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good morning from our first ever cruise 
I'm Stephen she's Andie and today we want   to give you seven reasons why cruising may 
not be for you yeah as first time cruisers   one of the things that we asked ourselves was is a 
cruise really for us turns out it is but there are   several legit reasons why they're really not for 
everybody so let's get into it reason number one   you get motion sickness I can relate I had to pull 
over on the side of the road here in Tennessee   because I was getting a little bit of motion 
sickness I totally can't even handle a drive over   some basic mountains if you've watched us you've 
seen us pull the car over however I can tell you   now from experience it's not that bad we're doing 
the inside passage in Alaska which I hear is one   of the more tame cruises you do definitely want 
to come prepared we packed Bonine ginger chews   wristbands with the little acupressure points 
I was not taking any chances especially since   we were going on a whale watch and I knew on 
the smaller boat I was really gonna be at risk   for losing it do you know what I mean I am proud 
to say I have been totally fine pretty much this   whole time Ithink at first the first couple 
days I was just slightly queasy a little bit   in the stomach maybe I can really feel the boat 
rocking now I didn't take anything for it today   it's been making me just a little bit queasy but 
not so just getting used to it you know getting my   seat legs but after that no problems at all never 
really in danger of being sick and I have been   having an amazing amazing time so for that one it 
depends on how sensitive you are if you are very   sensitive you may want to reconsider the cruise 
but if it is your reason for not going on a cruise   you might be able to overcome it number two you're 
more about the destination than the journey the   main reason we really didn't consider cruising 
before in fact there were only two cruises we ever   thought we'd go on one was to Alaska and we are 
crossing that one off our bucket list right now   and then of course the other one is to Antarctica 
because how else are you gonna get there we love   to go to a place and just immerse ourselves in 
the culture in the lifestyle really spend some   time getting a feel for the place on a cruise 
you're definitely not going to be able to do that   you get these quick ports of call where you spend 
maybe eight or nine hours if you get a good one   so if you have a shore excursion that's going to 
take up at least half if not more of that time   maybe you'll get a chance to walk around a little 
bit near where the port is but you're really not   going to be able to get a real experience for 
the place however we've kind of been looking   at the cruise itself as the destination and this 
has its own culture it's got its own people it's   got its own traditions it's got its own way of 
doing things so we're really immersing ourselves   in the whole cruise culture and learning all about 
that instead and of course then all of the Alaska   trips and ports of call and excursions those are 
just icing on the cake and let me tell you it's   some really good icing number three you don't 
like being tied to an itinerary or a schedule   this one's non-negotiable you're on ship time 
if you get bad weather too bad you can't reroute   or reschedule things accordingly if you like 
one port of call a little bit extra you can't   stay any longer so cruising might not be for you 
probably not number four you're not social you're   an introvert well this one could be overcome 
there is a lot of pressure on cruises to be social   chatty you tend to see the same people 
around different places so they get familiar   uh sometimes you might end up sharing tables with 
people but we actually haven't had to do that much   huh no so this is really dependent on you and the 
degree to which you're an introvert we found that   even though we don't like mixing it up 
too much we're friendly enough that you   know we get a little chatty with some of the 
people in the elevator and it's a good time however if you really want to avoid people you 
probably can especially if you catch some of these   cruises in 2021 that aren't completely full number 
five you're a foodie we had heard a lot in advance   of our cruise from a lot of different people about 
how great the food was on cruise ships we were   really looking forward to it and unfortunately 
we've been a bit disappointed yeah it turns out   maybe some of those people had a bit different 
taste than we do the bottom line is you might   not be that tantalized by the general offerings 
on these cruise ships unless maybe you were to do   the specialty dining for every single meal now 
keep in mind this is one ship on one cruise line   so our experience is extremely limited however we 
had heard so many good things about the food here   that we were really looking forward to some stuff 
that just did not meet our expectations we've had   some really good things we've had a lot of just 
good or okay stuff and then we've had some things   that were perplexingly not good yeah the baked 
goods what's up with that how is it all so dry   definitely temper your expectations do 
your research and try to get a sense of   what other foodies think of different cruise lines 
before you pick yours this might be overcome but   you might have a better time going on a DIY 
food tour instead someplace that you fly to   and just spend your time exploring food options in 
a city or in a region instead of cruise number six   your solo traveler yeah the rules on this one 
seem really unfair but unfortunately not too   many cruise lines have come along yet where 
they're offering solo rooms and adjusting   accordingly for solo travelers so they'll 
still look at you as though you're one person   taking up the space of two that means they're 
gonna charge you for that so do your research   before you travel again this one's not necessarily 
a deal breaker but cruising may not be for you   and finally number seven you like to support local 
this one describes us to a T and it's one of the   big reasons we did not think that cruising 
was for us and it definitely won't be one of   the main ways that we travel for exactly that 
reason when you're going on a cruise especially   a large one like we're on you are supporting 
a major multinational corporation with the   vast majority of your vacation dollars it's not 
something we usually like to do we love to find   the local spots to eat to go out the night life 
if we're gonna shop we don't do a lot of shopping   but we definitely like to put our money into the 
economies that we're visiting and especially not   just the touristy big ticket items but really get 
in there and support the mom and pops in places   unfortunately when you're cruising that's really 
not that much of an option and you don't get too   many opportunities to do that so if supporting 
local is a priority for you when you travel   we definitely get it and cruising probably just 
is not the best match for you in summary we're   really enjoying this cruise and we're likely 
to do more cruises in the future and not just   Antarctica absolutely and you know cruising's 
not for everyone and that's totally okay   there's so many different ways to travel 
and you can just choose your own adventure   thank you so much for watching we 
really appreciate you joining us   for this roundup and we can't wait to take 
you on our next adventure see you next time!

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