BRAND NEW Guide to Celebrity Cruises’ Drink Packages in 2023! Should You Upgrade to All Included?

We have a complete guide to Celebrity Cruise Drink Packages new for 2023. We detail all the plans, plus upgrade options, to help you decide if a cruise line drink package is right for your next trip.

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7:50 Celebrity Zero Proof Drink Package
8:50 Celebrity Cruises Drink Prices
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Celebrity Cruises updated its drink package offerings in 2023. Now, there are only three Celebrity Cruises beverage packages. Regardless of the package, cruisers must purchase the package for the entire duration of cruise. All packages are priced per person, and are subject to a 20% gratuity charge. There are no limits to how many beverages a cruiser can consume on the package. Of course, the cruise line has the right to deny you service if you are obviously intoxicated.

The Celebrity Cruises Classic Beverage package starts at $89 per person, per day before the 20% gratuity charge. This package includes all alcoholic drinks up to $10 a serving. Thus, the Celebrity Classic Drink Package covers most beers and a decent amount of wine by the glass. Many mixed drinks and popular spirits will be included on this package as well. Although, specialty cocktails at the Martini Bar, World Class Bar, and Eden on Edge-Class ships will be over the covered allotment.

Further, this Celebrity drink package includes a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages, like soda, 500ml bottled water, and specialty coffees and teas at Cafe al Bacio.

If cruisers want a drink above the $10 allotment, they simply pay the difference, plus the service charge.

The Premium Drink package starts at $109 per person, per day, and covers drinks up to $17. This drink package will cover most cocktails at the Martini bar, World Class bar, and Eden. The Premium Drink Package also covers essentially all domestic, international, and craft beers. Further, a wider range of wines by glass will be included in this package. Along with all of the non-alcoholic beverages covered in the classic package, the premium drink package includes juices and smoothies at the Aqua Spa Juice Bar, plus premium still and sparkling bottled water like Evian and Perrier.

Currently, Celebrity Cruises offers two fare options, the Cruise Only fare and the All Included fare. The all included fare includes the cruise fare, plus a Classic Drink Package, gratuities, and a basic WiFi internet package. While prices fluctuate, our research found that the All Included rate tended to be about $80 per person, per day more than the cruise only fare.

For us, upgrading to this package makes sense as cruisers are getting the three amenities that have a retail value of over $123 for a discounted rate. So, cruisers can save around a third off the retail value of purchasing these amenities individually. Actually, even if you plan to just get a Celebrity drink package, you will still save money by upgrading to this pricing option.


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If you are wondering if you should purchase 
a Celebrity Cruise drink package you're not   Alone it's actually a question we get quite 
often from fellow Cruisers while there are   Many Pros to buying a barge package there 
are also some reasons why a cruise shipping   Package might be a waste of money to help you 
make sense of all the options we put together   This complete guide to Celebrity Cruises 
drink packages up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers and a special welcome back 
to those eat sleep crew subscribers Heidi and I   Have been on several Celebrity Cruises trips and 
we always get the drink package and believe it's   A good value by the end of this video you'll have 
all the information you need to decide whether a   Celebrity Cruises dream package is right for 
you so let's Dive In before you even consider   Getting celebrity drink package you might want 
to know what drinks are actually included in   The celebrate cruises Fair well when it comes 
to beverages on board the ship you'll have the   Options of juice water and coffee all day long 
at select beverage stations throughout the ship   At meals juices and other select Rings like 
iced tea or lemonade are also available   Now unfortunately none of the specialty 
coffees or drinks at Cafe abacio   The popular coffee shop on Celebrity Cruises 
ships are included in the cruise Fair   Thus you need to pay alakara at this venue or 
you can opt for Celebrity Cruises drink package   Regardless of drink package you choose there 
are a few basic things that you need to know   About the Celebrity Cruises drink packages all 
drink packages are priced per person per day   You must purchase a celebrity cruising package the 
entire length of your cruise you cannot purchase   Just select dates the stated prices do not include 
the additional 20 service charge which is added   When purchasing the package additionally 
applicable state and local taxes may be   Applied to purchases made during certain ports 
or on certain itineraries as you would expect   There's no sharing of the drink package or using 
your package to order drinks for other Cruisers   A Celebrity Cruises drink package can be canceled 
through the cruise planner up to two days before   The sale date and are 100 refundable or you board 
the ship perfect packages are available on most   Sailings that are two days or longer it except 
two or three day sailings from Southampton England   Additionally beverage packages are not 
available on cruises in the Galapagos   You can use your Celebrity Cruises drink package 
almost anywhere in the ship this includes the bars   And lounges complimentary dining venues and the 
specialty restaurants however room service and the   Mini bar are not included the Celebrity Cruise 
drink packages also work on Royal Caribbean's   Private Island a perfect day at CoCo K and Lobby 
80. no matter what package you choose you're only   Allowed to get one drink at a time whether 
it's an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic beverage   There are essentially two ways you can purchase a 
celebrity Cruiser string package you can purchase   One online pre-cruise up to 72 hours before your 
sale date or once on board the ship during the  

