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Back in the old town Leon's Characteristic Bouchon are small Restaurants that evolved from the days When mothers would feed the silk workers After a long day True Bouchon are simple bistros serving Traditional dishes Virginie is taking us to a favorite of Hers With its tiny kitchen and hard-working Wait staff it entertains an appreciative Crowd of diners And each dish is an adventure Good wow We Tell me about your salad so I have a Salad and it has the flag which the French love their food huh okay some Duck because you get duck here duck There and then a bit of salmon just to Feel a bit healthier I'm having one of My favorites escargot and twist to get It out and we have our little friends And then you enjoy I think escargot deserves a little red Wine So here we have some Beaujolais Who's even more into the city is it to River number three River number three as I float Downstream in the bourgeolet our Main dishes arrive including duck the Traditional Canal are fish dumplings and For me try I was a little nervous to order tripe

But it's the local dish you're being Very brave but it is a local dish and I Knew if I didn't like it I could have Some of yours and you want somebody Because I like it And I'm eating what we call the canal And this is a fish dumpling and this is Another specialty of Leon I would never Order Canal anywhere else but in you It's clear why Leon is the food capital Of France

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