Alaska travel 2021 – 10 things you should know before you go & Things to do in Alaska #visitAlaska

i’m so excited today because we’re talking about  one of my favorite places on planet earth the beautiful state of alaska we spent one month up in alaska in 2020 between july and august working during the week hitting  the hiking trails during the weekend and taking a few days off to explore all the beautiful wonders  that this state has to offer and in this video today i want to share with you some tips to help  you plan for your visit to alaska especially if you are going for the first time ready let’s  go tip number one traveling to alaska during the pandemic i share two videos in which i talk about  what the expectations are if you are traveling to alaska however as of february 2021 it is no longer  mandatory to present result of a coveted 19 test you’re not mandated to take a test when you get to  the airport which makes it a lot easier for people to travel to alaska i do encourage you however to  check their website to understand what is expected from you as a traveler to alaska to make sure  that the communities that you are visiting are staying safe alaska is huge it’s kind of obvious  if you look at the map but you only appreciate it when you are actually in alaska and just to  give you some perspective alaska is larger than texas california and montana combined and these  three are some of the largest states in the lower 48.

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There are five main regions in alaska the far  north the interior south central southwest and the south east the fart north region most of it  is above the arctic circle the interior region of alaska is where fairbanks is denali national park  south central alaska is where anchorage is located anchorage the city that most of  people would fly to if you are flying to alaska this is where the kenai peninsula is located  and then there is the southwest and then there is a southeast region this is where the capital  of alaska juno is located five main regions of alaska and understanding what every region has  to offer will be very helpful for you to plan for your adventure my recommendation to you is to go  to this is the official website for the tourism board in alaska and they do  have this useful interactive map where you can go and click what region you are interested in and  then it’s going to take you to a page with a lot of details about things to do in that particular  region attractions the main national parks and that is going to be a good starting point for  you to plan for your adventure to alaska we spent one month up in alaska and we only explored the  southeast region so that gives you an idea how much time you will need if you want to go and  explore every single region of the state of alaska if you are interested or if you happen to choose  the south central region as your playground when you visit alaska we do have a lot of resources we  do have a lot of videos and i’m going to link to them in the description box if you are interested  there aren’t many roads in alaska most of the time there is only one road to get from point a  to point b and that can be a challenge sometimes so just make sure that you set expectations with  yourself and you are flexible with your plan make sure that you are getting an early start  in the morning if you know that you will have to drive from one place to the other this way you can  be traffic and you can save some time on driving traveling to alaska does not have to be expensive  and a lot of people may disagree with me because most of people look at alaska as this exotic place  for retired people or for rich people and it can be expensive and it is expensive but it doesn’t  have to be expensive all the time you can still travel to alaska on a budget you don’t have to  be on a cruise to go to alaska you don’t need a month or more than a month to go to alaska  and there are so many other ways to explore you can rent an rv you can rent a camper van or you  can rent a car and this is exactly what we did and it was very cost effective we flew  to anchorage from seattle and then we rented the car and we were pretty much just driving from one  place to the other in the south central legion of alaska so that’s something to consider also what  really makes alaska expensive are the type of activities you are doing once you are in alaska  fishing kayaking ice climbing hiking and some of these activities can be really expensive  but if you choose cheap activities like we did we were hiking most of the time hiking does not cost  anything sometimes insurance fee took part but that was very minimal you can still travel in  alaska on a budget you can pick activities that are budget-friendly we found some activities like  ice climbing and it was only 180 per person we found some helicopter tours instead of going on  a floating airplane and that only cost 125 dollars per person so if you spend some time researching  and finding some off the beats and path activities that are kind of away from the very touristy areas  you can find some very good deal and you can still explore alaska without breaking the bank  summer in alaska has nothing to do with summer in the lower 48 especially if you’re gonna be hiking  or backpacking or up in the mountain and actually it doesn’t even have to be hiking and backpacking  it is still cold so make sure that you are packing your winter gear make sure that you do have a rain  gear layers down jackets if you’re going to be hiking on pretty much every single trail that we  were on it was raining it was very cold make sure that you are prepared and make sure that you have  all of the necessary gear to feel warm and happy while adventuring summer midnight