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First day of your voyage however you'll usually 
save money by purchasing one free Cruise if you   Pre-purchase a Celebrity Cruise drink package 
it will be activated upon boarding the ship and   Immediately ready for you to use unfortunately all 
guests of legal drink age in the same stateroom   Must purchase Celebrity Cruises drink package so 
not just one person in a cabin can purchase it   Teens pregnant guests and medical exemptions 
must get the zero proof drink package this also   Applies when you're upgrading your dream package 
from the classic drink package to the premium   Both guests must opt for the upgrade unlike 
some other Cruise Lines there's no daily   Limit for drinks with Celebrity Cruises 
during packages if you purchase a Celebrity   Cruise drink package you're entitled to as many 
non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as you want   Of course staff do have the right to refuse 
you bar service if you're obviously intoxicated   Knowing our limits is just as important 
on a cruise ship as it is back on land   However guests may only order one drink at a time 
with the beverage package any additional drinks   Ordered will be charged at current bar prices 
now that you know the basic details that apply   To all three of Celebrity Cruises drink packages 
let's take a look at each drink package separately   And what's included help you find the right 
drink package for your next trip perhaps the   Most popular drink package on Celebrity Cruises 
is a classic drink package currently the drink   Package is priced at 89 per person per day for 
the 20 gratuity once you add that gratuity the   Total cost of the classroom package for a 
seven day cruise would be 747.60 per person   Class stream package is also the one you get 
if you opt to upgrade the all included price   This celebrity dream package covers beers Spirits 
cocktails liqueurs frozen drinks and wines by the   Glass up to ten dollars per serving this package 
also includes a 15 discount on all Wines By the   Bottle if a guest order exceeds a 10 maximum value 
then you'll be charged only for the difference   Plus the 20 gratuity with this package you're also 
entitled to non-premium bottled water specialty   Coffees juices and soda this package does not 
include smoothies or Aqua Spa fresh juices   This allotment basically covers all 16 ounce 
beers on the ship and a basic selection of red   And white wines at the onboard restaurants and 
bars when it comes to cocktails the package does   Cover a fair amount of Premium brands however top 
shelf Liquors and Cocktails at the martini bar the   World-class bar or Eden on edge class ships will 
not be included in the classic beverage package   So if you're looking to upgrade your experience it 
is a Celebrity Cruises premium drink package this   Covers all the drinks in The Classy drink package 
plus as you would expect some premium offerings   These selections include the specialty coffees 
and teas craft and Artisan beers Spirits cocktails   Frozen drinks Coca-Cola products premium bottled 
water and wines by the class up to 17 dollars   Also guests get a 20 discount off all bottles 
of wine currently Celebrity Cruises premium   Drink package is priced at 109 per person 
per day again before that 20 gratuity  

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Once you add in that 20 gratuity the typical 
cost for this drink package for a seven night   Cruise would be 915.60 per Cruiser similar to the 
classic beverage package if a guest orders drink   That exceeds a 17 maximum value you'll be charged 
for the difference only plus that 20 gratuity   Honestly we were just on Celebrity Cruises 
brand new ship celebrity Beyond and you'd be   Hard-pressed to find a drink that's not 
covered in the premium package although   There are a few exceptions at the Eden Bar 
where some drinks are over this allotment   The premium beverage package will cover the 
martinis at the martini bar and most of the   Handcrafted drinks at the world class bar as well 
as a much wider selection of wines by the glass   Further guests with the premium package receive 
unlimited premium still and sparkling bottled   Water Red Bull Vitamin Water as well as the 
spa Cafe Fresh juices and zero proof cocktails   Speaking of zero proof cocktails celebrate 
cruises does offer a non-alcoholic beverage   Package which has been rebranded and now is 
referred to as a zero proof drink package   While the cruise line used to offer two different 
packages covering non-alcoholic beverages   Currently the zero proof drink package is the only 
non-alcoholic drink package offered by Celebrity   Cruises this package includes all premium bottled 
water including Brands like Evian and Perrier   Specialty coffees and organic teas Red Bull 
Energy jinx Frozen smoothies zero proof cocktails   Coca-Cola selections Vitamin Water and bottled 
Iced Teas as well as you would expect mocktails   Celery cruises zero proof drink package 
is priced at thirty dollars per person   Per day before the 20 gratuity once you 
have that gratuity typical costs or a   Seven night cruise the zero proof drink 
package would be 252 dollars per person   If you're debating between the classic and the 
premium drink package it might be good to know   What the drinks actually cost on subway cruises 
so back on the blog we have a detailed look at all   The bars and lounges on Celebrity Beyond with bar 
menus that way you can get a sense of what your   Favorite Spirit or favorite drinks cause on that 
brand new ship but in general we found that most   Beers were around 650 to 7 a serving most Wines 
By The Glass were between six and fifteen dollars   With a decent amount of wines around nine or ten 
dollars but honestly we're not big wine drinkers   Mixed drinks start at nine dollars but 
we're typically more like 10 to 12 dollars   Those specialty cocktails those cost more like 15 
to 18 and as we mentioned some at bar Eden on Ed   Chips and the world class bar are actually 
over that 17 limit soft drinks cost about   Three dollars and Specialty coffees average 
about five dollars energy drinks are actually   Six dollars and then bottled water is between 
three dollars and fifty cents to five dollars   So this brings us back to the original question 
our Dream package on Celebrity Cruises worth it   Of course this is a question that only you 
can answer based on your own drinking habits   Essentially the question is whether you'll consume 
enough beverages to make the purchases worth it  

