What to Pack on your trip to Alaska: Our top 10 Tips!

(upbeat music) – A trip to Alaska can show you some of the most beautiful
scenery in the world. But what should you pack on your adventure to the land of the last frontier? Hey everyone, it's Jeff
with Pybus Point Lodge. Today I wanted to share with you our tips on what to pack on your trip to Alaska. (upbeat music) Alaska is well-known for its glaciers, thick Alaskan rainforests, abundant wildlife, fishing, waterfalls and stunning Northern Lights. Packing for an adventure to Alaska might seem like a difficult task.

But we're here to help with some of our best tips. (upbeat music) Pybus Point Lodge is located on Admiralty Island on
Alaska's inner passage. And the weather can be
unpredictable for day to day. Our recommendation is always the same. Dress in layers. (upbeat music) Layers are key to staying comfortable without overheating or freezing. Consider it your own personal thermostat. The first layer is your base layer. This is essentially what you will wear when the sun is shining and should be a comfortable,
breathable fabric.

The key is to have it be something that can absorb moisture from your skin and keep you dry. The middle layer is what we
call the insulating layer. And its job is to keep you warm. We recommend a fleece or
insulated vest or jacket. You'll want something that keeps you warm without being too bulky or poofy. (crowd laughing) – Look at you, you can't even
turn around in that thing. – Look at that. (hands hitting)
(crowd laughing) – All right, all right, now get off. – The last layer you'll
need is the outer layer. This is sometimes called the outer shell. It should be lightweight and waterproof. Gore-Tex can be a great option. But if you'll be out in
the elements all day, we recommend finding
some commercial rain gear to keep you dry. At Pybus Point Lodge, we
take care of the outer layer. So you'll just need to focus
on the base and middle layers to keep you warm and dry.

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And that brings us to our next tip which is to bring a high quality backpack. You'll want this to keep your items with and keep things handy. Ideally you'll want a water
resistant bag in case of rains. If you already have a bag, consider an inexpensive rain cover. One thing you'll want to keep in that backpack is your fishing license. The fishing in Alaska is
world-class and has access to some of the world's
richest fishing waters. We make sure to follow all
the rules and regulations at Pybus Point Lodge. And when fishing, you'll
need to always have a license on you. So make sure to print and pack your fishing
license before you come. Next is what shoes to pack. And we like to keep it simple when it comes to footwear. And that's a comfortable
pair of shoes you can wear around your cabin, and
a pair of flip-flops to wear out to our hot tubs. Anytime you step outside the cabin, we recommend wearing some
high quality fishing boots.

pexels photo 6097703

They are slip resistant
and have great traction which comes in handy
when you're out fishing or exploring thick Alaskan
rainforest and waterfalls. We provide all the footwear
at Pybus Point Lodge. So just make sure you bring several pairs of comfortable socks to
keep your feet warm and dry. Another item we recommend
is a bathing suit. Yes, seriously, you need a bathing suit in Alaska. We offer several hot tubs
at the lodge to relax and soak after a long day. And have excursions out to
bear enough warm springs where our guests love to soak
in the mineral rich hot pots. You might also be
interested in participating in our weekly polar plugs
off the front docks. Something else to think about as headgear and sun protection. Alaska is blessed with long summer days and sunlight can be amplified
when you're spending all that time on a boat and
they're glaciers and icebergs.

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So we recommend packing and carrying a lightweight
brimmed hat or beanie, polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and some sunscreen. Something else we recommend
is a good pair of gloves. While you can leave your
winter gloves at home, a nice pair of synthetic
gloves can keep you warm and provide protection
when you're out fishing or exploring new adventures. An important thing to bring
is a reusable water bottle. We love the convenience of water bottles. But having to transport them and dispose of plastic
is a real challenge. We recommend bringing a
reusable water bottle, or buying one at our general store that you can fill up each day at the lodge and help us protect the local
wildlife and environment. If you don't pack anything
else for your Alaska adventure, make sure to bring a high quality camera. You'll want to take pictures
of all the amazing views, on inspiring wildlife and other
unforgettable experiences.

In reality, the best camera for Alaska is the one you have on hand. Some of our favorite images
have come from cell phones. Our last tip for your trip
to Alaska is to pack light. One of the biggest mistakes
we see at the lodge is when guests try to pack
too much for their trip. Packing light is critical, especially when flying on sea planes to remote island lodges. We recommend one carry on for guests that weighs less than 40 pounds. An added bonus for packing
light is having extra room to bring your fish home to share, or not to share with family and friends. There you go, those are some
of the most important things to pack on your trip to Alaska. If we missed anything you
think is important to pack, leave it in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe to this channel to see all of our great content. (upbeat music).

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