13 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Alaska Cruise to Ensure a Perfect Trip

Your Ultimate Guide: 13 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Alaskan Cruise

Whether you are a seasoned cruiser or a first-time cruiser, avoiding common mistakes when planning your Alaskan adventure is vital. These errors could leave you with a blown budget, lack of necessities, and most disappointing of all, a missed chance to experience the best Alaska has to offer.


Hello there! I am Ilana from the website lifeletcruise.com. Welcome back to my channel! I recently returned from my very first Alaskan cruise, which was undoubtedly an incredible experience.

Despite conducting significant research to ensure proper planning and efficient preparation, there were still things I wish I had done differently. An Alaskan cruise is vastly different from your typical Caribbean cruise or any other warm climate cruise, and that is what I am going to share with you in this article.

#1: Not planning a pre-cruise stay

Do yourself a favor and plan at least one night as a pre-cruise stay in either Seattle or Vancouver before your cruise departure day. Don’t risk arriving on the exact departure day as uncontrollable circumstances like flight delays could cause you to miss your cruise altogether. Also by arriving a day or two early, you provide your body with the necessary time to adjust the time difference, preventing exhaustion on the first couple days of your cruise.

#2: Not budgeting for the cost of excursions

An Alaskan cruise for many is a bucket-list trip with unique sights and experiences like whale watching or visiting the Mendenhall Glacier by helicopter. These experiences come with a price, and failing to budget for them beforehand could mean missing out on unforgettable experiences.

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#3: Not booking your excursions early

The intriguing excursions in Alaska sell out fast, especially the bucket-list ones. Booking them early ensures you secure the excursions you desire most. If you fail to book early, you could get on a waitlist or book when you disembark from the cruise ship from the local vendors.

#4: Not packing rain gear

Rain is common in Alaska. Whether it’s light drizzles in Seattle, a downpour in Vancouver, or unexpected showers on your cruise, packing waterproof jackets, umbrellas, or ponchos can save you from unanticipated discomfort.

#5: Overlooking sunglasses

Although you may not associate Alaska with bright, sunny weather, the near-constant daylight and glare from the water can strain your eyes if you fail to bring sunglasses.

Additional tips for your Alaskan Cruise

In preparation for your Alaskan adventure, consider getting your hands on the Lifeletcruise ultimate Cruise Planner. It is a practical tool that comes with helpful packing lists and guides ensuring you stay organized from booking all the way to the end of your cruise.

When you cruise through the glacier bay, wake up early and prepare to brave the cold outside on the deck. You have a higher chance of seeing wildlife, such as seals and whales, during the early hours of the day. That said, also consider packing warm clothing, including a hat and a pair of touchscreen friendly gloves.

One more tip is to consider booking a balcony cabin on your Alaskan cruise. Even with a balcony cabin comes at a higher price, the benefit of having the ability to watch Alaska’s stunning landscape from your room’s comfort is priceless.


From pre-cruise planning to packing essentials, and through to avoiding seasickness, cruising through Alaska is undoubtedly a trip of a lifetime, but only if done right. You don’t want to commit common mistakes that could prevent you from fully enjoying your adventure.

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If you’re planning an upcoming Alaskan cruise, we hope you found these tips helpful. Take advantage of our experiences and avoid these 13 common Alaskan cruise planning mistakes. Happy cruising!