Is Dania Pointe the Best Place to Stay Near Port Everglades?

If your next cruise is sailing from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, then consider extending your trip with a stay at Dania Pointe. In this video, we share all the details of why a pre-cruise or post-cruise stay in this location is perfect for your next cruise vacation.

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This lifestyle destination is less than 15 minutes from the Fort Lauderdale airport, local beaches, and the Port Everglades cruise terminal. This makes Dania Pointe an ideal location with plenty of dining, entertainment, and shopping options.

In fact, we just returned from a weekend of fun and sun here before our latest cruise.

Dania Pointe offers two hotels right on the property giving travelers flexibility. They even offer complimentary airport shuttles. Once at the complex, everything is within walking distance. So, you don’t need to worry about transportation.

The AC Hotel Fort Lauderdale Airport boasts modern accommodations designed for today’s traveler. With well-appointed rooms, plenty of space, and in-room technology, cruisers will have everything they need during their stay.

Right next door is also a Marriott hotel. Offering cruisers that Bonvoy treatment, the Marriott features an open lobby and shared rooftop pool, among other amenities.

Whether you need a new wardrobe, or last minute items for your cruise, there is bound to be a store for you at Dania Pointe. From cruiser classics at Tommy Bahama, to Anthropologie, Kendra Scott, and various other retailers, there are plenty of shopping opportunities throughout the property.

There are several great dining options to sample during your stay at Dania Pointe as well. The Cooper’s Hawk winery pairs award-winning wines with classics like crusted parmesan chicken and Thai lettuce wraps. Meanwhile, Brazilian staples are carved up at the nearby Rodizio Grill and American classics are grilled at Firebirds Wood Fire Grill.

Whether you are looking for a light dinner or midday snack, the handheld favorites and umbrella drinks at the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar are best enjoyed on this restaurant’s outdoor patio.

Further, brunch fans will want to join the virtual queue for First Watch. With seasonal favorites and classic breakfast and lunch items, it is a tasty start to your day.

After dinner, there are a number of activities to keep cruisers occupied for the entire evening. At the Regal Cinema, visitors can experience the highest digital video and audio quality with the line’s RPX Experience. Or, they can literally feel the thrill of first-run movies in Regal’s 4DX movie theater.

For something more hands-on, there is Bowlero. With a full bar, snacks, and even an arcade, this high-tech bowling alley is perfect for families and couples alike. With digital scoring, black lights, and an energetic atmosphere, it makes for a lively night out.

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If you want something a bit more chill, you can sip some cocktails at the 14 North Daiquiri Bar. With several frozen cocktails on tap, this is a great way to kick off your vacation.

Or, you can relax on the Lawn while enjoying some of the evening activities like Night Market Fridays with local artisans or Cultural Saturdays and Family Sundays with live entertainment.

Finally, if you time your trip right, you might even get to see one of today’s hottest comedians at the Improv at Dania Pointe. Featuring national headliners and regional stars, it is bound to be a night full of laughs.

Visit Danie Pointe on Instagram (@dania.pointe) and Facebook (@daniapointe).

For hotel accommodations, visit the AC Hotel Fort Lauderdale Airport:


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If you’re our next cruise is leaving From Port Everglades then you should Consider staying at Dania point In fact we just returned from a weekend Of Fun and Sun before our latest cruise And want to share all the details with You find out why we’re ready to head Back with our top reasons why your next Pre-cruise day should be at Dania point Up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I’m DB from eat The Sleep Crews where we help you see The world one far at a time with our Ship Tours Cruise reviews and tons of Cruise funding advice now one tip we Always have for Cruisers is a head in a Day before your embarkation day to stay At the Home Port the day before a cruise Help avoid any issues on that first day And also it gets your vacation started a Little bit early so if you’re going in The day before you’re gonna need a place To stay and if your cruise leaves some Port Everglades the Daniel point is the Perfect pre or post Cruise destination And here’s why One reason we highly recommend checking Out Dania point is its great location This family-friendly Center for dining Entertainment and shopping is only a Short distance from both the Fort Lauderdale Airport and the Port

Everglades Cruise terminals In fact it’s less than 15 minutes away From the airport beaches and the cruise Port so it’s perfectly situated for a Pre-cruise or a post-crew stay Further if you have a late day flight Dania point is a great alternative to Spending your day in the airport Along with all of its own activities and Dining Point is only a few miles away from Dania Beach this secluded beach offers Plenty of Shoreline with a more relaxed And chill Vibe once you arrive at Dania Point everything is within walking Distance This is great for travelers like us that To fly to their Cruise embarkation ports This means you can save money on Transportation and spend more time Outdoors in the beautiful Florida Weather Dania Point offers two hotels right on Property giving Travelers flexibility For our three night pre-cruise hotel Stay we had a king room at the AC Hotel Fort Lauderdale Airport This Chic Urban Hotel offers modern and Sophisticated rooms with all the Comforts of home We appreciate the thoughtful design and Layout of the hotel room The oversized bathroom features plenty Of space for getting ready in the

