Orlando, Florida: Avoid These Tourist Traps!

The Don’ts of Visiting Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is a popular holiday destination for local and international tourists. It is especially famous for the iconic Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. However, it is not all fun and games in Orlando. With many tourists visiting the city, it is essential to have a good understanding of the things you shouldn’t do when in Orlando. Here are some significant things to keep in mind when visiting Orlando, Florida.

Don’t Expect a Beach in Orlando

It is common to assume that Orlando offers a beach destination, being in Florida. However, Orlando is not a typical coastal city and does not have extensive beach areas. The water in Orlando mainly consists of swamplands. Anyone looking for a beach experience will need to drive almost an hour to reach the nearest beach. Tampa’s Clearwater Beach is an excellent option for those looking for a beach that has been voted America’s best beach. Therefore, visitors should not travel to Orlando with the expectation of finding a beach therein.

Don’t Mess Around By the Water

Florida is known for its alligators, and Orlando is no exception. The swamplands surrounding the city are home to numerous wild alligators, and they are not for tourists to feed or play with. These alligators pose a threat to anyone who gets too close to the water, including children. Therefore, tourists are not recommended to feed the alligators marshmallows or attempt to play with them. Instead, visitors can enjoy the presence of these reptiles by visiting Gatorland, where they can safely observe and interact with controlled gators. Visitors should be cautious around the swamps and avoid getting too close to the wild alligators.

Don’t Just Visit Disney in Orlando

While many visitors flock to Orlando to visit the Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, Orlando has much more to offer tourists visiting the city. There are numerous historical sites, parks, and museums that visitors can explore. There are also beaches, fishing, and outdoor activities that they can engage in. Therefore, visitors should not limit their holiday to the typical tourist attractions, and instead attempt to experience the unique offerings that the city provides.

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Don’t Try To Do Everything

It is not possible to experience everything that Orlando has to offer within a day or two. Its theme parks alone take a considerable amount of time to explore thoroughly. Universal Studios, Disney World, and SeaWorld require more than one day to go through all their attractions. It is essential to prioritize the most important attractions to visit and limit the number of activities for each day to avoid getting overwhelmed. Visitors should also take breaks in between to rejuvenate their energy and prepare themselves for the next activity.

Don’t Rely On Theme Park Transportation

Although there are theme park shuttles that are free, it is not advisable to rely on them as a primary mode of transportation within Orlando. The shuttles take time to pick up and drop off passengers, and their schedules are not reliable. Visitors should consider renting a car to aid in getting around and being flexible with their movements. However, drivers should note Florida’s driving restrictions, like no texting while driving, and obtain information on the different toll charges on the roads.

Don’t Forget Your Walking Shoes

Orlando’s attractions entail a considerable amount of walking, whether it is in the theme parks, museums, or in an outdoor setting. There