we got a soul roll cauliflower Wings is what i ordered with buffalo Sauce we are going to eat all this And then i think we’ll feel a lot better [Music] Absolutely It’s the next morning we fell asleep Like shortly after dinner last night Because we ate dinner at like 8 30. Um and we slept in this morning actually Tiana slept in because there was Blackout curtains which she never does But now we are headed downstairs to get On the shuttle to get on the airplane to Head to costa rica We’re getting excited Almost time Okay so the security line is insane and We actually applied for global entry in Tsa pre-check a few months ago But we have to do our interview still And all the interview sites were booked So we’re going in the standard line Hopefully on our next trip we’ll have Our global entry and tsa precheck but

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It’s actually moving pretty fast they Got a good flow going on here We got some qodoba to eat on the flight It was worth the 30 minutes in line Because now we’re not going to be hungry And we’re actually about to board [Music] So rihanna just pulled down our little Tray table to make tiana and apple juice And it looks like she won something what Do you think it is oh no it says we need To ask the attendant i hope it’s a snack I’m very curious well what if it’s a Free fight What if it’s an all-inclusive paid-for Trip to maldives for a month [Laughter] Also while we have the camera out i Wanted to let you guys know that my Sweet husband Just told me that my hair Just finished the crossbar no you just Fixed it don’t even a little bit but it Looks like i’m looking out for you i was Looking out for you I wish i took a picture it wasn’t the Same it was beautiful nonetheless But Tiana’s ready to go she’s over here Enjoying her veggie chips and some bluey She’s like a professional traveler [Music] [Music] Oh

We made it to costa rica finally it has Been a very long day but we finally made It to our villa here the awesome villa Staff patricia and felix picked us up at The airport and drove us about an hour And a half over here to the house and on The way John is excited as you can tell and on The way we stopped and picked up some Groceries it is raining unfortunately And fortunately the fortunate part of it Raining is that we’ve actually just been Able to chill since we got here Brianna’s actually making a really good Dinner and then tiana over here has Already found the toys so she’s having a Good time as well and we cannot wait for Tomorrow for the sun to come out this Villa is absolutely incredible we will Show you the entire thing on future Costa rica vlogs but for tonight we are Just going to relax catch up on some Rest after a long day of traveling and Just enjoy ourselves and hang out as a Family hey tiana do you love it here I’ll look at you all set up you got toys You got ice cream Can daddy have your ice cream Just a little bit Oh see you are the best i don’t even Want to you are just the absolute best i Love you so much hey rihanna real quick While i was thinking about it Everybody’s going to want to know what


You won on the spirit airlines flight Come here guys I won 500 spirit points okay and john And i were like wow that’s probably like A free flight But It’s not it’s actually equivalent to did We figure out five dollars five dollars They gave her five dollars off her next Flight so we were hoping that was Something better than five dollars it’s Better than nothing all right so like i Said we’re now here we’re just going to Relax and hang out enjoy our time with Tiana it’s been a long day she’s been Such a good girl in this trap she’s done So well today come here come here all Right can you say goodnight everyone Good night [Music] It’s a toy Look phillip’s hand itself we don’t like Bigfoot See Good stuff Watch this watch this watch i’ma blow on Bigfoot’s nose I think they should do a vote when Things like this happens and let Everybody decide whether or not we need Ac for the flight because i bet every Single person here would vote We’ll just be hot for a little bit Take off

No so they don’t know when the mechanic Somebody said no So they don’t know when the mate We got one vote for doesn’t want to be Hot all right so after a two-hour delay Like two hours She’s making me airplane feeder since We’re going on an airplane ready [Music] Chook You