The Crew Goes Wild for MSC Seascape’s Arrival at Ocean Cay! #shorts #MSCCruises

The newest ship in @msccruisesusa fleet, #MSCSeascape set sail on its maiden voyage on Sunday. The ship’s first stop was the private island of Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

We are not sure who was more excited, us, or the crew! We spent the day exploring this cruise line island as it was our first ever visit.

This meant plenty of exploration, sandy beaches, and a complete island tour.

Not to mention, we had to grab drinks at the Lighthouse Bar, and checkout the island’s BBQ buffet.

Stayed tuned for more updates from this voyage @Eatsleepcruise1 right here on YouTube and Instagram!

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We're not sure it was more excited for MSC seascape's inaugural stop at Ocean Key Marine reserve us or the crew This was our first ever visit to the Private island so our day was full of Fun sun and plenty of expiration Not to mention some drinks at one of the Many bars in Ocean key as well as lunch Stay tuned for more live updates from The ship's main voyage right here at eat Sleep Cruise

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