Have you ever been to Katsuo-ji Temple?

Just an hour north of Osaka you can find the Katsuo-ji temple. The temple is known for blessing its visitors with good luck and fortune. It’s also famous for the hundreds of Daruma dolls placed around the entire temple grounds.

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Just an hour north of Osaka you can find Katsuochi also known as the Temple of Winter's luck the temple is known for Giving good luck and success to its Visitors many come to pray for Good Fortune right before their exams or if They just started a new business the Temple has a large garden with a pond Filled with koi fish swimming around You'll also notice these small dolls Placed everywhere around the temple Grounds these are DaRuMa dolls and are a Symbol of good luck and perseverance in Japan they're used as a good luck charm And can be purchased as a souvenir You'll also find a small fortune node Inside remember that any bad fortunes Should be tied up at these strings to Prevent the bad luck from following you Outside the temple overall I enjoyed my Time at the temple so what do you think Of katsuochi will you be visiting Anytime soon

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