Is Volcano Bay The BEST Water Park in Orlando?! | Florida Vlogs October 2022

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It’s our first visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay! We spend the day at this gorgeouswater park, the newest in Orlando! We tackled the slides including Krakatau Aqua Coaster and Ko’okiri Body Plunge and had so much fun in the wave pool! The fearless river is also something not to be missed here – it is WILD! We tried out some of the quick service food offerings and had a lovely relaxing day.

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Following a slight delay due to Hurricane Ian, we travelled to Orlando, Florida with British Airways at the end of September 2022. On this trip, we were lucky enough to travel in the World Traveller Plus cabin (premium economy) which was awesome! We also experience and review the Number One lounge in the south terminal. My partner, Rob, and I flew from Gatwick South to Orlando International Airport (the brand new Terminal C) and checked into Universal’s Aventura hotel for 5 days of fun! We were so grateful to travel following the hurricane and airport closures. This is an adults trip mainly for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida however we also visit all Walt Disney World parks later in the trip, as well as Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and the Premium Outlets for some shopping. I hope you enjoy this brand new Florida vlog series!

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Hi guys welcome back to the channel this Morning we are off to volcano Bay for The first time of this trip and first Time ever nobody’s ever been have we so Super excited as we’re saying at Universal’s Adventurer Hotel we’ve got a Walkway so we’re just walking down now I Don’t Envision it taking more than 5-10 Minutes really five minutes so it’s good Because he usually you have to get on a Bus Um from the city hall car park so very Very convenient and a nice start to the Morning I’m very excited super excited to see The volcano have you got your dog going You’ve got your goggles it was so funny Guys last night horror nights are in the Line and I was telling Rob that you’re Not allowed near the volcano water Unless you’ve got your goggles and I Played such a good story that you Believe me didn’t you oh I did she did You got home Make sure you’ve got your goggles Because that oh Because the water’s a bit different Because the volcano Yeah I look Mega tired today but hopefully I’ll wake up a bit but it’s not just by Night horror nights last night didn’t we But all 10 houses now it’s awesome we’ll Be back there tonight but for today

volcano bay water theme park

Time to have some fun at volcano bay water theme park Okay so we’ve just walked from the front Of Adventura but we’ve just got to the Entrance to volcano Bay and seen you can Access it from like the pool area you Just come down here And here is the entrance for hotel Guests of Adventurer and Cabana Bay I Believe have got Hotel guests early Park Entry starting at nine o’clock we’re at The normal opening time is 10 a.m and We’ve been here since about 25 a day and We’re about six in line we’ve just Opened up the security screen in and It’s about quarter to nine now so we Should be in there nice and early he’s Moving fast already look so excited the Walkway I’ve seen this on so many blogs I’m so excited for the big reveal are You this is so cool but they’re all the Like tiki Tiki music Here we go Universal’s volcano Bay Hey So today’s park hours as I say at 10 O’clock unless you’re an on-site guests And it’s nine o’clock until 6 p.m you Can buy your tickets here for the day It’s probably easier to have them in Advance you can probably find deals and Things online I know Rob got his he got A three-park Universal ticket for the Price of two from Florida ticks so it Was a deal going on earlier in the Summer look at this guy hello

We’re in we’ve got our taputapu need to Go scanning for a ride we’re just gonna Scout the place out get a locker have a Look at this amazing volcano look at This what a sight guys gorgeous This is so amazing I love it here Already I legit cannot get over the Volcano it’s incredible look how Beautiful it is here there’s so many Sun Lounges everything is so light perfectly Clean and like well put together that’s How close Cabana Bay is to volcano Bay Imagine the views out of those windows Guys that would literally be something Else We’re just going to put our stuff in a Locker We’ve Come to the River Village Restroom and lockers which is a bit Further round so not of the busier ones Near the front of the park I think we’re Gonna drop off pretty much everything at This time Point go get set up find a Nice sunbed and we’ll see you soon three Different types of locker family regular And mini the family one was 20 I think This one let’s have a look so we scan The taputapu Just on here and these are ten dollars For the day krakato Aqua coaster is a Ride now rubs off So I believe this is where he’ll be Coming out I haven’t gone on just yet Because I like to see things before I I Commit to going on those I’m quite

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Scared of water rides and water coasters And things but this looks okay I think I Probably could manage this one I’ll get Rob’s feedback and go from there so it Does seem like the hotel extra hour it’s Really really worth doing because a lot Of the slides are right now and enjoy Any time some don’t open till 10 but Hopefully we’re going to get all the Main runs done before the ketones become Really long So it’s a bit later on now we’ve well It’s coming up for like half past ten Actually yeah it’s half past ten so We’ve been here a good hour and a half We went on the Krakatoa water coaster Which oh my goodness is the best water Coaster like water Flume fly thing I’ve Ever done in my life it’s like powered By magnets and it’s got launch prices Elements and just nice drops it goes all Inside the volcano it was very very cool I loved it sent Rob one first just to Give me approval because I was quite Scared of it they said I’d be fine and I Was it was a lot of fun we also did the I think we called hono Inca Moana and They’re the total side and a whale side I’ll insert some clips off ride Um but it’s one of the ones where you Come down is like a big old think type Thing and go like that which I’ve sworn I would never do so I’ve obviously got Some bravery from somewhere today but it

