Embarking on a Luxury Cruise from New York City

Discovering the World’s Most Exciting Cruise Ship

Take a cruise on the Norwegian Prima, one of the most luxurious and action-packed ships on the water today.

An Extraordinary Cruise Experience Awaits

I recently returned from an unforgettable cruise aboard the newest Norwegian Cruise Ship, the Norwegian Prima. This ship boasts an incredible variety of amenities and activities, including a 10-story drop slide, a three-story race track, and 19 bars and 15 different restaurants. The cruise took us to the breathtaking island of Bermuda, and although I have cruised with Norwegian since I was a child, the Prima’s offerings took me by surprise.

Embarkation and First Impressions

When we first embarked the ship, our check-in process was seamless, and we immediately noticed the ship’s stunning design. The atrium ceiling and unique chair designs gave the space a high-tech, modern feel. The Prima’s design emphasizes light and openness, with huge windows and lots of comfortable seating throughout.

Exploring the Ship’s Amenities and Activities

One of the Norwegian Prima’s most exciting features is its go-kart track. This massive track sits on the top deck and provides an incredible racing experience for passengers. Additionally, the ship’s pool deck is unique because it’s broken up into different levels, providing plenty of space for sunbathing and enjoying the views.

On the lower deck, we discovered the Infinity Beach area, which boasts infinity pools and comfortable lounge chairs. The deck also has a Promenade deck with an outdoor lounge and a Soleil bar, making it the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail while taking in the ocean views.

Dining on the Norwegian Prima

The dining options on the Norwegian Prima are truly impressive. We began our culinary adventure with lunch at Hudson’s, a main dining room with stunning ocean views. Throughout the cruise, we also enjoyed meals at specialty restaurants, such as Los Lobos and Scarpetta. The food was consistently delicious and beautifully presented.

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Entertainment and Nightlife

The Norwegian Prima offers a variety of entertainment options for passengers, including Broadway-style shows in its massive three-deck theater. We were also excited to visit Sid Norman’s Pour House, a live music venue featuring performances that tell the stories of legendary rock bands like Fleetwood Mac.

As the night went on, we headed to the ship’s nightclub, which was unlike any other cruise ship nightclub we’ve experienced. With a DJ, impressive lighting, and a high-energy atmosphere, it was the perfect place to dance the night away.

Exploring Bermuda

During our three-day stay in Bermuda, we enjoyed a variety of activities, such as playing mini-golf and experiences in the warm, turquoise waters. Bermuda’s small size makes it easy to explore, and being able to dock overnight allowed us to make the most of our time on the island.

The Perfect Adventure at Sea

Overall, our cruise aboard the Norwegian Prima was nothing short of extraordinary. With its thrilling amenities, delicious dining options, and incredible entertainment, the ship provided an unforgettable experience that left us wanting more.

If you’re interested in exploring the world in luxury and style, book a cruise on Prima today – you won’t regret it.