Flight Attendant Saved the Girl After Seeing the Note “Help Me”

When it comes to flight attendants, most people
assume their main role is a “waiter in the sky”. But they are capable of much more than bringing
you a beverage and a snack. Would you believe they could even save your
life? That is exactly what happened during a flight
from Seattle to San Francisco. For one female flight attendant, she had no
idea that this short flight would turn out to be unlike any she had ever had in her ten
years of experience. At first, everything was routine, but as the
plane took off she noticed a strange pair among her passengers – a young girl and
a much older man who accompanied her. The flight attendant couldn’t quite put
her finger on it, but she felt like something was off and she couldn’t seem to shake that
feeling. The girl looked nervous and subdued. Was she afraid of heights and scared of flying? The flight attendant didn’t think so, and
she continued watching her closely.

It caught her attention that the girl avoided
eye contact with anyone, including her fellow traveler. They both didn’t speak to each other. And the strangest thing about them was their
appearance; the girl looked disheveled and was dressed in shabby clothes while the man
was well-dressed and seemed wealthy. They weren’t acting like relatives or friends. So what brought these two together? This question kept nagging at the flight attendant. She tried to engage them in conversation,
but the man got defensive, telling her to leave them alone. The girl didn’t dare to look up at her. While attempting unsuccessfully to talk to
them, the attendant noticed the girl was just a teenager and had some bruises. Those observations were enough for her to
spring to action. She knew she had to make sure the girl wasn’t
in some kind of trouble.

But how could she do it? There was obviously no way the man would let
her speak to the girl. The only solution that came to mind was to
leave a note for the girl on the airplane’s toilet. She wrote a quick note, asking if the girl
was OK and left it in the restroom. At some point the flight attendant managed
to catch the girl’s attention and mumbled the word “bathroom”. The girl got the hint and quickly nodded. She asked the man sitting next to her if she
could use the bathroom and luckily, he agreed. The girl left and within a few minutes, she
returned to her seat. The flight attendant rushed to the bathroom
to read the girl’s response to her note. Her answer left the woman speechless. It said “I need help.” Her suspicions were finally confirmed and
the disturbing situation became clear. The girl seemed to be a victim of human trafficking. Without any hesitation, the flight attendant
informed her fellow staff members.

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They contacted the pilot and showed him the
note. He then notified the police in San Francisco
and asked that they meet them at the gate. The flight crew knew they couldn’t let the
dangerous man find out he’d been caught, so they pretended as if nothing happened and
patiently waited for the plane to land. When they finally reached San Francisco, the
police boarded the plane right away and arrested the man. It was the flight attendant’s quick thinking
and her attention to little details that saved the girl’s life that day. This story just goes to prove that the work
of a flight attendant is more difficult and demanding than you might think. Their job is not merely traveling to amazing
spots all around the world for free. Here are some other fascinating facts about
flight attendants you may not have realized: 1. They know survival skills. Flight attendants have to deal with many unpredictable
situations. For example, if the plane is forced to make
an emergency landing on some deserted island, you can rely on them for surviving in the
wild! They know how to create a shelter, gather
food, and find safe drinking water in the jungle, rainforests, deserts, and even in
the Arctic, which means you’re in very capable hands! Flight attendants also know how to contact
help in extreme conditions.

Isn’t that nice to know? 2. They can deliver babies. Yup, you heard right! They receive extensive medical training so
it’s no problem for them to welcome a new life into the world mid-flight! In most cases, women late in their third trimester
are advised not to travel by plane because even the slightest turbulence can cause premature
labor. But if such an emergency happens, the flight
crew will always first check to see if there are any doctors or nurses among passengers
to assist them. And the perks? A baby born in the air may find itself with
free air travel for the rest of its life. Unless the miracle of birth occurs on a budget
airline… 3. They can perform hand-to-hand combat. You never know what might happen on a plane
during a flight. The main role of a flight attendant is to
ensure the safety of all passengers and manage the cabin when things get out of control. In order to ensure passenger safety, they
must be ready to deal with disruptive or unruly passengers or know how to act during hijacking
situations. That’s why flight attendants are also trained
in hand-to-hand combat.

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Hopefully you’ll never have to see a flight
attendant going all Chuck Norris on someone, but knowing that they can certainly does make
you feel a lot safer! 4. They have to meet grooming standards. Ever wonder why the cabin crew always look
so perfect? Well, that’s because they have to follow
strict guidelines regarding their appearance. They wear a standard uniform that must look
immaculate at all times. And not only are there instructions about
their uniforms, but also their hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and even the preferred
shade of lipstick and nail polish. Flight attendants are the face of the airline,
so they must make a positive impression on the passengers. Airlines used to have weight restrictions
for flight attendants as well, but that rule is no longer followed. Flight attendants do still have to be very
conscious about their diet to maintain a healthy body mass index. 5. They hate delays as much as you do. Next time your flight gets delayed and you
get upset about wasting your time at the airport, think about the fact that flight attendants
don’t get paid until the plane’s cabin door is closed.

Most airlines offer them an hourly wage, but
only the hours spent in the air count. So flight delays, cancellations, and layovers
affect them just as much as they affect you. That also means that even during preflight
time, when they’re trying to cram all your carry-ons into the overhead bins, that time
doesn’t show up in their paychecks. 6. Their crazy schedule takes a toll on their
personal life. For a flight attendant, it’s difficult to
plan anything beforehand like a getaway with friends, family gatherings, even a romantic
picnic with their partner. They’re often “on call” which means
they have to be available to get to the airport within two hours or less to make a flight.

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If they miss that call, they can sit “ready
reserve” a couple days a month, which means they’re in full uniform, packed, and waiting
in the airport crew lounge just in case they’re needed to fly. On top of that, they usually find out their
work schedule at the end of the month. Being away from home that much and having
unexpected shifts is probably the hardest part of their job, at least I think so. Yeah, I don’t envy them! 7. They also suffer from jetlag. If you think that your international flight
disrupts your sleep cycle, then imagine what zigzagging across the globe nearly every day
can do! Sure, flight attendants on long flights have
special cabins where they can nap, but it doesn't make them immune to jetlag. Usually, a person needs a couple of days to
get used to the change in time zone.

But flight attendants don’t have that luxury. While their passengers are adjusting to the
time difference, they're heading back to the airport to work a return flight to the previous
time zone. And more often than not, crew members end
up using their days off to catch up on much needed sleep and time changes. Oh boy, I’d probably be cranky all the time! What do you think the hardest thing about
being a flight attendant is? Sound off in the comments below! Don’t forget to give this video a “like,”
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