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Morning as well With several USB outlets and power Outlets throughout the room and a good Sized desk it was easy to get some last Minute work done There are also other conveniences like a Mini fridge coffee maker and a safe in The room With inspired European design and subtle Nods the Beachside communities of Florida this hotel is perfect for all Types of Travelers Not to mention you can enjoy amenities Like Wi-Fi a fitness center A large Central lounge and Bar An outdoor Terrace And a shared rooftop pool Located adjacent to this hotel there is The Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport This equally comfortable and Well-appointed hotel is also within Walking distance of all the fun of Dania Point Featuring a fitness center that shared Rooftop pool And an open Lobby perfect for Socializing the hotel boasts elegant Finishes built for the modern day Traveler At Dania point there are several Restaurants and eateries along with a Number of bars and lounges again all Within walking distance At Cooper’s Hawk Winery dinos can sip a

Variety of award-winning wines while Slicing into favorites like the parmesan Crusted chicken Crispy brussels sprouts Or the Thai lettuce wraps With indoor and Patio seating you can Enjoy the restaurant’s diverse menu and Extensive wine list wherever you choose During our stay we also carved away Through several different selections at The Rodizio Grill This Brazilian steakhouse features a Variety of rotisserie grilled Meats For one all you care to enjoy price Not to mention there’s a gourmet salad Bar authentic Brazilian sides Cocktails And a dessert tray More Fire Grill favorites are also Available at Firebirds featuring an open Kitchen you can feel the heat and revel In the delicious Aromas from this American style menu Including Savory starters Grilled steaks Chicken And other favorites As Cruisers we fell right at home with The Island Vibes the Tommy Bahamas Marlin bar it was a perfect spot for a Few midday snacks as well some Handcrafted umbrella drinks Don’t pass up the sliders and signature Like patients like the coconut pineapple

Mojito And the blood orange blossom margarita Not to mention you’ll want to get your Vacation started off with frozen Daiquiris or other umbrella drinks at 14 North Breakfast fans will want to stop by First watch Locate a short walk from the hotels and Shopping this award-winning restaurant Serves up amazing brunch selections Like breakfast sandwiches Skillets And even seasonal specials like the Caramel crunch cinnamon roll With Order ahead enjoying the weightless Options the restaurant makes it easy for You to enjoy all its Gourmet menu items Of course Dania point is home to plenty Other casual options and to go eateries As well Yes there’s even a Starbucks within Walking distance if you know us we never Stay at a hotel that isn’t nearby for my Wife’s morning caramel latte While there are several restaurants Located with Dania point one of the main Attractions here is shopping Whether you need to pick up last minute Items for your trip or you’re looking For a new wardrobe there are plenty of Options Cruiser Classics at Tommy Bahama to Other popular retailers like Kendra

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Scott Anthropology And sugarboo and Company There are plenty of clothing jewelry and Home Decor selections worth browsing This sprawling outdoor mall means that You don’t have to sacrifice a fresh air In beautiful Florida weather while Shopping this open-air design lets you Stroll the sidewalks while soaking up The Sun And admiring the vibrant murals along The way Even if you don’t have any room in your Luggage for shopping Daniel point is a Lively and pedestrian friendly area to Enjoy a walk Not to mention Dania Point offers free Parking so if you’re not staying nearby You can still enjoy all the Destination’s attractions without paying A premium Typically we fly into the port the day Before a cruise but with the diverse Options at Dania point it’s easy to Extend your vacation by a few extra days Here your family can enjoy a movie at The Regal Cinema The cinema Bose 4dx movies Which is like an amusement ride for First Run movies there’s also the Brand’s RPX experience Which boasts the best sound and visual Quality to date

For a more immersive experience select Movies are shown in the screen X this Movie theater literally surrounds the Audience with a 270 degree view For a more Hands-On activity you can Test your bowling skills at bowlero with Digital scoring Black lights Upbeat music and tons of digital screens It is fun time for all ages Bolero also has an arcade with several New and retro video games As well as arcade Classics like Basketball Skee-Ball and more If you’re looking for a date night Activity there’s the Improv at Daniel Point this Comedy Club regular hosts Headliner comedians so if your timing is Right you could begin your cruise with a Knight full of laughs Further be sure and reserve some time to Enjoy the free events on the lawn at Dania point From Night Market Fridays With local Artisan selling Goods To cultural Saturdays with live Entertainment Milan is a festive beginning to any Vacation Port Everglades is home to some of the Newest and most Innovative cruise ships To date So you should investigate all the cruise Options from Fort Lauderdale and if your

Next cruise is selling from Port Everglades then you should consider Staying at Daniel point Now if you’re looking for any more Information about the dining hotels Shopping or entertainment at Dania Point Check out the link in the description Down below that provides all the details To help you plan your next vacation