Multiple Attackers Walk Up To A Prepared Defender

i gotta be real it makes me smile a little bit when a perp takes the asphalt temperature challenge [Music] hi everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john korea today's lesson comes to us from brazil collectibles insurance services offers proven trusted comprehensive protection for any kind of collection you collect and they're firearm friendly and knowledgeable i use them because their rates are really incredible and their service is amazing get a no pressure quote for your collection at get dash collect ensure or hit the link in the description dudes are walking up on that rear car with its brakes on and watch the guy who's closest we're gonna see three dudes come on scene and as the first dude draws his gun a guy is ready for him puts multiple shots in him while his buddies run off and now we're gonna see here again he's got at least a couple of shots in him and dude decides to lay his firearm down i think he actually yeted it a little bit as he fell so the other two guys are off and down the road have forgot you know decided that they had left the oven on had better things to do than and then try to have a gunfight with somebody's willing to fight back so no honor among thieves right and uh our defender here is going to get a ways over and we're going to have something interesting to talk about here in a little while our defender comes over and secures the firearm of the dude that he has had to defend himself against while one of his partners here is going to grab the car and start to get it inside you notice that that guy's lady has run off into the house as well so we are good guys one bad guy zero on this one and we get a whole bunch of lessons to think about that's pretty incredible reaction time let's talk about the marksmanship piece today and speaking of which if you want to get better in your marksmanship come over and join us on our second channel active cell protection extra we teach skill set there eight times a week including at least two lessons about handguns every single week you hear me say it all the time your car is a transitional space when it's stopped and i say it for a reason that these are the kinds of attacks that we see bad guys kind of instinctively know that when you're in your car and it's stopped you've got your phone you've got your wallet you've got the car itself so you got a lot of valuables right there you got to pay attention in your world because again three guys walking up on a sidewalk here late at night this is a thing to pay attention to notice here that they kind of split and this guy walking down the street is absolutely a notification that something bad is happening so notice that he is just kind of walking down the middle of the street he wasn't but if our defender is paying attention maybe he saw him in the rear view mirror or something like that dude splits off to walk towards the middle of the street while his partner's walking towards the sidewalk like this you have absolutely multiple attackers coming from multiple locations so that's the time to prepare that's the time to get ready and our defender here clearly has his gun out already he's clearly going to use this time to get his gun out because watch what goes down when he decides to get his gun going so this is the place right here i want you to see where he decides not man it's time notice he's looking and notice our bad guys drawing our second one is drawing so our primary threat here that's at the driver's side door is looking in his direction the other attacker is starting to draw his firearm making that furtive gesture towards his waistband and this is why paying attention is so important because had he not been paying attention wouldn't had his firearm out wouldn't have been ready to go we would have had significant trouble in this particular case so now as a dude starts to make his go for it now we slow it down here our defender is ready for him so he clearly had his firearm out already because that guy's draw was relatively quick but as soon as he saw him go for it and go for his gun our defender gets his gun up and goes now this is why i think you have some advantages when you're sitting in the car because you can keep that your firearm below the sill you don't have to show it in fact i would recommend you don't show it because in most places that would be considered criminal brandishing of a firearm or aggravated assault so you keep that ready and and uh in position and you can get into the fight very quickly now you notice though here what i want to see i think his first one went into the guy but i think his second one missed so again having that skill set to be able to use your firearm because you can see the the impact point of the bullet there is that misses are not good misses don't help us any uh the number one cause of reloading is missing and so okay if he put the first shot in the guy great the second shot missed him which is why we say man having two hands on the gun and enough sights and enough recoil control to get the kind of hits you need is most important now using the gun as a noisemaker here worked and got these guys moving and got them off the x okay fine but i also want you to notice he misses again so you see another miss here and and this is why a high level of skill is so important because there's other threats to deal with in this particular case now it all came out okay but notice he has an armed man that's sitting right at his passenger side rear quarter panel that he has to deal with as well so every miss that he has on the primary threat increases his risk from the secondary threat which is why we want your skill set to be very high which means you need to train you're not going to get that just watching youtube videos you got to actually go train actually go to class i also want to notice here look at our bad guy who is firing blindly behind him this is how people get shot in the back in completely justified ways and why you want to put him down is because those misses gave him a chance to shoot back which endangered the people in the car and all the other bystanders notice as well though here we have another armed guy who is turning tail and running and so this multiple armed attackers fight what i see happen all the time is as soon as their force monopoly evaporates they tend to you know run off and do other stuff which is great but put the first one down as fast as you can like he finally got him put down so then that way you can assess if the other guys want to fight or not now let's talk a little bit about our follow-up actions here we have kind of you know put this down into an acronym that i learned the principle from my friend the legendary lawman chuck haggard and we use the acronym tapiffs so the first thing i got to look at is tias is the threat down so threat down is t next one is accomplices i gotta go find the accomplices that's the a next uh third one is p for partner is my partner okay what's going on with them i is injuries it you know am i hurt or is anybody in my party hurt then i got to look at the condition of my firearm that's the first f does my gun need to be reloaded is it okay then i look at appropriate follow-up actions do i need to secure the gun do i need to get to a better position and then the s is seek help is then call it in and see what else is going on so tapiffs is the acronym that we use for a follow-up actions that can help you organize your thoughts in the moment after a defensive encounter now i want to talk real quick about him securing the firearm because i had a discussion with a couple of different uh people in a couple different places about securing the firearm some people argue that you should leave the firearm there if possible because you can get dna off it you can get fingerprints off it and it's one more thing to explain to you know the investigating officers and why did you move the gun on the other hand i think that not knowing if this guy's completely down or not getting the firearm out of the reach of the attacker is incredibly wise so my default is going to be to secure the gun though if you can just stand over it instead and maintain your safety and those kinds of things that might be a good situation i wouldn't worry about it too much and my default is to secure it because i've seen guns walk away from crime scenes we saw one earlier in the week on the channel that it did so sometimes securing the firearm i think is a better situation i do also notice here that our defender backed off and gave himself the safety of distance and i think that's very wise rather than just stand over the guy with his gun he's going to back off of that situation and kind of hit you know maintain the distance that his firearm allows him to maintain that's good tactically and then they start getting everybody out of the situation and remove people from the situation and now is when you want to seek help now's when you want to call it in now is when you need to get the police there to help you and thankfully they've got the surveillance footage as well so lots of lessons here about having your firearm on you being ready paying attention to your world why the marksmanship piece is so important the thing that we deal with with multiple attackers and then doing those follow-up actions like you mean it as you seek to cover your asp

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