So we put together this chart with a 
different beverage costs within each   Category using this chart you can do some 
quick math to see if you would routinely   Hit the daily drink cause of the above 
packages and don't worry there's a link   To our complete guide to Celebrity Cruises 
back on the blog that also contains this chart   Ultimately you need to know your own drinking 
habits to determine if the drink packages on   Celebrity Cruises will be a good value during your 
cruise other things to consider is the length of   The cruise and how many ports of call are on the 
itinerary for instance will you be able to sustain   The same drinking pattern over a three or four 
day cruise that you would on a 10 or 14 day cruise   If you're doing a poor intensive Cruise will you 
even be on the ship long enough to make good use   Of your Celebrity Cruise during package regardless 
of how much we consume one benefit of a drink   Package is the added convenience you never need to 
worry about the bar tab at the end of the cruise   Opting for a dream package makes your Crews feel 
more all-inclusive while we don't go overboard   See what we did there with alcohol drinks we do 
consume plenty of bottled water specialty coffees   And premium non-alcoholic beverages when combining 
both the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages   That we consume during a trip we typically 
do recognize a cost savings when purchasing   A Celebrity Cruises beverage package when 
compared to purchasing those beverages a la carte   When debating your options you also need to 
consider if upgrading to the all included   Package is worth it for your trip when booking a 
Celebrity Cruise guests now have the option of a   Cruise only or all included raid the all-included 
rate includes a classic beverage package basic   Wi-Fi and gratuities the all-included rate 
is available for all statement categories   Including the retreat and it's available 
on most sailings except the Galapagos   Now all guests in the same stateroom must 
choose the same rate the time of booking   Guest staying in their tree actually get 
an upgraded all-include experience which   Includes a premium drink package gratuities 
unlimited premium Wi-Fi and onboard credit   Price to upgrade from the cruise only to the 
all-included fare does vary based on number of   Factors however during our recent tests Where We 
examined multiple ships and different itineraries   And different sail dates we saw the upgrade 
cost around 80 dollars per person per day   So for us the question becomes is it worth 
upgrading to Celebrity Cruises all included   Package versus buying three packages outright so 
when you're considering this question you'll want   To determine the cost of such included amenities 
as you mentioned the classic beverage package is   89 per person per day before the gratuity basic 
Wi-Fi is 16.99 per person per day and gratuities   Are 17.50 per person per day for most statement 
categories 18 per person per day for concierge   Class and aqua Class 8 rooms and 21 dollars 
per person per day for guests of the retreat   Of course it is possible that your online 
Cruise planner may run sales on these individual  

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Offerings allowing you to purchase them for 
slightly cheaper than the above listed price still   If you plan to purchase a drink package on your 
Celebrity Cruise upgrading to the all-included   Package is a no-brainer you essentially 
get basic Wi-Fi and the gratuities for free   However if you don't think you'll have at 
least a few drinks each day then upgrading   To the all-included probably doesn't make sense 
for you if you were thinking of getting the zero   Proof drink package then the additional add-ons 
of Wi-Fi and gratuities it still doesn't hit that   Approximately eighty dollars for upgrading to the 
all included now if you opt for the all included   You are able to upgrade your drink package from 
the classic to the premium for 24 per person per   Day plus a gratuity you can also upgrade the basic 
Wi-Fi to premium Wi-Fi for 15 per person per day   Either way we see the all-included package it's 
a nice perk help you save money and help make   Your vacation a little more stress-free if you 
need additional help planning your Celebrity   Cruises cruise we suggest you check out our 
video everything that's included on Celebrity   Cruises Plus what's Extra weed through all 
the details and break down what's actually   Covered in the Celebrity Cruises fair or dining 
entertainment and on-board activities plus note   The additional cost that the cruise line 
doesn't tell you about that way you'll   Know the true cost of your Celebrity Cruise and 
won't get sticker shop at the end of the trip