Embarking on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas: World’s Largest Cruise Ship!

Welcome Back to Your Daily Dose and The Laura and Kyle Cruise Vlog

For the first time, join Laura and Kyle as they explore Miami and embark on their fifth cruise together aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. Today’s adventure is particularly special as the Powerball jackpot has reached over one billion dollars and if they win, the couple plans to buy the entire Royal Caribbean fleet. Without further ado, welcome to Miami and the world of cruising.

Boarding the World’s Largest Cruise Ship – Oasis of the Seas

Back in 2009, Oasis of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in the world. As a part of the Oasis class, the ship boasts 18 total decks, 16 of which are for guests, and 24 elevators. With nearly 3,000 staterooms, this ship can accommodate up to 7,000 passengers. Enjoy 11 bars and indulge in nine free dining options and 11 up-charged dining experiences.

In 2019, the ship underwent a $165 million renovation, revamping the entire vessel and essentially transforming it into what feels like a three-year-old cruise ship. Parking at the port costs $28 per day, bringing the total parking fee for a four-night cruise to over $100.

First Impressions and Boarding Process

Upon arrival, Laura and Kyle quickly realize that the Miami terminal is not only impressive but also quite busy. Despite the organized chaos, the couple manages to navigate the terminal and check-in process with ease. Boarding day excitement fills the air as they make their way onto the cruise ship.

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Exploring the Ship and Finding Their Room

Laura and Kyle are immediately struck by the ship’s extensive refurbishments and beautifully revamped spaces, including the stunning Central Park and bustling Boardwalk area. As they head to their room, they discover that it is located at the back of the ship, affording them an incredible view of the Boardwalk and up-close access to a rock climbing wall.

The Room with a View

Although the room’s finishings look a little dated, the couple is pleased with their choice as they take in their spacious balcony and breath-taking view of the Miami skyline. The room features a king-sized bed with new mattresses, ample storage space, and a spacious bathroom complete with a glass-enclosed shower.

As they unpack and explore the room further, they notice that there are three electrical outlets by the desk and a refrigerator already stocked with drinks. Satisfied with their room selection, Laura and Kyle set out to satisfy their hunger and explore the ship’s many dining options.

Dining Onboard the Oasis of the Seas

With dinner reservations only a few hours away, Laura and Kyle head to the Windjammer buffet for a quick bite to eat. They are immediately impressed by the food selection, particularly the cheese sauce, burgers, and spaghetti. Laura and Kyle take advantage of the opportunity to create their own charcuterie board, collecting meats, and cheeses to enjoy later in their room.

Soon enough, it’s time for dinner and the couple decide to try out one of the ship’s complimentary dining venues. As they learn the ropes of cruise ship dining, Laura and Kyle look forward to a fun-filled and adventurous cruise aboard Oasis of the Seas.

An Exciting Cruise Awaits

With so many activities, dining options, and stunning destinations to explore, Laura and Kyle are ready for their most unforgettable cruise yet! Stay tuned for more updates as they share their adventures and experiences aboard Royal Caribbean‘s Oasis of the Seas, and don’t forget to check back for more daily doses of excitement.

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