The 12 WORST Cruise Cabins You Need to AVOID and What You Should Book Instead!

If you are planning a cruise, there are certain cruise cabins you need to avoid. You don’t want to ruin your cruise vacation by staying in one of these worst cruise cabins. Luckily, we have put together this video of the worst cruise ship cabins. Plus, we let you know what cruise cabins you can book instead. That way, your vacation is smooth sailing.

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0:00 Introduction
1:35 Completely Forward or Top Decks
3:06 Above (or Below) Entertainment Venues
4:58 Near Elevators and Stairs
5:48 Adjacent to Crew Areas
6:43 Next to the Anchor
8:03 Inside Cabins
9:04 Obstructed Views
10:29 Interior Balcony Cabins
11:57 Connecting Staterooms
13:06 Too Far from Venues
14:07 Guaranteed Cabins
14:55 Last Minute Cabin Upgrades

If you are prone to motion sickness, one of the worst cruise ship cabins to purchase is a cabin that is completely forward or on the upper decks. In these locations, you will feel the movement of the ship the most. For those individuals, the best cruise ship cabin to select is a midship cabin on a middle deck (closer to sea level0.

When comparing the best and worst cabins, ones that are near any entertainment venue are certainly the worst. We can speak from personal experience as we had a stateroom right above the theater and the noise was unbearable. These cruise ship cabins to avoid are easy to spot if you look at the ship’s deck plans when selecting your cabin. Thus, you will want to find a stateroom location away from these venues.

For those who can get claustrophobic, one of the worst cruise cabins are inside cabins. While very cheap, they are also small and offer no views to the outside world. Our personal preference is always a balcony cabin. The extra space and access to fresh air make this stateroom category one of the best cruise cabins to opt for on your trip. Even an ocean view cabin is a better stateroom option.

Other bad stateroom picks for travelers can be guaranteed rooms. While these rooms do promise cruisers a cabin in a particular category, there is no way of knowing the location until right before the trip. These cabins can be on any deck, next to loud areas, or have obstructed views. While it costs a bit more, picking your stateroom is a much better option if you don’t want to leave your cabin to chance. On the flipside, if you are not too picky, you can score a great deal by opting for a guaranteed cabin.

Other cruise ship cabins to avoid include those located next to crew areas. While not always labeled on the deck plans, you can often get a general sense of where these areas could be. So, avoid getting cabins in these areas as there is often a lot of noise and foot traffic.

Likewise, stay away from cabins near the anchor or other ship hardware like the lifeboats. Again, the crew will be using these to drop anchor into your morning ports of call, for drills, and other general maintenance.

Finally, other cruise ship cabins to avoid include connecting staterooms. Unless you are traveling with the party located next door, these cabins have no added benefit. Plus, they tended to be noisier and have less privacy.


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The worst cabin on any cruise ship is the 
one that doesn't suit your needs while it   Is true that one Cruiser's horrible cabin 
experience might be another's best vacation   There are some general cruise ship cabins 
to avoid and are like most Cruisers and   You're picky about things like slamming doors 
lack of views or dance music after midnight   To help ensure you have the best vacation possible 
we put together this list of the 12 cruise ship   Cabins you need to avoid for your next Cruise 
plus the cabins you should book instead up next Welcome board Cruisers I'm Don B from eat 
sleep cruise we hope you plan the perfect   Cruise so you can see the world one port at a 
time now unlike hotels many cruise lines that   You actually pick your cruise cabin and the 
worst possible thing you do is pick the wrong   Cabin because let's be honest you're probably 
gonna be stuck with that cabin for the duration   Of the cruise as most cruise ships sail at 
essentially 100 occupancy but don't worry   We have you covered as in this video we have 
12 cruise ship cabins to avoid when booking   A next cruise and we break them down by the 
most common complaints we hear from Cruisers   So let's Dive In whether you're new to cruising or 
cruising the past a common complaint we have from   Individuals is that they get a little bit seasick 
or are sensitive to the movement of the ship   That sounds like you then you need to avoid cabins 
located forward or on upper decks the motion of   The ocean depends on many factors like the time 
of year you're sailing the weather conditions   And the speed of your cruise ship while captains 
and officers do their best to avoid rough Seas   Sometimes a little rocking is unavoidable thus 
if you're concerned about seasickness on your   Cruise cruise ship cabins to avoid are the ones 
that are either extreme end of The Vessel all the   Way forward or the front of the ship is where 
the pitching that lurching forward feeling is   More likely to occur you're also going to feel 
more of the motion the higher you are on the   Ship or the higher you are above sea level so the 
worst cabins on a cruise ship if you're aiming to   Avoid motion sickness afford cabins at the top 
of the ship now what should you book instead   Well luckily this is an easy fix if you're prone 
to seasickness you should book a mid-ship app   [ __ ] cabins are exactly what they sound like 
in the center of the ship and you should try   To get a deck that's kind of in the middle of the 
ship maybe one in two decks above the centralized   Promenade which depending on your cruise 
ship could be anywhere from decks 5 through e   Now honestly the wife and I have been on over 
65 cruises and we almost never feel the ship   Moving and when we do encounter Rough Waters 
the motion of the ship doesn't bother us but   We are individuals who like to get a good night's 
sleep and if you're like us then there are several   Cruise ship cabins you need to avoid because quite 
honestly they're the worst and the number one on   Our list are cabins that are either directly 
above or directly below entertainment venues   Now this applies to many different venues 
either the theater the bustling bars and  