Was a lot of fun I’m glad I did it we’ll Probably do it again before the day is Out and then we did a walk around the Park fired some towels which were Six dollars each you can get them from The concierge locations best off at the Front of the park when you come in Because the other around the park didn’t Open until a bit later so we ended up Doing a lap but that was quite nice Because we got our bearings a bit we’ve Got to see where everything is the theme In here is unreal I love it I love like The little water squirts as they’ve got Along the walkways as well so your feet Don’t burn on the floor Just sat down at watari beach I can hold My eyesight it’s terrible I’m like what Does that sign you say But we got good volcano view Rob’s gonna Get some snacks there’s not a lot here For breakfast it’s like no breakfast Food I thought there’d be pastries or a Donut or you know something but there’s Not they are selling like pizzas and Burgers and stuff already so he’s gone To find something for us I’m so hungry I Need to eat like I’ve already completed My exercise ring on the Apple watch just Walking around this park so that’s uh an Idea of the size of it here it’s amazing I love it I think we’re gonna have a Really fun day love you Well some baby for the day lots and lots

Of some baby chairs around some lounges So they could yeah loads of them about In all different areas of the water park Look at that I couldn’t be happier right now actually I could as soon as the food gets here I’ll be buzzing okay so Rob’s come back With the food we’ve got empanadas one Chicken and one beef they smell amazing How much were they with Coke and a water 27 that’s quite a lot isn’t it they are Quite large though hopefully they’re Nice a lot of the food here seems to be Like Hawaii polynesiany theme so it Should be good empanadas were unreal They were absolutely delicious me being Me and ether it’s sweet to wash it down Now I know it’s only breakfast time and Empanada is a weird choice for breakfast Anyway so that’s all they had so we’re Living with it they had a little cake But they were so good like literally one Of the best in the meeting so far on This trip loved it I hope you find an Ice cream cookie sandwich or something Along those lines I’m so happy to be here so this is one Of the concierge desks where you can Rent towels from six dollars each There’s lots dotted around the park Found it Nestle Toll House Now that I’ve opened up the Seal of Greed I also saw these little balls

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They’re um Brazilian chicken cheese and Mashed potato and they sound like an Absolute dream so we’ve been chilling Now probably coming up for an hour had On snacks let our food go down and it is So such and hot like this Florida sun is Amazing there’s not a cloud in the sky It’s lovely but we’re getting sticky so We’re gonna go for a little float around The lazy river which looks like so much Fun I’ll take the GoPro I’m excited I’m Excited it’s been shut for a few days Because it’s a hurricane mess it was Left behind but it is open up today And it looked really good I’ve heard It’s quite a fast one rather than a lazy One so I’m gonna go have some fun are you ready Robert Lazy River time there’s so many like Entrances and things to get into the Lady River it’s got a messy bun because Her feet were gonna get wet in here There’s loads of tubes and stuff to jump In the water looks amazing it’s so hot It’s gonna be good [Music] Um [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] These fountains are from the kids area They can literally spot their cannons at

Everyone coming by I don’t know when That was there I know a baby girl that Was absolutely love that oh my gosh Oh Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Like Rapids choppy waves and like quite Deep so everybody wears a life jacket Here they do have them in all different Shapes and sizes We’re gonna jump in we’re heading into Fearless River they have loads of Different sizes for life jackets Everyone has to wear one You’re dashing in yours [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Hahaha [Music] We’ve got a disco going on in the Volcano look at that Now that’s amazing That’s right Rob’s gonna take on the big Body plunge tube inside the volcano Cory I don’t know how to say that Good luck I’ll find I’ll find you at the

Bottom I’ll find where it comes out okay Love you So Rob is currently at the top of the Volcano I don’t know how well this is Picking up the C3 tube that’s going Straight down the middle there but That’s where he’s gonna come Paul Hamilton all the way down and then out Here it’s insane he’s mad I could not do This Here he is [Laughter] Falling for ages Yeah Oh my gosh Yeah Standing there watching oh my God Watching all the reactions it’s been Really funny I’ve been here for a while People are just like some people come Out like super screaming and shock some People are like happy we should do it Again It’s more the wall cut to be honest That’s what another guy said if it Weren’t for the 200 steps I’d go again Right we’re back at our lounges now We’re just going to get all that stuff Out of the locker because we’re gonna Get some lunch soon you can take your Stuff in and out the locker as much as You want with your favorite today which Is good to know because I was worried if We put it in you might not be able to