is such a fun  phenomenon to witness summer in alaska the sun doesn’t go down until after midnight which was  great for us because we would work during the day and the sun is still up and that gives us  a lot of opportunities to go and hike and explore the city without being or feeling pressured by the  sun going down it’s a really fun phenomena so when you go to alaska and it’s midnight and the sun is  not going down don’t worry it’s not the end of the world it’s just alaska don’t expect to see  the aurora or the northern lights in summer a lot of people go to alaska during summer and they are  disappointed because they don’t get to see the northern lights and who doesn’t want to see the  northern lights in alaska however it’s not very common to see them during summer you have to go  further north and chances are higher during winter you might see a lot of wildlife or you might see  no wildlife by the end of the day it’s just a question of luck we were lucky enough that we  saw a bear and we were able to see moose at least four times when we were in alaska but i have some  tips for you here just to maximize your chances of seeing wildlife number one ask locals when  we were in anchorage we asked locals what is an area or a park where we can see moose we had some  recommendations and to our surprise there was one day where alex drove to the parking lot of one of  the parks that was recommended by a local and he saw a move and her calf so ask away ask the locals  they are going to have the best recommendations for you number two especially if you are hiking  or backpacking make sure that you do have a pair of binoculars with you so that you can  spot wildlife from far away and last tip if you are interested in photography make sure that you  invest in a reliable zoom lens who doesn’t want to take beautiful photos of wildlife in alaska we did  invest in the zoom lens before going to alaska and i’m going to leave a link in the description box  in case you are interested or if you are in the market looking for a new one cell phone service  is weak do not rely on your phone especially for directions it’s not reliable also if you are  hiking and you are in the backcountry your phone is not going to be reliable so make sure that you  do have a physical map with you or a campus that you can rely on to find directions and find your  way from point a to point b seafood in alaska is expensive and that was a big disappointment for  me because you would think alaska is a hot spot for commercial fishing but no seafood in alaska  is expensive probably more expensive than it is in the lower 48 which was disappointing for me  fishing in alaska or going on charters for fishing is an expensive experience the only company that  i consulted with i was told that you have to pay 300 to go on a one day fishing adventure for one  person and if you want to get that fish shipped to the lower 48 that is going to cost you 300  more so 600 if you want to go fishing in the sea with the charter but that is just to tell you that  seafood is expensive even when you go to restaurants however the quality was stellar  i don’t think i ever had any seafood here in the united states that can exceed what i got in alaska  hiking in alaska is different than hiking in the lower 48 and i feel like i will need a  full episode just to talk about hiking in alaska because it’s very different two things that comes  to mind when it comes to hiking to alaska one they don’t know what switchbacks are everything goes  straight up and up and up until you can’t anymore so keep that in mind make sure that you have  trekking poles with you that is the one thing that i wish that i had with me before going to alaska  and then the second thing when you are hiking in alaska you want to make sure that you are  self-reliant you have everything that you need for worse scenarios you want to make sure that you  have all the necessary gear all the 10 essentials were hiking it’s not crazy to have a sleeping bag  with you even if you are going on a day hike remember we talked about there being limited  roads or sometimes one road from point a to point b should anything go wrong sometimes it’s very  difficult to get somewhere to to support you or help you so when you’re hiking in alaska  make sure that you have all of the gear that you need especially if you are hiking in bear country  as well you you want to make sure that you have something to start a fire to keep yourself warm  to not get hypothermic and i’m going to talk about this in detail in an upcoming episode next tip on  the list many places in alaska are not accessible by car and that was a surprise for me knowing that  there are some national parks in alaska that you cannot access by car like katmai national park  where you will have to fly a floating airplane to get to kathmaine national park same thing  with kenai fjords national park although parts of the national park are still accessible by car  we did drive to the hardin icefield trail beautiful hike by the way if you are in the kenai  peninsula or if you are in seward you definitely should check the hit the hardin ice field trail  it’s one of my favorite hiking trails up until now but anyway so what i was trying to say is  that even the kenai fjords national park a big chunk of the national park is only accessible by  cruz boats kayaking or airplanes so don’t be surprised because so many places you can only  access by airplane and actually that is one of the reasons that makes going to alaska and  if you guys found this to be useful please give it a thumbs up my goal is to help you plan for your  next adventure my name is haviba this is trekking pals and i will see you soon on a new adventure

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