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Lounges and especially the nightclubs during 
the day nothing seems out of the ordinary in   These cabins underneath the discount however this 
will all change around midnight when you're trying   To sleep and all you can hear is 1970s music the 
easiest way to identify one of these Cruise cabins   Is to work with a travel advisor who will help you 
navigate where the central hubs of activity are   Located on your cruise ship of course you can also 
do your own research you can locate your ship's   Deck plans typically found on a cruise Line's 
website to pinpoint those busy decks that'll be   Hopping late Into the Night now of course if you 
plan to be one of the individuals in the nightclub   Or in these venues till late in the evening then 
the noise might not be as big a concern for you   When you Cruise might also be a factor 
are you cruising during spring break   Are you cruising on the brand new virgin voyages 
just do a little homework on the party Vibe before   A booking cabin that is located too close to any 
entertainment venue and we can actually speak from   Personal experience here as we were booked in a 
cabin next to Norwegian prima's Main theater and   There were several nights that we could hear the 
Disco happening below us in fact one night it got   So bad we actually went and complained what can 
you do instead well again really simple fix just   Don't book a room near any of the entertainment 
venues the main theater is always located forward   On this ship and it's usually in the lower decks 
like decks two through five so don't get a cabin   Near there likewise the nightclubs and other live 
music venues tend to be located midship also on   The lower decks so going up a couple decks maybe 
to decks eight nine or ten or a little bit higher   Will most likely eliminate any noise you would 
hear from the entertainment venues down below   Likewise another cabinet you definitely want to 
avoid if you're sensitive to noise are cabins   Too close to the elevator Banks now first 
glance it might feel appealing to have a   Room that's close to the elevators and the 
stairs but if you're looking to avoid noise   Then you might want to think again these areas 
are almost always busy with elevators dinging   People laughing and chatting in the lobby and of 
course kids stomping around up and down the stairs   Again you might not notice this noise while you're 
out and about during the day but the moment you   Try to retire for the evening and the lights go 
out you might be surprised how loud elevator Banks   Can actually be this is especially true when 
Cruisers might have had one too many to drink   Choosing a cabin that's a little ways down the 
corridor and not admittedly facing the elevator   Banks and stairs should diminish much of this 
noise other cabins you definitely want to avoid   Are those located next to the crew areas now 
this might be hard to locate from just looking   At the deck plans so you can check with a travel 
advisor or a cruise line rep for help locating   The crew areas on your particular ship if you 
cruise we don't have to tell you that the crew   Members keep insanely busy and usually work 
long hours or there are multiple shifts so as   Much as we love the crew no one wants to hear the 
sounds of door slamming morning at noon and night  