Get our money and stuff out again but no It’s all good you can put it in get it Out lots of time we did the um Fearless River which was insane like it was Literally so so fun probably the best Thing I’ve ever done in a water park now I like even more than the water posters This morning when I can tell it was wild Like literally some places you couldn’t Touch the bottom it was like wave Pushing your ground the current was so Strong it was just so funny such a good Laugh we absolutely loved it rubs on the Um drop Bloom straight down the volcano He said that’s really good as well you Like that one didn’t you yeah Not for me and too much of a whim yeah Good day here at volcano Bay it’s Already taken the top spot for Orlando Water parks For Me Above Typhoon Lagoon Which was my previous favorite I love it Here I think the atmosphere the slides Everything is just really really nice I’m gonna get to lunch as I say we can Have a little Frolic in the wave pool The volcano lets off a really light loud Sireny noise and then paste cheeky drums And then the waves come on it’s all Really really fun I’ll take you guys in On the GoPro when we do go in yeah Definitely like it here and also I’ve Been worried like about bringing Paisley Here because I thought it was more of a Grown-up Park like for maybe bigger kids

But no there’s definitely plenty she Could do here the kids area looks so Much fun she’s absolutely love it she’d Love The Lazy River the family one not The wild one I don’t think I’d take her In there but next time we’re here next Year I’ll definitely be bringing us a Volcano Bay we found this quick service Location called bamboo It’s a Jungle Kitchen in rainforest flavors but like Sandwiches and fries which is perfect For me so we’re heading in here to grab A spot of lunch guys I just took my hair Down I’ve got crazy hair he’s like yeah look At my point mirror and it’s like this Everywhere big Bond but yeah he’s just Picking out the food now I’ve come to Get us a nice table it’s not too busy in Here but it is like just gone one so a Lot of space that is prime lunch time I Suppose isn’t it quite early it feels Quite early for lunch but I guess it’s Not it’s not too busy here at all today Okay lovely table just about to see the Volcano in the background as well lovely I’ll show you the menu real quick so This restaurant’s really good for us Because it’s got a burger for Rob I was Gonna have the chicken sandwich until I Noticed Chicken tenders and Fries which is Standard me so I’m going for those There’s no prices on here though mind

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You they may open the screens up above The cashier desks they probably have the Prices on We’re just gonna get those and then some Fountain drinks and yeah here is our View Yeah Perfect doesn’t get much better Rob’s Just dropped in with the food he’s gone To get drinks but how good does this Look guys Crispy chicken tenders they’re not Really tenders they’re more like um Maybe flatties but they look good Nonetheless Rob’s Burger looks really Good that’s a decent burger for a quick Service and I’m not sure what this is That he got it’s like a cookie brownie Cake I’ll ask him in a minute so this One’s just getting his Burger prepared Because that’s a half pounder didn’t you That’s a lot of bag there this should Keep us going I think it’s my day now The chicken looks really really nice It’s all like really hot white fresh Chicken breasts But I do think guys there’s a reason They weren’t displaying the prices on This menu We’re still very much looking at Theme Park prices so it was 45 dollars For lunch um as I say it should keep Going it seems quite a lot of a Quick Serve

The lunch was really good I’d definitely Go there especially feel like a bit Fussier like me and want something Standard and plain really really nice we Liked it a lot it was funny at the end Because we were like are these drinks Refillable we couldn’t work it out as a Long line we didn’t ask we just went to Try and fill it up at the freestyle Machine that come up no you’ve had your Fills and I thought oh no it’s a paper Cup so how it knew I don’t know but it’s Quite clever that it does we’re just Back at our seats now we’re going to Chill for half hour or so and then go Play in the wave pool for a bit sort of Digest all that food first which is Probably sensible go put it in the wave Pool have another like little whiz round Try and get us some more slides and then I think it’s probably going to be trying To decide [Music] We’re trying to go back to our room for About half past three because tonight is Our last night at Halloween Horror Night But we’ll have had a good 75 of the main Day here today and I’ve loved every Second [Music] Little wafer I’m looking up on sides and Stuff one of them shut down we’re Looking for the waves Foreign

How deep are we going [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] So we’re currently near the volcano and You can see that it’s lights all around And they’re broken up into different Locations the rainforest Village the River Village it’s not been too Difficult to navigate to be honest this Is our first time and we’ve found it all Fairly easy so that concludes our time Here at volcano Bay today it’s been Amazing I couldn’t fault it Loved it love the slides the atmosphere Even all that music it’s just really Nice and the weather’s been so kind Perfect yeah exceeded All my Expectations and we’ll definitely Definitely be back to the next trip Thank you guys so much for watching this Video the next one is going to be Another Universal Studios Orlando and Our last visit to Halloween Horror Night In the night isn’t it so quick it has We’re gonna smash it we’re gonna do so Much tonight yeah I hope yeah my feet Don’t hurt that’s what I’ve been

Suffering with but yeah thank you guys Be sure to subscribe give us a big like Leave a comment below and we’ll see you Next time take care [Music] Foreign [Music]