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Crew areas are tucked around the ship either 
leading to service entrances or the crew quarters   There's a whole secret part of the ship designated 
for crew only though the doors that lead there   Might be located at the end of the hallway and 
right across from your cabin for security many of   These doors are heavy and automatically slam shut 
behind the person entering crew access to other   Parts of the ship it's a necessity but booking 
room across from these off and Loud areas is not   Likewise one of the worst cabins on any 
cruise ship are cabins next to the anchor   The anchor is a hidden piece of ship equipment 
that makes a less hidden sound when raised or   Dropped larger cruise ships employ various 
types of Technology including stabilizers   To keep the ship in place this means that the 
anchor is infrequently dropped but when it is it's   Usually very early in the morning upon arrival at 
a port the anchor on every ship is located at the   Front of the vessel if you're looking to avoid 
any unexpected wake-up calls or a clinging medal   Do not book a forward cabin on the lower decks 
you might be right above the anchors storage area   On smaller ships the anchor is more obvious 
and less avoidable on Expedition vessels the   Itinerary is typically less structured meaning 
you might drop anchor at various points throughout   The day the kayak or a whale watch be aware of 
your cabin's position Nexus active anchor and   If you want to avoid any noise we suggest 
booking a cabin midship or on upper decks   Now we know some people a little apprehensive 
about going on a cruise they don't want to be   Stuck on the same vessel for a week with thousands 
of strangers or they're often concerned they're   Going to be stuck in tight quarters with nowhere 
to escape now that sounds a little bit like you   Whether it's a little bit of crowd anxiety or just 
feeling claustrophobic one of the worst cabins you   Can pick are inside cabinets now of course inside 
cabins can be a great value particularly if you   Don't plan to spend a lot of time in your room 
however for many first-time Cruisers making the   Mistake of booking the cheapest cabin only 
find out they're in a small windowless box   Manage your expectations if you're booking 
an interior room for your next Cruise   While these entry-level accommodations allow you 
and your travel party to set sail on a budget   Not having any windows can be jarring for 
some in addition the lack of any view the   Square footage is also low in the state roads 
waking up in an inside room can also be tricky   There's no natural light which means the 
room is Pitch Black unless the lights are on   A really simple fix here is to Simply upgrade 
to the next cabin category in Ocean View   Along with getting a little bit more room in the 
stateroom you'll get coveted views of the ocean   Or the Landscapes without too much added costs 
another one of the worst cabins you can pick on   A cruise ship our cabins with obstructive views 
if you're a pain I have a view make sure you know   Exactly what you're getting a view of obstructed 
cabins are typically listed as such these cabins   Usually offer a lower price point than rooms 
with unobstructed views however some of these  

Cabins are only partially obstructed one part of 
a tender bow is covering the corner of the window   While others are fully obstructed from an ocean 
view by ship Hardware while some obstructed cabins   Might let in a little natural light the experience 
might be more similar to an inside cabin than a   Balcony look up reviews of your obstructive View 
cabin online before booking there's a very good   Chance someone has stayed in your room before 
and may have posted a picture in their review   Whether a cabin has an obstructive view will 
most likely be noted on the deck plans for your   Particular cruise ship but if it's unclear if a 
cabin has an obstructive view another good rule   Of thumb is is to get a cabin that's a little 
bit higher up in the ship typically obstructive   View Cabins tend to be on the lower decks because 
that's where more the hardware is like lifeboats   So if you're not sure if a particular cabin has 
an obstructed view going up a couple decks might   Alleviate any concerns now we're all for making 
friends but when we return to our cabin we want   Some privacy or at least as much privacy as you 
can get being on a cruise ship if you're like us   Then one of the worst cabins you can purchase 
are interior balcony cabin now you might be   Saying wait a second how can a cabin facing 
the inside of the ship still have a balcony   Well there are ships like Royal Caribbean's Oasis 
class which feature this specific class of cabin   These Mega ships have spacious sections called 
neighborhoods and state rooms located throughout   Overlooking public areas like the boardwalk and 
Central Park and other bustling ship promenades   For Cruisers like people watching booking one 
of these cabins could be a fun way they feel   Like part of the action from your stateroom 
however remember the view goes both ways if   You're booked in a cabin location where you can 
see other passengers just remember they can also   See you plus everything you're doing inside of 
your cabin if you're nervous about forgetting to   Pull the curtain before you begin changing maybe 
should opt out for more private choice of cabin   Fortunately when you go to book your cruise with 
Royal Caribbean it clearly indicates what type of   View your balcony has whether it's an interior 
view or an ocean view now this is where we need   To caution you because getting an ocean view 
balcony on several of these ships does cost   Quite more and several other cruise lines are 
rolling out these type of State rooms so just   Because you book a balcony doesn't necessarily 
mean you're actually going to be getting an ocean   View with that state route for Cruisers who value 
their privacy another one of the worst cabins you   Could possibly book would be connecting staterooms 
cabins with connecting doors and balconies can be   In fish away from families and friends to cruise 
together these staterooms are designed to flow   Into one another creating a larger living space 
or one massive balcony but if you're not cruising   As a group staying in a stateroom outfit is 
a connecting cabin might be really awkward   If you're not sharing with the adjacent cabin 
the inside connecting door will be locked   There will be a partition dividing both of your 
balconies as well but beyond any issue of safety  

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These rooms are far less soundproof than cabins 
that don't connect not only will you know what   Your neighbor is watching on TV but you'll 
probably be able to peek into their balcony   If you're not using both rooms reconsider 
booking a connecting cabin for more privacy   Luckily most Cruise Lines indicate where 
connecting cabins are on cruise ship deck   Plans so you can easily pick a cabin of the same 
category that doesn't indicate its connecting   Cruising is great for everybody even individuals 
who have mobility issues however if that's the   Case then you definitely don't want to book 
a cabin that's too far from the elevators   Yes getting closer to the elevator might be 
a little noisy however access to an elevator   Could be key if you or someone you're traveling 
with has a Mobility concern again reviewing this   Ship deck plans will help you hear it so you 
can see the exact location of your cabin to the   Nearest elevator other considerations might be 
the distance from your cabin to popular venues   Like the buffet the pool deck the theater or your 
favorite Lounge on the ship if you're going to be   Making the same commute from the cabin to these 
spaces each day it might make sense to book a room   That will be within an easy walk or wheelchair 
ride and as we mentioned earlier one of the   Benefits of cruising say over staying in a hotel 
is that often you can pick your cruise ship cabin   We'll be honest it's a lot of fun to pick to go 
through the deck plans and identify what cabins   Are available and pick that exact cabin that 
you're going to stay in for the week so if you're   Like us and you know what to expect then one thing 
you should definitely not do is book a Guaranty   Cabin the alert of a low price date room could be 
hard to resist but booking a guaranteed cabin is   A Gamble so be prepared to lose out just in case 
it's not what you're anticipating while you're   Able to select the minimum cabin category that 
appeals to you your cabin location will be a total   Surprise it's also information you might not find 
out until just weeks before the departure the pure   Flexible traveler and willing to take your chances 
the guarantee cabin could be one way to save money   However if you're concerned about any of the 
complaints we just mentioned like noise elevator   Access or a seasickness then it's not worth the 
hassle to leave your vacation to fee an easy   Remedy is just to make sure you pick your exact 
cabin for your cruise likewise you probably want   To avoid booking a last minute cabin upgrade now 
we admit it does sound tempting you've selected   The perfect room in a particular category but told 
you're eligible for a room upgrade while a better   Room category of paper might seem like a nice 
gesture the locations room is not up to you this   Could lead Cruisers in a conundrum of qualifying 
for an upgrade but then wishing they actually   Stuck with their original booking because the 
upgraded room is in a worse location of the ship   Also once you take the upgrade you can't switch 
back to your original cabin selection remember   That a higher cabin category doesn't automatically 
translate to a suite or even a room with a balcony   Be Savvy about what you're actually getting and 
where if offered the option for an upgrade of  

Course you can always decline and it's also 
possible to mark your camera selections as no   Upgrade with a cruise line or your travel advisor 
so you don't get a little surprise when you go to   Board the ship now that you know exactly what 
cabin is perfect for you you need to find the   Perfect ship while lucky for you we just put 
out our picks for the top best new cruise ships   Of 2023. there's some amazing new vessels setting 
sail this year or Brands such as Norwegian Cruise   Line Oceana Cruises Carnival Cruise Line Viking 
and more in that video we give you a complete   Look at all these new vessels so you can identify 
which one is right for your next Cruise vacation